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We’re finally in 2017, and I recently reached 700 followers, so I thought it was a good occasion to make my first follow forever (well, on this blog at least!) I’ve had this new blog since June 2016, and I’ve had such a good time so far! Thank you so much to everyone following me, you’re all awesome! ♡

Now, there are some blogs I think you should totally give a follow, too! I’m mutuals with most of them, so people in bold are friends and buddies who I love very much (sorry I don’t chat with you more! ;w;) But basically if I follow you, it means I love you and your blog, since I try to keep my dash as safe and enjoyable as possible (by the way, I didn’t include most blogs I’ve followed very recently, sorry about that, I hope you understand!)

Alright, here we go! :D

Special shout-outs: @absoluteabsolem@ecthelions@piyo-13 ♡♡

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