Who really is Grunkle Stan? Find out in “Not What He Seems”, airing one week from today, March 9th, on Disney XD!

Not What He Seems

Just a quick rundown of the new trailer before bed because it’s very, very late over here.

We now know for sure McGucket is going to play a part in the next episode, and I reckon it’ll be a big one. We also know the floating thing that happened in the teaser is probably connected to the Apocalypse. Of particular interest is this;

We can see freeze-frames of McGucket in between the scene here with Lazy Susan and Tyler and the one with Mabel. From what I can tell, McGucket is either skipping town or taking something in a bag to the building we can just about see on the left. I’m not sure it’s the Mystery Shack - the shape seems off to me. Then again, I could be wrong.

The gravity also fails in the agent’s interrogation room, which means that, if this is a localised event, they are interrogating him in the town of Gravity Falls.

Last thing I noticed is here;

Stan is running and looking at his watch. This seems to indicate that he knows what McGucket knows and either thinks he can stop it or is trying to find the twins and perhaps save them from the end. The light trail behind Stan’s head also strike me somewhat suspicious, but I won’t make a stone verdict on that.

Well, that’s it. +1 hype for me.

Stan has been working on the portal for 30 years. He was likely about 40 or so when he started, not quite middle-aged, just a bit past his prime, a lifetime ahead of him.

In 30 years of work, he’d only ever found one of the three journals. He’s an old man now. A typical lifespan is about 80 years.

I bet, prior to Dipper and Mabel coming to Gravity Falls, Stan had accepted he’d likely die before ever finishing the portal.


Enjoy It While You Can Stan, They’ll Find Out Sooner or Later.

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