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Harry is grumpy because you refuse to cuddle with him, you opted to soak up as much sun as you could while the band was in Mexico. He wanted nothing more than a lazy poolside cuddle and as he watched you lay out in the sun soaking up the rays he couldn’t fight the pout that took over his face. You just laugh to yourself when you catch him making a big ordeal by grabbing a pillow off the couch and hugging it closer to his body and huffing and puffing as he tried to get comfortable with it.

When you see him start to close his eyes with the pout still on his face is when you decide to get up off the lounge chair and make your way over to him on the couch. Harry acts as if you’re not even there when you get close enough to snatch the pillow away from him, he just wraps his arms around his body making you roll your eyes.

“Oh scoot over you big lump” is all you say as you lay down on the couch behind him instantly wrapping your arms around his middle and giving him a nice squeeze.

"I’m tha little spoon.” He would mumble as he laced his fingers with yours before bringing them to his lips for a quick kiss, you would just smile and nuzzle your head into his back happy to have the pout off his face and your arms around him.


eager rookie lightning and grumpy old doc have breakfast together at least three times a week pass it on

inspired by this post by @incorrectcarsquotes with doc instead of smokey

Grumpy’s Sketchbook - Haven Edition part 1



  • Best friend
  • Can be scary but they’re just a big cat
  • Sleeps and eats a lot
  • Collects cute things (our room is full)
  • Bandaids never come off?
  • It’s so quiet when they’re not here…


  • Scary when mad
  • Is mad a lot nowadays…
  • Where did they go?
  • Something is wrong. they won’t talk about it.
  • I miss dressing up with them…


  • Cute
  • They’re nice, but shy
  • Remind me of flowers


  • Hasn’t been around for a while…
  • They’re funny.
  • I kind of miss them being around
  • It’s not fair they got their own room though!!


  • Scary…
  • After all this time they still scare me.
  • I think they might ACTUALLY be a demon
  • Must be behaving when here…
  • I don’t see why NC likes them so much.

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Yuri Plisetsky is the definition of teenage rebel. He spends practice time on his phone, he’s a little brat to everyone except for the few people he likes, and he acts grumpy like it’s in style. Throughout the series, he’s had this cool exterior and has been dead set on not letting anyone in and even trying to end relationships before they begin (see: Yuuri Katsuki). He would do anything to protect his image of being the best, and this is clearly shown in the WTTM manga where he says he was upset Katsuki beat him in the free skate scores even if he ended up winning gold. 

Yuri Plisetsky wants to be the best and feels he has a lot to prove. 

When he saw Victor go on the ice during Yuuri’s exhibition and Yuri went wild, it was no surprise he would end up going wild and doing something to completely clash the feeling of Victuuri’s skate. Yuri not only wants to be the best, but he wants to be remembered. 

Which is why Welcome to the Madness makes sense. 

He seems to be showing off the signs of teen wanting to grow up too fast syndrome, which everyone goes through. This could be his breakthrough moment, showing that he can be the Eros he once desired in the beginning of the series. He choreographed it himself for crying out loud. 

His creation of WTTM could come from the fact that he is inspired by Victor Nikiforov, shown in how he wants him so desperately to be his coach in the beginning. Victor was always striving for a new angle, to surprise the audience, and Yuri could have picked up on that. He could have wanted something completely different than the purity of Agape and the beauty of Allegro and decided to do a 180. He wanted to show how good of a skater he was by skating to different types of music and expressing different emotions. He wanted the audience to feel something as he skated. 

I don’t feel that WTTM is out of character for him, in fact I was the opposite of surprised when he came onto the ice with his dark clothes and sex appeal. He’s just a boy who wants to prove himself and be as well versed as he can and I think the creators did an amazing job showing the dynamic of his character with the addition of his exhibition skate. 

hi, uhm…, i don’t know if you still accept OC’s for your TH universe, so….

this are the TH versions of my OC’s, the twins Hip(blue) and Rose(pink) (they are freshberry shipchildren)


they ran away from an orphanage when they were little children; they tried to survive; one day, as they searched for food behind a Pub, the owner of the Pub (an old couple who never had Kids), found them and they raised them as their own childs

Personality of Hip:

act and look like a boy; overprotective over her sister; likes to carve (carries it evertime); stronger then she looks; don’t like guest who are rude, don’t pay or get “touchy” to her sister;

Personality of Rose:

kind but very shy; likes to sew and knit; the better cook of the sisters; feel uncomfortable when guests starts to flirt with her; tries to get more independently, so her sister don’t have to protect her all the time;

don’t know how the old couple should look like

feel free to do with them whatever you want (fun fact: their mother likes to fantasize about their future wedding)

hope you like them and that i don’t bother or annoy you

have a nice day/evening/night

Star: No worries, sweetie. You guys can still submit for OC on my AU. 

This reminds me of something lol :O

I love their background, personality, and their design!! seriously Thank you for submitting this. :D

More Grumpy Cat fanart (Because this fic has taken over my liiiiiiiife) featuring some of my many favorite moments thus far. This includes Felix trying desperately to convince himself that Marinette is not, in fact, the cutest thing he’s ever seen and failing miserably, one of the many ‘WHAT IS WITH YOU AND ALL THESE AKUMAS?!!’ moments that make up what constitutes as Marichat in this AU, and of course Ninja!Mari and her chocolate chip shurikens.