Double Lives (Stan and Ford Pines) (Fallout AU)

So, I love the Fallout universe. I also love Gravity Falls.

@julientel has come up with an AU that has both : D

So, I had to write something for it and by golly there is so much potential : D

This world was so… well fascinating was one word that came to Stanford Pines’ mind. It was almost exactly like his, aside from the massive nuclear annihilation that seemed to occur due to some big War everyone spoke of. The creatures he came across filled many pages in the journal that never ended, the weaponry something he constantly tinkered with whenever he came upon settlements. He hadn’t focused on the people much, until he came across a large settlement named Gravity Falls. They seemed to include many, Stanford feeling right at home. At first he thought of only staying for a few days, but days turned into a week, then almost a month. Not that he was complaining, Stanford rather enjoyed staying in on place, even if the land was inhospitable most of the time regardless.

But this all changed when he came across someone…painfully familiar, said someone currently sitting beside the researcher.

“Ya know, if ya mess up my hand…” The voice had a twinge of a Jersey accent to them, Stanford sighing quietly. He was focused on fixing up some very delicate circuitry, the crackle of the fire the only noise despite the huffing of the man beside him.

“I am almost done, please stop threatening me.” He muttered, sitting back a few minutes later with a sigh.

“Geeze, slow as always poindexter.” Stanford watched glowing yellow eyes roll at the remark, though he couldn’t force himself to be annoyed at the remark. It had been but three days ago when Stanford had quite literally run into the man beside him, though man wasn’t a fitting title. By technicality the man was known as a synth, but as far as Stanford knew there was no other synth like the man beside him. “Hey, still there?”

“O-Oh yes Stanley.” The name felt painful to say, the synth recoiling a bit at the name seemingly in just as much pain. “I was just…thinking.”

“About what?” The synth asked, the two settling back against the old couch they sat on. Stan had managed to get himself a nice little shack in the Gravity Falls area, most of its denizens seemingly not distressed to have a synth living among them.

“My travels…my past mistakes…” He sighed, reflexively reaching inside his coat for the worn little piece of paper that held no value to anyone else but himself. He withdrew his hand after running his thumb over the paper, Stan looking away with an awkward look. He and the synth had spent the last day and a half just talking about each other’s lives, and both tales were fraught with tragedy.

“Hey…I know I ain’t exactly Stanley…but I’m sure when you get back, things’ll work out, ya know?’ The synth shrugged, skeletal metal hand reaching inside a bag that Stan always had on him, withdrawing a beaten pair of glasses. From what he told Stanley, the synth was both Stan and at the same time not Stanley.

“Don’t devalue yourself.” Stanford smiled weakly, slowly placing a hand on Stan’s shoulder.

“How can I not?” The man shrugged, yellowed eyes trained on his exposed hand that glinted in the light of the fire. “I’m not Stan Pines, yet he’s rattling around in this stupid brain of mine.” Stanford winced, unable to offer any sort of support.

“I’m sorry…I wish I could help you.” Stanford replied, his tone soft and full of regret. Stan shrugged, a wane smile tugging at his lips. From what Stanford knew, Stanley was indeed the original Stanley Pines, yet he also was not. His alternate self, over 200 years ago, had transferred Stan’s consciousness into some sort of code, to which a faction known as the Institute used sometime later. Other than that Stan had no other knowledge, and for the most part he didn’t care to know. Stan just wanted to live a peaceful life, and for a long time he had as Gravity Falls’ handyman. At least, he had until a man that seemed to be his long-dead brother just waltzed into town with an idiotic expression on his face, walking right past the surprised synth with his face buried into a book.

“Yea poindexter…so do I.” The rest of the night was spent in silence, Stan awake long after Stanford had dozed off on the spare bedroll the man offered. He didn’t know what to do with this man, but something deep in his programming told him to protect Stanford at all cost. So he would, until the multiverse would eventually call upon the male once again.