grunckle stan

if images wont show up (im so sorry don’t know how to fix them, I put the whole thing in my dA and you can see it HERE

Hopefully this wont get my blog deleted now


I spend four days for this and almost kept the quality wow. And even managed to upload it to tumblr double wow. I need to sleep now.

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Grunkle Stan without his fez

Grunkle Stan in an Hawaiian shirt

Grunkle Stan getting worked up over a soap opera

Grunkle Stan punching a pterodactyl in the face

Grunkle Stan punching zombies in the face

Grunkle Stan’s heisting hands

Grunkle Stan in a Colombian prison

Grunkle Stan being forcefully held to the ground by FBI agents

Grunkle Stan escaping custody

Grunkle Stan speaking spanish

Everything makes me weak for Stan Pines

Gravity Falls

“This is a petition to Disney to add 1 more minute of air time for Gravity Falls so we can get the whole god damn theme song”

Winter Break in Gravity Falls: The Stan Edition

Dipper & Mabel ver.

I should note that Ford was forced to wear his things, because he is in fact the christmas grump in the family. He’d wear his normal outfit usually, probably wearing the decorated sweater only to appease the everyone else. Grunkle Stan on the other hand…


SO I woke up this morning to find out the original post has gone bonkers like I suspect it would (never use photobucket but I was stupid), so I’ll do re-do. Haha I’m so sorry, every time I try to do something good I fuck things up. I just hope people who want to see this can still see this yea. And here’s the same thing in dA.