sweet mercy me i wish i had posted these earlier

i had the awesome opportunity to illustrate for a submission in the 2016 Advertising One Show: Young Ones Competition! the prompt addresses gender inequality that still remains prevalent in engineering and tech fields today. Our group decided to illustrate this with Disney princesses achieving their “happily ever after” by being cool cool career women! boy howdy!

here are the lovely talented fellows that i had the pleasure of working with:

Art Director: Debbie Pan

Art Director: Jon Nishida

Copywriter: Niamh Grunfeld

June 17 in Music History

1710 FP of Campra’s opera Les Fetes Venitiennes in Paris.

1717 Birth of Bohemian violinist, composer and conductor Johann Wenzel Stamitz in Nemecky Brod, Czech Republic. 

1725 Birth of composer Joseph Anton Bauer.

1750 Birth of composer Michel Woldemar.

1806 Birth of German tympanist Ernst Pfundt. 

1818 Birth of French composer, conductor and organist Charles Gounod.

1822 Birth of baritone Enrico Delle Sedie in Leghorn.

1848 Birth of French baritone Victor Maurel in Marseilles. 

1854 Death of soprano Henrietta Sontag. 

1855 Birth of German conductor Fritz Steinbach in Grunfeld, Baden. 

1858 Birth of Russian mezzo-soprano Maria Slavina in St Petersburg. 

1861 Birth of composer Sidney James Jones.

1873 FP of Cellier “The Foster Brothers” London.

1880 Birth of American music writer Carl Van Vechten.

1882 Birth of Russian-American composer Igor Stravinsky.

1883 Birth of composer Alexandre Cellier.

1885 Birth of Swedish tenor Knut Ohrstrom in Stockholm. 

1886 Birth of Scottish-American baritone Fraser Gange in Dundee. 

1888 Birth of composer Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer.

1892 Birth of French tenor Georges Jouatte in Monaco. 

1893 Death of Austrian composer Johann Schrammel. 

1894 Birth of mezzo-soprano Magda Strack.

1894 Birth of Russian-American pianist Pierre Luboshutz in Odessa.

1895 Birth of Yugoslavian composer Slavko Ostec.

1897 Birth of Italian baritone Antenore Reali in Verona.

1900 Birth of German composer Hermann Reutter in Stuttgart, Germany. 

1901 Death of German composer Cornelius Gurlitt in Altona, Germany. 

1903 FP of Victor Herbert’s Babes In Toyland in Chicago. 

1904 Birth of German bass-baritone Alexander Baturin in Oschmjany. 

1908 Birth of American composer John Verrall in Iowa, raised in Seattle.

1910 Birth of American composer Herbert Owen Reed in Odessa Mo. 

1912 Birth of American composer Don Gillis in Cameron, MO. 

1914 Birth of Italian tenor Pietro Medici in Sassuolo Modena. 

1916 Birth of French tenor Serge Rallier in Paris. 

1916 Birth of Finnish composer Einar Englund.

1919 Birth of Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya.

1922 Birth of composer Herbert Kelsey Jones.

1924 Birth of English conductor Sir Edward Downs.

1924 FP of Andreae’s “Abenteuer des Casanova” Dresden.

1925 FP of George Auric`s ballet Les Matelots in Paris.

1926 Birth of composer Manuel Enriquez.

1928 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Mignon Dunn in Memphis, TN. 

1929 FP of Clutsam’s “The Damask Rose” musical comedy; arranged from Chopin’s melodies, London.

1930 FP of Ernst Toch`s Geographic Fugue in Berlin.

1930 Birth of composer Romuald Twardowski.

1932 Birth of Bulgarian soprano Wiener-Chenisheva.

1933 Birth of French violinist Christian Ferras in Le Touquet. 

1936 Birth of mezzo-soprano Shelagh Squires. 

1938 Birth of American composer Dexter Morrill.

1938 Birth of Irish bass-baritone Thomas Lawlor in Dublin. 

1940 Birth of American composer Donald Wheelock.

1941 Death of Dutch composer and organist Johan Wagenaar in The Hague. 

1944 FP of S. Prokofiev’s Violin Sonata No. 2, Op. 94a. A transcription of his Flute Sonata, Op. 94, violinist David Oistrakh and pianist Lev Oborin in Moscow.

1947 Birth of Italian composer Livio Baldissera in Venice.

1952 Death of Argentine composer Alberto Williams in Buenos Aires. 

1953 Death of Portuguese mezzo-soprano Marie Giudice. 

1954 Birth of English baritone Gwion Thomas in Swansea. 

1955 Birth of American composer Thomas Duffy.

1956 FP of Martin’s “Der Sturm” The tempest, after Shakespeare, in Vienna.

1957 Birth of American composer and horn player Tom Varner.

1957 FP of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet score Agon. conducted by Robert Craft at a 75th birthday concert for Stravinsky in Los Angeles.

1958 Birth of American countertenor Derek Lee Ragin in West Point NY. 

1959 FP of Samuel Barber’s A Hand of Bridge at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoletto, Italy. 

1969 Death of American tenor Brian Sullivan. 

1972 Birth of American soprano Annelise Skovmand.

1973 Birth of American composer Reynold Tharp. 

1979 FP of Henderson’s “The Last Leaf” 1-Act Chamber Opera in Saratoga.

1982 Death of German soprano Dorothea Weiss. 

1982 Death of Austrian bass-baritone Gottlieb Zeithammer. 

1983 Death of American composer Peter Mennin in Erie, PA. 

1983 FP of Leonard Bernstein’s opera A Quiet Place. Houston Grand Opera, John DeMain conducting. 

1985 Death of Polish composer Czeslaw Marek in Zürich, Switzerland. 

1988 FP of Elliott Carter’s Oboe Concerto. Zurich Collegium Musicum conducted by John Carewe, with Heinz Holliger in Zurich.