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Steve to Grace (episode 5x12): “You know, it scares me to think what that guy’s gonna be like when he actually is a grumpy old man.”

Steve to Danny (episode 5x25): “ Well, I guess the good news is that dying would be better than looking at your bald head for the rest of my life.

Steve to Danny (episode 6x25): “I’m gonna have to listen to this for the rest of my life, aren’t I? I’m gonna to have to listen to this forever.”

You know what these lines have in common? The fact that in each one of them Steve proves that he doesn’t even contemplate the thought of not growing old with Danny. He just knows they’re going to be together forever, for the rest of their life.

Eu realmente amo minha paz de espirto também conhecida como meu quarto e meu refúgio, mas é uma festa com tema de Rock’n’Roll meio Punk. Isso é praticamente impossível de ignorar. Então, é, eu decidi vir de ultima hora e espero que você não se importe de fazer companhia para esta pessoa aqui. E se tiver, vou sair discretamente e ir procurar outra pessoa que caia no mesmo discurso.

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winteriron with a coffeshop au please happy birthday!!😃

Thanks, nonny! I hope you enjoy!

The bell over the door jingles as a new customer ambles in, a busty brunette, but Bucky doesn’t bother to let up on his scowl. He’s been sporting it for going on a half hour now, since he fumbled a shot glass while checking the damned time and the fucking boiling espresso splashed over the rim and scalded his (flesh) hand. (If his prosthetic had even decent fine motor skills, this wouldn’t be a problem, but that shit’s expensive. If he burns himself too bad, he can always just get the other fucker amputated too, though. Not like he don’t know how to operate a shitty prosthesis by now.)

He’s not much of a people person to begin with, and it’s not like the boss man cares how sunny (or not) his disposition is, seeing as that’s him, so when the lady steps up to the counter, mouth open to list off her order, Bucky lets out his so-called Murder Face. The lady hesitates a sec, but points to her for not just turning about-face and marching straight out the door.

Before she can utter a peep, Bucky catches sight of Steve swooping in out of the corner of his eye. There’s a smudge of charcoal down the left side of his face, like he laid his hand down on the page he’s been grumbling over the last week than propped his elbow up on the table and let his head fall against his hand to stay a while. Guy’s lucky his stupid mug’s so cute.

“Hey, you look like you’re new,” Steve interjects the lady, leaning on the counter and trying to not-so-subtly block her view of Bucky, his smile all apple pies and rainbows. “I’m Steve. The most regular regular. You got any questions about the menu?” Steve starts moving down the counter, and the lady moves with him unconsciously even though she’s looking at Steve like he’s crazy ‘cause honestly, there’s not exactly a lot to Bucky’s menu. It’s the smile, though. Works every time.

Steve starts yammering the poor lady’s ear off, and Bucky goes back to angrily wiping down the espresso machine.

The annoying bell sounds again, and Bucky should really change that–don’t they make ones that’ll play the Jaws theme or something? That’d be much more appropriate, he feels. He glances over to the door, glare working back up to full force, but when he sees who just came in, his expression slides into a pout instead. A very manly pout. That he quickly hides behind a scowl.

“You’re late,” he mutters as Tony scurries up to the counter, his hands already flying around his head even though his mouth ain’t moving yet.

He sets about making Tony’s usual–mostly espresso, a dash of milk, some mocha powder for flavor–so he’s got an excuse not to just stare ‘cause Tony’s not in one of his flashy business suits today. In fact, he’s dressed about as boy next door as it gets: beat up jeans with holes in the knees, t-shirt so well-worn the logo’s faded with age, and sneakers streaked with grease marks. It’s too much for Bucky’s eyes to handle directly.

“I know, I know, but you will not believe the morning I have had–”

“Board meeting went that bad, huh?”

“Board meeting, ha! I told you I’d find a way to weasel out of that!” Bucky chances a look up and Tony’s grinning, wide and bright. Bucky can feel his shitty mood crumbling in the wake.

“Yeah, so what’d you do?”

Abruptly, Tony’s voice drops into an all-too serious register. “Okay, so fair warning. There was a minor explosion involved–”

“WHAT?” Bucky exclaims, abandoning the espresso he was pouring to hop the counter because walking all the way around it would take too long. His hands reach for Tony’s face first, tilting his head this way and that as he checks him over for injuries.

“–but I’m fine! A-okay! It was just some cosmetic damage, geez, you’re as bad as Pepper–”

Leveling his best You’re an idiot glare at Tony, he grasps him by the shoulders and marches him over to the over-stuffed armchair in the back corner of the shop while Tony keeps rambling on about how fine he is. “Sit.” He presses down on Tony’s shoulders until he finally sinks down, then points his finger at the spot between Tony’s eyes pointedly. “Stay.”

Tony’s smiling up at him, all quiet-like. “Nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Bucky’s heart doesn’t melt, ‘cause that’s not a thing that’s physically possible in this situation, but it does start beating all crazy.

Ducking his head, Bucky shuffles back behind the counter to finish Tony’s drink. Steve and the lady are both watching him with amused expressions, but he’s choosing to ignore that for the moment, turning to give his full attention to the espresso machine as he pours the glasses of coffee into a large mug with the milk and mocha.

“Sorry to hold you up, Miss Lewis,” he hears Stevie saying behind him. “Looks like Buck’s about ready to take your order now.”

Steve ambles back over to his table strewn with art supplies, and Bucky nods his head in the general direction of “Miss Lewis” in invitation for her to sprout off her order.

