grumpy santa


Well, set of Zestiria cute family is half done! There is still need santa costumes for Alisha, Dezel and Zaveid.

Only good thing about those unfair free to play games are that we can see our beloved children in different outfits. (Yeah I’m salty after spending 100 crystals in tales of link and not getting ANY santa character from tales games :/)

God! It really made me happy to see Mikleo getting his santa clothes this year too. I just thought on morning about some funny mini fic with Sorey in santa clothes, grumpy Mikleo and star of the end; christmas goblin cart. I wished for Mikleo to have some official santa clothes, I check tumblr and surprise! There is one. Not in tales of link but still, It’s sooooo cute!!! Mikleo is so cute checking his reindeer ears! Is that mistletoe on hairband? Because if it is I hope that Sorey going to use it as excuse to kiss his boyfriend everywhere where they go XD.

I didn’t said before, happy about Sorey getting his goblin card finally but I love Sorey’s hat. I love that there is Shepherd sign on it. And white sewing on his jacket and trousers are great too!

As for Rose, wow, this shoulder cape is really amazing. I would wear her outfit if I had chance.

I stay with Edna costume for a moment. Look at her gift bag in first picture. Look at the candies there. Every candy mean one character from Zestiria party. From left, first Lailah (Her hair clip is there.) then Rose with deadly button XD, Pink cute bag makes Alisha, above it is one of Dezel, then Zaveid, pack with feathers as Sorey and last but not last Mikleo. Cookie with Normin can makes Edna herself in this set sice she loves Normins.

I love this idea of such gift bag and thanks Namco for that!

Well, until now Lailah have less detailed outfit than rest. She’s looks still great since she’s beauty but our beloved puns queen deserves something more, don’t you think?

(Even if those games are unfair money machines)

Sorry, that it’s isn’t Nezushi post. I’m still drawing “All I meant to say”, I just wish that I had more strength to draw and write but like every year winter is killing me off.
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Was it Sandor’s fault that the would-be thief he tackled and who’s leg he broke was the store’s famous ‘Santa’? Now he would have to stand-in as 'Santa’ until Christmas Eve. His idea of hell. At least the sexy photographer who dressed as an elf was a distraction. No, that only added to his misery.

The day after ‘the’ event and Sandor ponders his feelings for Sansa.