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‘Course I was worried about ‘em, are you kiddin’?  Half the town was on fire and a giant goat was rampagin’ right outside!

And yeah, I was out lookin’ for ‘em when I found th’ first few stragglers.  The whole town was a minefield, y’know?  Mabel’s friends, that Northwest girl…I—I couldn’t just leave ‘em out there.  Besides, even if you’ve got a cold, rock-solid soul like me, it still tugs at your heartstrings t’see a kid—and an eight-headed, uh, bear-thing—all injured and cryin’ like that.

Anyway, I’d bring ‘em back to the shack, which is a pretty decent safe haven right now.  Heh, wouldn’t you know it?  You can protect tons’f people n’ property with just a simple combination of—

Eh. Hold on. Better keep things quiet…Don’t want word gettin’ around to that triangle freak.

Anyway, every day I’d have my daily searches for Dipper and Mabel, and every day I’d end up bringin’ back more an’ more survivors.  Heh, guess that’s how the shack got so full so quickly.

Still…Still felt pretty empty without those two, though.

Whoa, whoa, hey, you all are actin’ like I was made for this or somethin’, no, trust me.  If anybody’s destined for greatness, it…it ain’t me. 

Heh, it’s kinda funny; back when I was runnin’ for mayor, I was just lookin’ for a little respect from the townsfolk, y’know? Now I got all the respect I could ever ask for, and it’s under the worst circumstances.  It’s more of a responsibility, at this point.  I never “expected” t’be chief of all this…heck, I never expected t’be anythin’!

…If you wanna know what it feels like, it’s basically like bein’ mistaken for “the mysterious science guy who lives in th’ woods” all over again.

I’m no genius…but hey, uh, s-sometimes y’gotta do what y’gotta do!

Look, I—I’m tellin’ ya! It’s not like I did anythin’ special!  I just happened t’be at the right place at the right time with th’ right resources.  Like, y’know, shelter, a baseball bat, an’ three cabinets worth of brown meat!  

Well, two cabinets now.  Them manotaurs eat like there’s no tomorrow.

And speakin’ of “no tomorrow,” that’s the other thing—you don’t go around tellin’ kids that they’re never gonna see their families again, or that we’re all gonna turn out as stone or…or worse.  You just don’t go around paradin’ that!  Besides, none’f that’s gonna happen—and that’s not even me sugar-coatin’ it.  I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

You said it, kid—I’m responsible for everyone in th’ shack, and that means it’s my responsibility to kick some triangle a—er, butt.

Look…Ford’s gone.  Most’ve the town is gone.  And for th’ longest time, I thought Dipper and Mabel were too.  But if there’s anythin’ I have experience with, it’s pushin’ through, even when it seems completely hopeless.  Whether that’s—I dunno—shadowboxin’ light-heartedly in front of the kids to make ‘em feel safer, goin’ out scoutin’ for food when no one else is feelin’ up to it, and yes, even stickin’ by that McGucket guy when he’s havin’ one’f those breakdowns of his.  

It’s no walk in the park, but how else are we gonna take down this Bill guy, eh? We gonna let him step all over us?

I dunno about you, but I’m not gonna let some triangle make a fool outta me. I’ve got a whole army’f fighters at my side, and I don’t think any’f us are willin’ to take “no” for an answer.  We aren’t goin’ down without a fight—heck, we aren’t goin’ down at all, got that?!  No matter how we all got here, this place is our home, these people are our families, and, well, it’s time t’take it all back!

So yeah, this whole “chief” thing was never th’ plan, and I still don’t think I’m some hero for it…But dang it, you can bet every cent I’ve ever invested in this shack—I’m gonna be the best leader I can be.

Either that, or die tryin’.


P.S. To the anon that made that “joke” about my brother: After we bash this triangle to a pulp, I’m comin’ after you.

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Stan's heart-to-hearts with Gompers became a regular thing, and then Ford walked in on one.

I just made myself sad. 

“He just doesn’t get it Gompers… he wants me out of the Shack.”

“…Stan? Who are you talking to?”

