The Grünfeld Defense is the opening that ultimately consumes most of my study time when it comes to opening theory. As my primary response to 1.d4, it holds a rather important position within my repertoire.

The first three moves (1.d4 Nc3 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5) are the moves which lead into the Grünfeld Defense. The main idea behind this particular variation is that black allows white to create an imposing center with pawns on c3, d4, and e4, while black holds a solid position which will attack the large center from the outside. This is the most popular line of the Grünfeld, with the last move by black being a deviation from the main line.

The main motifs of the Grünfeld include open positions with sharp tactical lines. The pawn on c3 and the bishop on c4 become major points of attack for black in some variation of the Grünfeld defense, and the c5 break is a common way for black to undermine the center. White’s plans will revolve more around mobilizing the center and creating weakness in black’s position.

This is only one line of the Grünfeld in particular. White and black both have a number of ideas in this opening, ranging from creating smaller two pawn centers as white, or fianchettoing both bishops as black. The creative possibilities in the Grünfeld always captures my imagination.

Another variation of the Grünfeld, this one relevant to me because of a thematic tournament game. This is the Grünfeld Defense, Russian, Alekhine Variation. (Bit of a mouthful.)

This is a variation of the Grünfeld in which white uses the smaller two pawn center, with pawns on d4 and e4. The queen is on a nice attacking square with b3 and whit then obtains space by pushing the e-pawn forward with e4-e5-e6. By sacrificing the pawn, black accepts doubled pawns and less mobility on the king side, but has compensation in the form of a queen side initiative.

The opening hasn’t gotten to this point in the game (and for that matter, may never hit this point), and the line doesn’t insure white an absolute advantage, but the attacking opportunities seem rather interesting.

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