My aesthetic is a large-ish background with the cameos of my favorite characters~ 

Or wherein I kill my hand with the first pic and tone it way down with the second

Also during the flashback sequence during between the pines about characters, it has bill saying “who would sacrifice everything they’ve worked for just for their dumb sibling” it cuts to Stan taking off his hood when he first arrives in gravity falls

Who would sacrifice everything they’ve worked for just for their dumb sibling?

Stan would.

Let’s talk about Ford

He sincerely thought that the person he trusted the most, his best and only friend, his brother, sabotaged his only chance to go to the college of his dreams. Can you imagine how much pain comes from a betrayal like that? Enough pain that you can’t continue with the same life you had before. That’s why Ford didn’t stop Filbrick from kicking Stan out–because he couldn’t go back to living with Stan like nothing had happened (even if was just for a a month or a week until they graduated). Stan had hurt him too much. Ford didn’t want to do it, but in his mind he had to…no matter how hard it was for him and how much it upset him. 

“Look into my eyes, Mabel! You really think I’m a bad guy?” 

AFTER THE WAR : Gravity Falls Tribute Countdown (SIX DAYS – Stanley Pines [”Not What He Seems”]) 

GRUNKLE STAN IS MY HERO 8C also he breaks my heart //cri I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY ;___; 

This is the first drawing I’ve done of Stan, so hopefully it looks okay? I need to draw him more lol. (also yeah it’s anatomically impossible for his eyebrows to be over his glasses… i wanted to make him look as sad as possible and it looked better with them over the glasses lol) 

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In 1982, an experiment on a trans-universal portal had gone horrible wrong when a young brilliant mechanic was sucked through the device and transported into another dimension…

In 2012, one man will do whatever it takes to get him back home.

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