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And then, without a second thought, Stanley gulped down another swallow of the mysterious, but delicious beverage. About five minutes later, Ford walks out onto the deck to find a grumpy, mortified sea-otter glaring daggers at him. He's quick to realize that Stan's clothes, glasses, and Fords' experimental formula of mutative serum are nearby. And before Stanford can even begin to find a cure, Marcos shows up and whisks his furred'n'whiskered twin off to flirt, play, and possibly eat. ~M'Silver

Okay I just had to fill this~ It was too adorable not to! It’s under the cut! Of course I have to tag @cirilee for the use of Mermarcos! 

It’s midday when Stanford hears the yell, scaring him out of his wits and making him drop his map. 

“Stanley? Are you alright?” He calls, leaning down to pick up the fallen paper. 

He curses as his head hits the table when Stan yells again. Placing the item on the table, he rushes out and stops at what he sees. 

It’s the Enhydra lutris- or the sea otter. And an unhappy one at that. It growled as he walked over, twitching its whiskers angrily. A pair of squared glasses sat on his face, teetering precariously over a small black nose. A pile of rumpled clothes laid at its side and a familiar red beanie rested over his little ears.

And it took a minute for Ford to realize that otter was Stan. 

“Stanley?” He breathed, kneeling in front of the animal and resting his hand on the otter’s head.

It chirped at him, looking up at him wide eyed. 

“What did you do, Stanley Pines?” Stanford asked, crossing his arms.

Stan whined, grabbing a cup and placing it at Ford’s feet. Ford frowned, picking it up and groaning. It was his untested formula. Well he could count that as a success.

“Oh Stan, it’s okay. We’ll get you back to normal in no time.” He said softly, rubbing the top of the otter’s head.

Stan sighed, leaning his furry body against his brothers and nuzzling against him. That is until he heard the chirping. Ford cried out in surprise as Stan waddled over to the side of the ship, excited little noises spilling from his throat. That’s when he saw him.

“Marcos…” Ford groaned, holding his forehead.

“Hello, my love~” The merman coos, looking between Ford and Stan, scratching under Stan’s chin. “And hello to you Stan.”

Stan yipped, slapping his flippers together and snuggling into the touch. It made the merman laugh and he made a couple noises in his throat, sinking back into the water. Stan followed happily, jumping into the water and swimming cheerily. 

“Stan! Marcos!” He called angrily, watching them wrestle around. 

“I shall bring him back when you find a cure!” Marcos said, hugging Stan tight. “But for now he will stay with me, isn’t that right, mi amor?” 

Stan yipped nodding. 

Stanford sighed.

It was going to be a long month.

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