grunckle stan

Grunkle Stan without his fez

Grunkle Stan in an Hawaiian shirt

Grunkle Stan getting worked up over a soap opera

Grunkle Stan punching a pterodactyl in the face

Grunkle Stan punching zombies in the face

Grunkle Stan’s heisting hands

Grunkle Stan in a Colombian prison

Grunkle Stan being forcefully held to the ground by FBI agents

Grunkle Stan escaping custody

Grunkle Stan speaking spanish

Everything makes me weak for Stan Pines

Winter Break in Gravity Falls: The Stan Edition

Dipper & Mabel ver.

I should note that Ford was forced to wear his things, because he is in fact the christmas grump in the family. He’d wear his normal outfit usually, probably wearing the decorated sweater only to appease the everyone else. Grunkle Stan on the other hand…

So heres a drawing i did for an Avatar the last airbender!Gravity falls au where Dipper and Mabel are twins from a smaller watertribe near the north during the war with Aang and the firelord. When the firenation starts coming up north and raiding small villages their parents get scared that its no longer safe there and fear the firenation will start hunting down waterbenders again so they send their kids away too live with their firebending great uncle Stan in disguise as non benders in a small firenation island known as gravity falls. 

Ill draw more on this later, im already working on bill and pacifica since theyre pretty big parts of the story.

Gravity Falls

“This is a petition to Disney to add 1 more minute of air time for Gravity Falls so we can get the whole god damn theme song”


FREAKING. I was watching Wander Over Yonder while working on my finals and this popped up at the end of the cartoon episode. Jetsons meets Scooby Doo meets Gravity Falls in Wander Over Yonder. And the name they give it is The Mystery Twins Adventures.


I’ve seen the jokes about Hater mentioning to the camera about animators needing more recognition for their jobs and how Gravity Falls fans have been turning to WoY for emotional support of sorts but NO ONE MENTIONS THIS OR HOW DOMINATOR SAYS THAT THIS [GRAVITY FALLS] IS A QUALITY SHOW.


Guys...imagine what might happen when Stan finds out about mabel

Stan is just standing there looking at ford.
“Mabel is in the forest,” Dipper may say.
Stan gives this horrified expression and looks to were Mabel might be. As he begins to walk into the woods, Ford grabs hold of Stan’s shoulder.
“Stan you can’t go. Listen to me Stanley, it’s to dangerous. We can’t help her now. We just have to hope she can handle things for herself.” Stan turns around and punches Ford *left hook*.
“NO YOU LISTEN TO ME! It’s because of you and those stupid journals that’s allowed a TRIANGLE of all things, destroy everything that I love and hold dear. And in case you didn’t realize, Mabel is one of the top on that list!” Stan’s voice is now cracking and he is slightly crying. “She’s MY GRANDNIECE FORD! Yours too if you could remember what family means.” Ford gets up and doesn’t make eye contact with Stan.
“Yes, but your my brother Stanley. I can’t let you throw your life away like that.”
Stan is stunned, but a grimace is still on his face.
“Well, in case you guys have forgotten, MABEL IS MY SISTER!” Dipper screams, startling Stan and Ford. There are tears in Dippers eyes now. “And if ANYONE is going to save her from Bill it’s going to be me! I got her into this mess, so it’s my job to save her.”