92 Truths

Rules: Once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. At the end, choose 25 people to tag!

I was tagged by gay-lien and pastcl-grungc :-)

what was your last…

drink- water

phonecall- dad

text message- emma

song you listened to- small talk by state champs

time you cried- last night

have you ever…

dated someone twice- yes

been cheated on- no

lost someone special- no

been depressed- yea

gotten drunk and thrown up- no

in the last year have you…

made a new friend- yes yes

fallen out of love- idk?

laughed until you cried- yes

met someone who changed you- i already knew them? idk

found out who your true friends are- kind of

kissed someone on your facebook list- no

gen eral…

how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life- idk?

do you have any pets- 2 birds

do you want to change your name- not rly

what did you do for you last birthday- emma slept over and we fell asleep at like 11pm

what time did you wake up- 10:30

what were you doing at midnight last night- crying

name something you cannot wait for- owning my own apartment

when was the last time you saw your mother- today

what are you listening to right now- dont you go by all time low

have you ever met a person named tom- no

something that’s getting on your nerves- idk if people are angry @ me or no

blood type- i dont know :-(

nickname- irene

relationship status- single

zodiac sign- scorpio

pronou ns- she/her

fav tv show- idk

tattoos - no

right or left handed - right


surgery- ive never had surgery

piercing- i have no piercings

best friend- emma and kailee? idk if she even likes me tbh :/

sport- track

vacation- probably mountains in california or black hills

pair of trainers- what

right now…

eating- nothing

drinking- nothing

i’m about to- finish this and then instagram and tumblr

listening to- i exist i exist i exist by flatsound

waiting for- me to enjoy life

want kids- probably not but idk

get married- maybe

career- acting or photography

which is better…

hugs or kisses- both? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

lips or eyes - eyes

shorter or taller- whooo cares

older or younger- idc

romantic or spontaneous- both

nice arms or nice stomach- dood it doesnt matter

sensitive or loud- idk

hook up or relationship - relationship

trouble maker or hesitant- adventurous so in the middle

have you ever…

kissed a stranger- no

drank hard liquor- no

sex on the first date- no

broke someones heart- maybe

had your own heart broken- ye

been arrested - no

cried when someone died- no one died that i know

fallen for a friend- ye

do you believe in…

yourself- no?

miracles- no

love at first sight- maybe

santa claus- no

kiss on the first date- sure

angels- no

I tag: ha-loser acrylxxc idk everyone has already been tagged