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I was trying to write a post about how I could not believe that six months after meeting Even, Isak is now the type of person who gets up at eight, even when he doesn’t have school, and the type of person who actually likes pictures in which people make fun of him instead of like, freaking out but then I remember how soft Isak’s voice sounded when he was talking to Even in that car on Monday and you know what. I can. I absolutely can.


It has come to my attention that the art of Gumbo-making is an imperative skill down in Louisiana. Being a westerner, this was not common knowledge until the not-at-all-grumpy grumpy-salad held my attention for several hours explaining the difference between Cajun and Creole eats and their respective ingredients. It’s a good thing I asked before I made this, else a sort of Cajun/New Orleans hybrid would have been born, which just wouldn’t have done. I had no idea that New Orleans had red gumbo with a tomato and okra base, while Cajun is a brown gumbo with a roux base. I, who have never been to Louisiana, was not going to fly blind and make something that would be an insult of an homage to Tiana’s marvelous and mesmerizing cooking skills.

grumpy-salad also told me that gumbo is a leftovers meal. Take this recipe and run with it. There’s no one outline, hence all the *notes. You take what delicious items you have in your fridge and chuck em’ in. This recipe makes a whole lot of gumbo, be prepared to share with friends and neighbors. The recipe is under the cut.

- MJ & K

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Oh no, an opinion on the new Expac! Head for the hills!

Many may be thinking; ‘Oh great… Grumpy-Salad and their shite opinions and being negative!”


I’m just really saddened that people are harping and bitching about the prices. 

Like I’m not even upset enough to warrant a rant? Like yes, it ruffles my feathers, but it mostly just… disheartens me. I wish everyone could get the super shiny ultimate edition, but I’m also not surprised at those prices.

I was expecting those prices. People keep saying ‘oh it should be 20-30 dollars at most!’ and yes, this is a good, ideal, but people must realize (core game included vs. other MMOs ASIDE) that inflation, and economic supply and demand are a thing.

(Not to mention NCsoft are greedy money grabbers, but that’s an argument for another day).

Selling, let’s say, an ultimate edition of the expansion is priced at 50 dollars. You can bet people will complain, because they want goods and services for free. (ha, don’t we all tho? :D )

I don’t see that price going towards the time, effort, and resources at minimum to pay for Anet to pay for their employees. To pay for their hard work, to pay for their salary, to support a game that you know and love.

Anet has given you Living Story after Living Story after Living Story for FREE.


The only support they have gotten is through the micro transactions of the Gem Store. And I’ll be the first to admit, some of the stuff was a really piss poor cop out to get me to buy it.

But other things, I would happily sling my money at. The Mini pet rock? It’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a mini. Mini’s are useless cosmetic items in Guild Wars. And it’s the lamest, no-effort mini you can get; a pet rock with googly eyes.

But you know what? I loved it so much. I instantly pulled out my debit card and bought gems JUST for that stupid pet rock. And you know what? I do not regret it. 

I have had my issues with Guild Wars 2, and Anet, and NCSoft, but I believe in what they are doing. Guild Wars (the series in general) was the first MMO I came to know. Where I met some of my greatest friends, my worst enemies. I made wonderful memories, and sad/infuriating ones.

I believe in the saying that If I enjoy it, and am happy at what I receive in return, then I have no wasted a single penny. I have spent a LOT of money in the gem store. So much at one point, my mom said I had to stop or cut back (lol woops), but I don’t feel a single penny was wasted. Could I have been wiser with my money? Sure. But I made a conscious decision.

So please… If you love Guild Wars 2, and you’re excited, punch that ticket on the hype train, take my hand, and just be happy that you’re supporting something you love and have come to know and cherish. 

Don’t bitch at someone who got standard, don’t bitch at someone who got Ultimate. Let’s all just be happy in the fact that we threw our money happily at the screen and got super hype. Please?