Looking up briefly from stirring Tony’s drink, he catches sight of Tony still sitting right where he left him, miracle of miracles, just watching him and smiling. Bucky can feel the blush racing up to his cheeks, and he tries his best to suppress it, but judging by the giggles he can hear behind him at the register, it’s not working.

Ah, well. At least Tony’s more than worth blushing over. 

Quiet Day

Steve, Bucky

Summary: Bucky is having one of his quiet days and Steve knows that he’s in need of cuddles and tickles.

A/N: Tricky prompted this and I delivered.

Words: 718

Steve remembered Bucky’s quirks, even after all these years. It used to pain him, to carry around so much excessive knowledge about his friend and thinking he’d never be able to use it again. But now, with Bucky back and his memories restored, Steve was finally able to take advantage of his ability.

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Please consider small grumpy librarian Steve, who is really patient and helpful with the elderly, a mythological child-wrangler, and generally tries to be pleasant, but rules his library with an iron fist when people come in and disturb things. He actually has a twitter account (smolangrylibrarian, not that Steve knows about it) which details his greatest exploits, the best being that time he chased one of the local thugs out of the library, brandishing an encyclopaedia the size of his upper body and shouting about respect.

Bucky Barnes bears witness to one such incident. 
Bucky Barnes is in love.

Everyone always headcanons Tony as hating mornings and Steve as the early bird, but just for a minute I want y’all to imagine rumpled, grumpy, morning Steve. 

“I don’t wanna get up.”

“Then don’t; stay in bed with me.”

“But I gotta go run.”

“Go run, then?”

“But I don’t wanna.”

And imagine Steve on the first few miles of his run, bleary eyed and mumbling to himself every time a traffic light stops him, or he has to slow down so he doesn’t plough into some woman taking her kids to school. He flips the paparazzi off as he goes past and pulls his hood up to avoid them. He’s a little shit with his “On your left” to other joggers, because if he has to get up this early, he wants everyone to be as annoyed as he is.  

Not a morning person!Steve Rogers ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
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Danny wrinkled his nose as he woke up to Steve’s arms, cold from just being in the ocean, wrapping around his naked torso.

“You’re all wet,” he grumbled.

Hot damn

just a little something to ensure/remind you all, that although, I kinda got lost in the whole Civil War stuff, this was, is and will be primarily a blog, where I post Stony fics, especially Stony tickle fics (I might add a few non-tickling in the meantime) <3 inspired by a lovely headcanon I received some time ago (heck long time ago..) ! 


Hot Damn

“Ugh, I hate when this happens..” Tony grumbled, stepping out of his Iron Man suit. He was sweating and his face was heated and he felt over boiled, so to speak. “Uuuff,” he waved both hands at himself, trying to cool down. “JARVIS, report on the damage.”

“The air conditioning system has been shattered–”

“Well, you’re not wrong,” Tony grumbled, tugging on his tight under suit, that clung to him like a second skin. He really wanted to get out of it already and take a cool shower.

“– and the thrusters were damaged. I advise a full maintenance check.”

“Thanks, J.”

“You don’t have your own quarters?”

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the bro thing

So it’s reasonable to expect a Certain Level of Weird when it came to the Avengers’ Resident Pair of Grumpy (”And Terrible - DO NOT FORGET TERRIBLE” - Tony Stark) Old Men™. 

There’s the old school New York attitudes, the Brooklyn accents, the swearing, the old-fashioned manners (”BARNES YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARM AWAY MY PEPPER RIGHT FROM UNDER MY NOSE!”) and the “back in my day, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways” stories that were delivered with the best straight faces ever. 

(”Aw, Tony, but you still have the cutest nose” went a long way towards making Ridiculous Billionaire Past Playboy Philanthropist Geniuses melt into Happy Puddles.)

This one, however, was just.  Just.  All right, it’s easier to show rather than tell:

There’s a couch in the common room that’s been unofficially set aside for the exclusive use of the Grumpy Old Men™ and in all fairness, it’s a very comfy couch.  Steve and Bucky usually take up residence there on their down time with sketchbooks, books or occasionally their weapons - Bucky adores the Big Fuck Off Sniper Rifle™ that the entire team knows by its name of Tallulah. 

Sam is the witness when the following exchange happens:


Steve looks up.  “What, bro?”

Sam’s not sure what he’s supposed to feel at seeing Bucky’s intense face.  “Tell the whole world we’re bros.”

Steve shuffles over to get even closer to Bucky, tenderly cups his cheeks and whispers, “We’re bros.”

“Why’d you whisper, bro?”

And one hasn’t lived until one has heard Steve Rogers, Captain America, deliver this sentence in almost the same earnest, sincere tone that he’s used to inspire men and women to go to war for the Righteous Cause.  “Because you’re my whole world, bro.”

“Aw, hell, NO.”  Sam loses it.  He’s rethinking all the life choices he’s made, to be around these two hopeless losers who are falling all over themselves, cackling like the evil little shits that they are. 

“But you’re our bro too, Sam!”

“Yeah, Sam!  Sam’s the GREATEST!”

“Nope. I am going to Nope my way into Nopeville.  See, this is me, doing the Nope.”

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(Avengers) Imagine your boyfriend Steve Rogers tries to get you out of bed


“Come on, Y/N! It’s already 8 a.m.!”

“Already? What’s that supposed to mean? That’s night time!”

“You…It’s not!”

“Hrmph…do I get a cheeseburger?”

“For breakfast?”


“That’s not really healthy for you”

“If I get up and there’s not a cheeseburger in this apartment it won’t be healthy for you!”

“Fine…I’ll get you a cheeseburger. And now get up!”