***Journal 3 Spoilers Below***

“Stanley Pines was the man who saved the world, not me. … If I’m totally honest, I must admit that he’s a hero and I’m…a hero’s brother. And I’m OK with that.”

I have a lot of feelings. ;_;

I keep getting this tumblr ad ….but like… ITS GRUNKLE STANS VOICE. And he keeps saying


Over and over again… but there’s nothing on tumblr with it open so its just one of the sound ads but !!????

Like the first time it happened I was streaming art and it was nice because it was like I had Grunkle Stans blessing from the beyond… but 0-0 talk about weird.

Heart Beats - Chapter 3

Summary: Stan ends up landing in the hospital, and it shakes the entire family to its core. Changes will be made, but everything will be alright - probably. Except things haven’t been alright for a long time as Ford actually takes a look at what his brother’s been through over the years.

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Soos was in the waiting room when they got to the hospital. They had entered in a rush, but slowed down at the sight of him sitting quietly but wringing his hands.

“Any news?” Wendy asked as they approached him.

Soos shook his head sadly. “No, not really.” He paused a bit and Ford could tell he was holding something back.

“What is it?” He pressed, because if there was any sort of information available regarding his brother’s condition, he of all people had a right to know it.

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