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Goodbye, Darling

Prompt: Part Two to Oh, Darling
Rating: T
Warnings: More of Harry Hook being a massive flirt! And some angst, as usual
A/N: Once again, huge thanks to my friend Ella for inspiring this fic, I hope you guys like it! Thank you to @carlosfreckles for the gif!) Also @pizzaplanethq @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag @eli-cya @suviveallthefandoms @lovesharleyquinn @-voddeke-  

“Are you out of your mind?!”

After the whole Ben getting kidnapped, blah blah blah, Ben and Evie decided to band together to bring more Villain Kids to Auradon. Since you weren’t as conventionally ladylike and didn’t really fit in, they thought you could sympathize with the Isle of The Lost Kids and be able to help them. You didn’t mind bringing more V.K.s to Auradon, ecstatic actually, but a certain group of people they wanted to bring unnerved you.

“Why in the world would you bring Uma, Harry, and Gil here?! Did you not learn anything from the Cotillion mess?” You exclaimed, looking at the paper they handed you again. It just didn’t feel right. Something bad would surely happen.

Evie sighed and dramatically put her hand on her forehead. She expected this kind of reaction. “Y/N, it’s not going to be that bad. Me, Mal, Jay, and Carlos were the same, and look at us now! At least give them a chance.”

She had a point. You had your apprehensions at first but then you realized that they weren’t as evil as you thought. Maybe they would be the same?

"Fine. Let them come. They can’t be that bad. What could possibly go wrong?”

You were wrong. The limo looked absolutely trashed as Uma, Gil, Dizzy, and Harry exited the vehicle. Well, so much for the luxury treatment.

After you agreed to letting this group of V.K.s come, Ben insisted on providing them with the most grand (and expensive) welcome to greet them properly. Personally, you were against it since showing off Auradon’s riches would probably anger them more, but whatever the king wants.

Forcing a smile on your face, you cleared your throat and looked at them. “Welcome to Auradon!” Uma seemed suspicious of the new environment, but you couldn’t blame her. The clean and lush island of Auradon was way different from the filth and grunge of the Isle. Gil and Dizzy, on the other hand, looked very excited, closely inspecting everything. And Harry…

To summarize, he looked like he was ready to set the school on fire.

Ben quickly cleared his throat to get rid of the obvious tension, then began his speech about the history of Auradon Prep and what they would be doing, bringing the rest of the new students’ attention back to him. He was clearly trying his hardest to make them feel welcome. A lot was at stake. No one wanted a repeat of the Cotillion drama, yourself included.

During the days leading up to this event, you brainstormed ideas on how to go about the tour you would be giving Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy. It certainly wouldn’t be an easy task. Exhausted, you yawned, not even caring if it damaged the precious fancy image Ben was trying to portray.

“Probably shouldn’t be slacking during the job, isn’t that right, Darling?” A voice whispered to your ear and you gasped, turning around. Harry Hook, himself.

You hastily recomposed yourself, ignoring his comment and going back to your position. “Shouldn’t you be with the other villain kids?”

“I can stand wherever I want,” he trailed his hook down your arm, continuing to breathe on your neck. “You’re better company, anyway.”

Rolling your eyes, you slapped his hook away, glaring at him intently. “If you keep doing that, I won’t hesitate to put your precious hook right up your-”

“Y/N!” Evie intervened, pulling you towards her before things got messy. Gods know what would happen if you kept threatening him. It would certainly end up with both of you clawing at each other. This was going as horrible as you thought, but you shook off your reluctant thought. You have a tour to lead.

Today was going to be a long day.

Two weeks later, things were going smoothly and without a hitch, surprisingly. A little too smoothly in your opinion, but you ignored your suspicions. You were probably just being suspicious.

You fell in love with Dizzy and Gil right away. They were just so sweet and you felt guilty for doubting their innocence. Dizzy helped you whenever your mother came by to check on you, making sure you looked as ladylike as your mother thought. Gil, meanwhile, helped spar with you whenever your instructor was incognito.

Uma on the other hand, was civil. She was nice enough, after getting rid of your mutual suspicion of each other.

Harry was a different problem altogether. He certainly wasn’t as easy to deal with as the others, not that you expected any less from the son of Captain Hook.

He bugged you day and night, always finding you wherever you were and especially when to annoy you best. You couldn’t even remember the last day you studied in peace and quiet. The library wasn’t even sacred anymore!

