grungy bar

More Mad Gear Aesthetics
  • A trap remix of the X Files Theme
  • Scene kids with heavy artillery 
  • Multicolored Sharpie designs all over your face, band aids everywhere on your person 
  • Fireworks in the desert 
  • A black and white picture of a dog in people clothes nailed to a wall in a grungy bar above multiple empty bottles of tequila 
  • Tasteful static on the radio
  • A 45 minute podcast made by your neighbour trying to prove the existence of extra terrestrials. You can hear his dog barking in the background every so often. 
  • Lying out in the sun in your underwear but you’re wearing socks and sandals still
  • Staying up so long you’re losing sense of reality and maybe you’ve also forgotten your name
  • Army helmets with daisies and playing cards attached.
  • Dark circles under your eyes, laughing at nothing in particular, just laughing, why the fuck not,
  • Broken neon signs
  • Sitting on the edge of a cliff eating chow mein noodles out of a takeout carton with chopsticks. You’re terrible at using chopsticks.
  • Sticking your head/half your body/entire person out the sunroof 
  • A pizza delivery man who shoots you on sight
  • Porno droids curb-stomping Dracs, laughing as they do
  • Imaginary friends you should have left in your childhood because they grew up with you and now they’re super catty, fuck,
  • A stack of pop cans taller than the tallest person you know
  • Valentines day cards with actual blood on them 


Katie Bishop rarely ever took no for an answer – at least, not without arming herself with the world’s most convincing pout and puppy dog eyes. But honestly, it didn’t take much to convince Len they needed to blow off some steam – she could see the almost-smile on his lips when he finally agreed. 

Their bar hop had been a rather successful one, taking them through all of the trendiest bars in downtown Manhattan. Her fingers were loose around his wrist when she tugged him towards something that looked promising – a grungy little dive bar. 

“I promise, no hipsters will be in this’un.” She was tipsy and flushed, her smile coming easy and wide onto her lips as she looked at Len. Pushing the door open, the thick smell of cigarette smoke and cheap liquor hit them, and Kate inhaled it like it was her favorite bouquet. 

It was dingy, it was sparse – it was the definition of a dive bar. The patrons looked to be twice their age and have spent half of their life in jail, the place was lit by bare bulbs that barely cut through the smoke, and they were receiving looks … undeterred, though, she tugged Len up to the bar and ordered two beers for them. 


Wasted Elephants - the probably least fashionable bar in town :D

It’s situated right in the middle of Brightwater Bay’s industrial area with a nice view of the junkyard and the criminal hideout. It has a nice outdoor area in the back of the building but for those who like to relax a little bit more isolated, there is also a kind of secret hangout on the rooftop :)

Waiting (Tables) With You. (Bartender!Ash.)

Dingy lights flickered on, barely doing anything to lit the grungy bar and you were really starting to question if working here was a good idea. You knew you would have to eventually work the night shift at the grungy dive bar off of fifth street that doubled as a diner during the day. Daytime customers were something you could handle but the idea of dealing with drunk patrons terrified you.

Almost as much as when a groan echoed through the seemingly empty space.

“Turn it off.”

“Uh, sorry? I didn’t know that you were in here but it’s seven and I have to open up?” You couldn’t find the person that the rough, and very attractive, voice belonged to but then a mop of the curliest golden hair popped up from behind the bar. The hazel eyes that followed were unexpected but they matched the attractive face that seemed to rest unpleasantly like he was angry.

Said golden curls were in a disarray atop his head, tousled like he had ran his fingers through it a few too many times. His eyes were like liquid, a bit blurry but following your every move as you sat down your bag. His pink lips were a bit swollen from sleep and cheeks flushed with warmth from the stagnant air. All in all he was a mess of attractively sharp facial features and had an aura of I-could-snap-you-like-a-twig-if-you-look-at-me-wrong.

Your suspicion was confirmed.

He pressed a large hand to the bar top, arm bulging as he pulled his body off the floor with a huff. His black tank top did little to hide the voluptuous muscles and did the imagination good.

“What’s your name?” He gruffed, his hand running from hair to face and back again.

“Y/N. You’re Ashton right?” He gave you a half-hearted, very sloppy smile but nodded.

“Yeah, sorry. Mates birthday and so I got a little sloshed. I’m normally a bit more put together.”

“Don’t worry. Do you need some ibuprofen?” You offered, dishing some out when he gave you a grateful nod.

“I heard about you. Started a few days ago?” You nodded, blushing because you were well-aware of what he would have heard. “Don’t dwell on it. I broke four glasses on the first day. Owner’s a jerk but he gets it.” He passed you an apron, your fingers flicking on one of the neons that let the streets know you were open.

