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We just hit our next thousand, so we decided to make our very first botw to help someone else gain tons! xx


☯MBF us, if you aren’t you will be disqualified

☯reblog as many times as you want, the more you reblog, the higher your chances!

☯likes will not count

☯must be a grunge/soft grunge/disposable/pastel/indie blog

What you will get from being our BOTW:

☯a permanent link on our blog

☯a follow from us, if we aren’t already following you of course 

☯unlimited promos 

☯and two friends, since this is a joint blog! (only if you want)

☯you will gain hundreds!!

Extra notes:

☯we will choose when this gets a decent amount of notes

☯we will choose 5-10 blogs for a poll that will last for one week

☯any other questions? message us here

so get reblogging lovely’s <33

 Matty and Alice xox