grumpy tuesdays

  • the witch: your mother was with child, and she developed an unusual appetite.
  • baker: okay
  • the witch: she admired my beautiful garden, and she told your father that what she wanted more than anything in the world was...
  • baker:
  • the witch: Memes, memes, nothing but memes
  • baker: what
  • the witch: rick roll, sad frog, grumpy cat and tuesday dog
  • baker: stop
  • the witch: minerals and metaphors
  • the witch: kermit tea and spiders georg
  • baker: ENOUGH
Relocated [4/10]

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,235

Author’s Note: We get a bit of friends’ help for both sides and hooray, I told you guys things would work out!

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“What’s wrong, punk?” Bucky asked as he dropped himself down onto the spare chair usually reserved for clients in Steve’s cubicle.

Steve looked away from the document he was typing to glance over momentarily at Bucky before continuing his work. “Nothing’s wrong,” Steve answered, his eyes not leaving the screen.

Bucky scoffed and crossed his arms, rolling his eyes in the process. He has had enough of Steve’s sulky attitude and he was going to get to the bottom of it. “You’ve been in a grumpy mood ever since Tuesday morning. It’s now Friday, yet you still haven’t snapped out of it. You’re running behind on paperwork and we have to present this project to the higher ups next week. So if you’re not going to tell me what’s wrong, I’m going to need you to start focusing,” Bucky lectured.

Steve’s fingers came to a halt and he froze. He twisted his chair around to face Bucky, dropping his head in embarrassment at the way he was acting. His hands rubbed against his face and he let out a deep, breathy sigh.

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I wasn’t sure whether to upload this.This is one end from my first session outdoors. My shooting isn’t stellar but I think it would be good to see how I progress this season. 

It was really really windy and my release was waaaay too fast because of it.  I need to work on my front arm too, it keeps dropping off!

With time and practice my confidence should improve again and my shots will become more fluid and self assured. This weekend I’m at the WRS Mauritania so hopefully I can get some arrows sorted by then. 

“Lapidot Fusing”

Didn’t have enough time to draw them fully dancing or their actual fusion (cause I’m just gonna wait to see what the really show will bring if they fuse .//w///. SOMEDAY IT WILL HAPPEN) 

So here’s a grumpy peridot and a calm lapis quickly fusing and unfusing lol.

 Lapidot Tuesday prompt - Fusion


Sometimes you kind of have to wonder if Malcolm is waiting with the rest of us to see exactly where his little digressions will take him – because I’m pretty sure he does very occasionally start down a particular metaphorical road with *no idea* where he’s actually going.

But forget that – what I really want to know is WHY the strangely specific burning resentment against Paul McCartney?

My best guesses:

1. They TOLD him he’d be sitting next to Stephen Fry

2. They took away Malcolm’s salmon mousse with caviar that he’d really been looking forward to and made him eat vegan food instead

3. Malcolm doesn’t care if they’re the band the Beatles could have been, he still fucking HATES Wings

4. Malcolm will never forgive Paul for annoying the living hell out of Grumpy George Harrison (and his sticky-tape mustache) and then just walking away