grunkle stan more like hunkle stan



Anyways, I did a screencap redraw! Idk why I liked that little picture he held up but yeah, thought I’d redraw that. 
Also because I really like Grunkle Stan

I’m planning on drawing more grunklefuckery soooo yeah, hope I don’t lose motivation ;w;

Edit: Wowzas, thanks guys for 1000+ notes! I’d really appreciate it if you guys checked out my other Stan art, too ;o; I was proud of them ahahhhh
In the Gravity Falls fandom, there are two types of Stans the fallers have a crush on... the Mullet Stan and the badass Hunkle Stan. Now which Stan do you love more?

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I never understood anime run/dash, I mean the one in which the character runs both of his/her hands pointed behind. Is that supposed to be more efficient?! I tried to run like that myself but it was super tiring for arms and hard for balance plus my dog thought the end of the world was coming. (Urban dictionary had quite good explanation for this run, haha)

Then I got curious how would Grunkle Stan look like if he ran like that… and therefore this bad Stanimation was born:


(never steal from a professional conman…)
You are Mine (For Now, at Least) - funkle my grunkle (nippy96) - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Stan Pines/Reader, Grunkle Stan | Stanley “Stanford” Pines/Reader, Stan/Reader, Stanley Pines/Reader
Characters: Grunkle Stan | Stanley “Stanford” Pines

You’re a young local bartender, and he’s a sexy old adventurer. You two had been flirting for a while now. It’s a match made in heaven! Fem!dfab!reader x Stan. Fluff, smut, and hopefully a few laughs.


This is my shameless self-promotion. You can read it on ao3, or right here under the cut!
Here’s my notes: 
Wow, I am terrible at titles! Uhh, so I wanted to make this gender neutral at first (but still dfab, since that’s what im familiar with) buuuuuut I couldn’t think of many decent gender neutral compliments/adjectives.
So, I haven’t written fanfic in like… 3 years? So I’m rusty. But I kind of love the grunkles, so I really wanted to write this. Also, sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes, I finished this up late at night. Please feel free to leave constructive criticisms, especially since I’d like to write something for Ford next time… :D But uh, please enjoy!

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