Since a lot of people are re-watching Legend of the Gobblewonker now I thought I’d point this line out. I’ve been wondering to myself what, (if any) kind of social life Stanley has had in Gravity Falls, so it caught my attention.

“The Lodge” feels like it might have been a plot point that was left on the cutting room floor, especially since as far as I know it hasn’t been referenced before or since. 

It seems plausible that Stan was at some point supposed to be a member of a Freemason-like fraternity. Maybe at one point his shriner-esque hat was actually meant to be an indicator of membership instead of just a prop for his Man of Mystery persona. 

Maybe this was originally supposed to be the focus of an episode that got nixed for time, or because they had other things they wanted to focus on. 

Two lesbians have been married for years, and their names are Aimee and Lucy. One day, on her way home from work, Aimee gets in a car accident. Lucy is devastated, and visits her in the hospital everyday. However, she always leaves Aimee’s room crying. Months pass, and the nurses all notice when Lucy comes and goes, crying both times. Finally, Aimee begins to recover. Lucy still comes everyday, and soon, she stops crying when she leaves. One day, a nurse leans over to another nurse and says “I’ve been watching that women leave everyday, why did she finally stop crying?” The other nurse replies,

“Her Aim is getting better.”


We cannot afford to just stand here and watch this