missteencondescension asked:

I just want you to know i played the dog of wisdom video for my real life weenie dog and she didnt look away from the screen for an instant. i think you have broken the barrier of dog/human language and she now knows too much

that’s so cute 

tell her i love her

ha bubba da grundis


Watching Young Justice this morning when this DC Nation short came on. Love it!


Hal Jordan uses Green Lantern’s Light to amplify his overall damage. His basic attacks are Triple Barrage, Guardian, Lantern’s Might, Brightest Day, and Turbine Smash. Mere days after returning to Earth, Harold, in an event mirroring his ascension to the Corps, witnessed the crash landing of an alien ship. Investigating the wreckage, he encountered Abin Sur, but he wore no power ring. Jordan tried to convince the alien of their past but Abin Sur died from his wounds before Jordan could learn more of him.

Cyrus Gold was a wealthy merchant who was murdered&had his body disposed in a swamp. He was supernaturally reanimated fifty years later, turning into a zombie. While it was possible to “kill” Solomon Grundy, he always returned. The weird elemental energy that imbued his form with pseudo-life made him virtually indestructible; he’s impervious to bullets, fire, and extreme cold, and can survive indefinitely without food, water, or oxygen. Grundy’s personality differed from incarnation to incarnation, but he seemed to retain some memories of his experiences. Occasionally, his strength was on par with Superman’s but at times, even the Man of Steel couldn’t (physically) take Grundy down.