The school cafeteria? He would be there and prepared, ready to poke and make fun of you as you ate. The bleachers? Sometimes he would even be there before you! Don’t even get started on your locker. He managed to figure to combo out and stuffed it with his own junk. (So. Much. Seaweed.)

Today was one of those days when he was even more annoying than usual. Normally, you didn’t mind, but today something happened.

Your mother stopped by that day, and she saw you sword fighting with Lonnie. Immediately, you got yelled at and lectured, your precious sword getting confiscated. Your mother shouted about how you couldn’t be more like your sister, proper and ladylike. She wished you weren’t such a disappointment. Her words were like poison and venom, and before you knew it, you were crying even after she left.

Running to your locker, you searched for a cloth, a towel, anything, to wipe off your tears. No one could see you cry. You were supposed to be the strong one, the brave one, not this weak and bawling person. You looked at a mirror and you sobbed, your eyeliner and mascara staining your cheeks. Maybe your mother was right. Maybe-

“Hello, Darling. Fancy seeing you here.” The infamous Harry Hook drawled, tossing his precious hook around his muscled hands. He was smirking, you could tell from the view on your mirror. You wished he would take the hint and go away. He didn’t.

“G-Go away, Hook.” You desperately tried to hide your red nose and glassy eyes, avoiding eye contact with Harry at all cost. You tried to push past him, but failed, his hand grabbing your wrist.

“Hey. Hey. Look at me. What’s wrong?” Harry’s normally cocky and self-assured tone was replaced by a caring, softer tone. He tilted your chin up until you finally looked at his eyes, concern in his ocean blue eyes. “What happened?”

You looked back down, sniffling. “My-my mother. She took away my sword. Said I-I-I wasn’t ladylike enough. Said she wished she didn’t have such a disappointment as a daughter,” you chuckled darkly. “I was never the favorite, anyway.”

“Darling, you’re not a disappointment. You’re far from it. Screw what your mother said. Her opinion doesn’t matter,” Harry gently wiped your tears away, smiling when you finally stopped weeping. “And your swordfighting is something to be proud of. You’re truly amazing at it, believe me.”

Incredulous, you cocked an eyebrow at him. “Did Harry Hook just compliment me?”

“Tell no one about this.” He chuckled as well, a smile gracing his perfect, plump lips. You never realized how attractive Harry actually was. You mean, you knew he was attractive, but up close, you took the time to truly appreciate his features.

“Thank you, Harry,” You smiled at him, looking down and trying to forget what you thought merely a few seconds ago. “You’re not that horrible as I thought.”

“You can make it up to me by doing my homework.” Harry jokingly teased, while you rolled your eyes and shoved him away. You couldn’t prevent the impending grin from your face, though.

It was exactly how you feared.

The pirate crew ambushed the school while everyone was asleep, Uma’s cackle ringing through the night. Fear gripped your entire being and you searched for your sword, only to remember your mother took it away. Curse it, you’re gonna have to improvise.

As you exited your dorm, you spotted one of the expensive knight statues in the hallway. The statue’s sword! “Bingo.”

Ready for battle, you ran through the halls and eventually reunited with Lonnie, Jay, Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Ben. They heard the noise as well. You decided to split up to find them faster. Wishing each other luck, you all went on your way.

You ran for a few minutes until you heard the clang of swords and cheers. Uma’s crew. Sneaking carefully past the paralyzed guards on the floor, you edged closer to them until you were roughly pulled away.


“Y/N, Darling, you shouldn’t be here, you have to-” He seemed to be nervous for a minute, looking around to make sure no one else was there. “You don’t have much time, go. Please.”

You crossed your arms and held your ground, ignoring the chilling feeling in your spine. You weren’t going without answers. “What’s going on?”

He took off his hat, exasperated for a moment by your stubborn behaviour. “Darling-”

“Tell me what’s happening!”

“Me and Uma and the rest of the crew are leaving. We’re going to do something big, something dangerous, but I can’t tell you. Please. Just trust me.” Harry held your face in his hands, desperate and begging you to leave and run to safety. Your eyes welled up, scared of what was going to happen next. You knew, but you didn’t want to accept it.

“I-I-I trust you.” Then you did the unexpected. You kissed him, and it felt amazing. But you knew it wouldn’t last, so you savoured it, afraid of letting go and forgetting this moment. “Please stay safe.”

“I will. I’ll come back to you, Darling. I promise.” He left a chaste kiss on your forehead and finally let go, his hand lingering on your own. “Goodbye, Darling.”

“Goodbye, Harry.”