“Why are YOU barging in here like you own the place! Me and Gompers were talking!”

“I DO own the place. And wait a minute. You… and the goat… were talking?”

“Yeah, so? He’s a GREAT listener.”  

“Better than an actual PERSON?” 

“YES, Ford. Yeah, actually he IS.” 

Why didn’t Ford thank Stan? Here’s my reasons:

1. Stan pushed him into the portal in the first place. Ford probably has the notion that you don’t have to thank your rescuer when they put you in danger to begin with.

2. Ford values the safety of everything more than his own life. When it comes to saving the universe or sacrificing himself, he will always sacrifice himself. We’ve seen him do this in Dipper and Mabel vs the Future: “Stay back! It’s too dangerous! The rift is what’s important now!Ford thinks he isn’t worth saving if it puts the universe at risk. He believes he’s disposable. So when he gets trapped on the other side of the portal that he knows would be too dangerous to open again, he deems himself already not worth saving.

And so Stan’s idea that one life is more important than the safety of the entire universe directly contradicts this mindset. This is mainly why Ford can’t have gratitude for what Stan has done, because he feels that Stan was being selfish and irresponsible in choosing him over everything in existence, especially since Stan knew the risks involved. Stanford didn’t want the portal to be opened, so he’s not going to thank Stan for doing it.

But here’s my problem with this situation: they didn’t talk about it. Stan asked if he was going to be thanked, Ford didn’t answer, and Stan stormed off. All this left them with was anger and ignorance. The first step to repairing their relationship is to understand each other (they don’t have to agree with each other but just be able to see it from the other’s POV), and they have failed to do that with this fundamental issue. That’s both their fault and they need to fix it together, otherwise this problem will never be resolved.

ford & mabel bonding drabble/fic #5: reconciliation

rating: k
characters: Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines (mentioned), and Dipper Pines (mentioned) 
word count: ~1560
summary: Weridmageddon is over and done, and Ford and Mabel end up discussing and reflecting over what has occurred recently.
a/n: FINALLY GOT THIS FINISHED. And omg it’s been a while since I’ve written another drabble. (I still dunno what I think about this one tbh, haha. But I wanted to get this finished and posted before the finale.) I wasn’t sure what to title this drabble, but oh well lmao. This is kind of like a little au, since no one knows what’s gonna happen at the very end of the finale. I kind of wanted the two to talk about what happened since Ford came back through the portal? Idk but I hope you all enjoy reading. c:

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sketchdump from today’s streams and cooldown sketches afterwards

 ft. villain! pacifica ‘the empress’ (based on ‘genghis khan’ vid) & grunkle4dad

anonymous asked:

I like to think that Ford would be comfortable and find comfort with sleeping next to Stanley (after they forgave each other) that Ford would find that he is more relaxed and less stressed when Stan is by him. And there are moments where he finds himself falling asleep leaning on Stan's shoulder or perhaps on his chest if Stanley is feeling particularly affectionate and just simple hugs the sleep deprived man, cause that would be something Stan would do. Is it possible to draw this? Maybe?

//sweats Wow it’s been a really long time since I did a cute GF comic

But imagine this: Ford clinging to Stan while he sleeps because he’s afraid to let him go. And he clings so hard that Stan notices and is like wheezing “Can’t…breathe…Ford…too tight…”

5 more days left until we say goodbye…!

anonymous asked:

"he would definitely talk to Gompers like he could understand every word he says" Pffft Stan sitting with Gompers and trying to play it off like he's just thinking aloud and definitely not talking to a goat of all things, but then telling Gompers to keep their little heart-to-heart between them. (Just in case, you never know with Gravity Falls wildlife)

“And don’t you go blabbin’ to the squirrels and creepy-crawlies what we talked about, ya got that goat?”


“I knew we’d come to an understanding. Hey, I’m makin’ this new recipe tonight… Stancakes! I need someone to taste them. I’d normally use Soos as my guinea pig, but he’s out of town. Plus, you and him will eat anything so… ” 


“HAH! You’re a real riot, Gompers!”