grumpy weiss

~Out of Sight~

So in class I was doodling in my notebook in class and while I looked up reference images for Grimoire Weiss, I noticed that he seemed…Grumpy. Then the idea hit me and I had to wait until I got back from class and take care of a few things before I could make the necessary edits.

Everyone meet Grumpy Weiss. And someone please take away my tablet and my overactive imagination.


ciarasia  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore! ♡

5 facts - Peanut Edition - Weiss Meredith Kerrigan Vanderwaal 

  1. her favorite foods are blueberries and pineapples :) 
  2. she’s an incredibly agreeable baby. She hardly ever fusses, and when she does, it’s likely that something is the matter with her. A grumpy Weiss is the first sign of an oncoming cold or tummy ache
  3. she’s very tidy! she loves to pick up her toys and put them away. Laney “isn’t allowed” to clean Weiss’ room, because the almost-3-year-old already has her own system 
  4. she loves to gives gifts. She often makes her friends take things home with them if they come over for a playdate. This includes crayons, stuffed animals, and animals crackers lol
  5. her favorite thing to watch is the web series Ever After High. Her favorite character is Lizzie Hearts

So this is Klein Sieben (this is also “small seven” in German), Weiss’s butler and you all notice how he’s eyes change color along with his personality and voice tone? Well it’s because he embodies the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White.

His brown eyes, I believe, is Doc because he shows so much concern for Weiss’s well-being.

His red eyes would be Grumpy even though he used his grumpy side to make Weiss laugh. I love that he’s doing this just to make her smile even at the risk of his job.

The blue eyes represent Sneezy because he just kept sneezing.

The yellow eyes are for Happy since he had the biggest and happiest smile when he saw that Weiss was in a good mood again.

I already love this man. He seems so interesting and I wonder if this personality split is his semblance. And the cool part is, he’s voiced by J Michael Tatum! So you know he’ll have a big role with Weiss’s side of the story.

bonhomiedragon  asked:

Oh geez, so a fox came by and said you were taking prompts. If ya got time, maybe some Freezerburn in a pet store, given the nature of this last episode. Please and thanks!

Thanks for the prompt! This is sort of in three parts but I’m posting it in one, it was meant to be small but I just went with the idea of Yang’s family owning a pet store and this happened.

Warnings: mild sexual references and make out scenes. Also contains Winter being Weiss’ twin.


3236 words

A Difficult Customer

She clearly remembers the first day she saw the girl with white hair and intimidating blue eyes. She was guarding the shop for her dad at the tender age of eight when the bell to announce a new customer rang out and instantly drew her attention. She was captivated by icy eyes that curiously explored the room, analysing, scrutinising, and then they fell on her.

Her bright, welcoming smile was met with a scowl.

Yang’s grin faltered.

“W-welcome to-”

“Yes. I know where I am thank you.” Her voice was sharp, high, and possessed an assured authority that not many children had. “I wish to speak to the owner of the store.”

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ruby and blake writing each other super cheesy love notes during class and passing them to each other via a grumpy weiss

but once they get caught but it’s WEISS who gets caught passing a note so she has to stand up in front of the class and read ruby’s dweeby love poems to blake aloud while blake and ruby try not to squeal and squirm in their chairs

Pun of the day: Port knows best.

Weiss: I think I should have been leader of team RWBY!

Port: That’s PORT-posturous.

Weiss: What?!

Port: Ozpin is far weisser then you dear child, he’ll have made the right choice.

Weiss: But I-

Port: *stroking his impressive facial hair* I’d love to stay and chat Miss Schnee, but I really MOUSTACHE.

*Port walks away, leaving a particularly grumpy Weiss to sulk*