“If you need anything just let me know. I’m a dick but I have your back.”

You highly doubted he was a dick as he self-proclaimed but you were grateful for the sentiment.

“Hey sexy mama.” You rolled your eyes, turning to the drunk with the fakest smile you could muster and offered him another beer but the second his hand slapped against your butt, his head was shoved into the counter. It bounced off the counter with force and you practically jumped out of your skin.

“Don’t.” You had only been doing this shift for an hour and no one had been sloshed enough, most were regulars coming to watch the Friday night game, to try anything. Plus Ashton stood at the counter like a king sitting on his throne and when he wasn’t mixing drinks, he picked up a white rag and wiped out glasses with a face that screamed try it. I dare you. “Touch her again and you will be on the streets with a bloody nose. Got it scumbag?”

The guy nodded quickly, moving to a corner as to lick his wounds. You were simply staring at the bartender who was correct when he called himself a dick, he had a wicked attitude but a kind smile as you had come to find when you tripped over your own feet.


“Don’t worry about it sweetheart. That table over there needs its order of nachos and then I need you to carry over this tray to that table. If you balance it on your hip, it’s easier to navigate through the crowd.”

You shook it off, taking the advice he had quite easily offered all night and wondered if you’d made a pseudo friend in him.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you sexy thing. What you got hiding underneath that apron?” He received highfives from skeeves he had shown up with and you were getting ready to disappear because as gross as they were you couldn’t do anything unless you wanted to lose your job when a hand pressed to the curve of your spine.

“Touch her and you will have a broken hand to go with that self-inflated ego.” That was the first time that Ashton had come out from behind the bar and turning back to the table, you saw the guy’s hand had partly outstretched and was a bit too close to grabbing you inappropriately.

“Oh yeah, who are you to talk to me like that? The bitch’s boyfriend?”

“No, I’m the owner so if you don’t want me to throw you and your idiotic lap dogs on the street, I suggest you sit down.” Ashton put you behind him, his face inches from the guy and it was no secret Ashton was taller and stronger. The other guy huffed, rolling his eyes before saying something about taking his business elsewhere. Ashton let him go with a good riddance.

“Owner?” Was all you squeaked when he turned to check on you.

“Yeah,” He gave you a little smile. “Drew is the guy that I get to handle all interviews and stuff because I’m lazy. He’s the one that interviewed you for the position.” His eyes did a sweep from head to toe to make sure you were alright and when he seemed pleased, he side-stepped around you.

You were feeling too much. The guy was being protective of a person he didn’t even know and treated you like any other waitress for twenty minutes then a girlfriend the next five. Then he turned to mentor and trainer, now boss. You were getting whiplash.

So you went back to your job, doing what you did best i.e. ignoring the problem until you had to face it.

That time came days later when Speed, the bar cook whose name had a lot to do with his recreational activity took off for the night and the bar closed up. You had worked the nights with Ashton like he had planned it (and he was the boss so you wouldn’t put it past him) and while you were working it was easy to let him threaten creepers and flirt carelessly with him when you weren’t overthinking. It was in the moments of quiet that you would think about it and hate yourself just a little bit more.

“Goodnight.” You were prepared to take off out the door with nothing more than the salutation but a hand gripped your bicep. And really you should prepare for the unexpected with this guy who giggled instead of laughed even though he looked like he could rip apart a truck with his hands. The guy who told jokes that made you want to facepalm and always called you sweetheart or beautiful compared to all of the sleezy guys sexy’s and slut’s.

“Wait.” He tugged you around so you were facing him and then his hands were cupping your cheeks.

“Uh, hey buddy. Whatcha doing?” So smooth.

“If you let me I am going to kiss you because from the moment you walked in here, there has been some piece of me that wanted to shove you up against the wall with your permission of course.”

“Dude, you are giving me the worst headache.” You admitted but you could not look away from him not when he was so honest and unashamedly so.

“I tend to do that to people.”

“You don’t know me.”

“And you don’t know me.”

“Is that why you protected me from all those guys? So that I would feel like I owed you something from taking care of me?” You had to ask.

He flinched like you slapped him but he didn’t fault you for it or get upset when he knew that it was a warranted question with how women were treated.

“I fended off those guys because you shouldn’t have to. If you say no, then you walk out of that door no harm, no foul. I may have a bit of a bruised ego because if we’re being honest, I think I’m kinda hot. If you decided to stay, then we can make out, have a drink, whatever. No pressure but you intrigue me for some reason and I would like to get to know you.”

“Fair enough Ashton. How about that drink first because if I’m going to kiss someone as hot as you, I need some liquid courage if you don’t want me to chicken out.”

I can picture bartender!Ash and let me tell you, it is wonderful.