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*Takes Pastel's glasses and quickly smooches her on the cheek before lightly jogging away.*

Pastel: What….j–… I have so many questions… H-hey My glasses!


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been posting much And they aren’t really questions.. I will try to answer actual questions and such. Also, Im going to be answering asks for Milk Tea now

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I like the idea of Pidge falling asleep in random places in the castle while they were working. What do you think the Voltron crew would do if they stubble across her?

I would say that Hunk, Shiro, Allura and Alfor would move her if they found her; most of the time, her neck and back are in uncomfortable positions, or she’ll wake up with no feeling in her arms and legs. She might get grumpy if they wake her up and move her, but at least she’ll fall back asleep quickly and in a better place. Lance would probably move her too, unless she was really tired and tore him a new one. Sometimes, if it’s funny and might freak someone out, I could see him leaving her there or moving her to another place to scare people. But Lance is still a good guy and she’s still a part of his team; he’s going to keep an eye on her. Keith, after getting to know her better, would probably move her too unless she starts growling at him. But he too falls asleep in random places and so he leaves her be because he would want to be left alone as well.

I now also have the mental image of Rover trying its darndest to move her but failing and goes to find Shiro or someone bigger to help move her. Because Rover has good programming but a tiny body and minimal strength.

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SF and Swap Papyrus's reaction to an extremely overly cuddly s/o?

Fun Fact: Affection is lovely and I enjoy it but when I feel smothered, I get grumpy and kinda antsy. ~ Mod Dari

Underswap! Papyrus

He’s all for it, despite being charming and all, he’s still a lazy nugget.

He’d honestly prefer it if you initiate affection because he doesn’t wanna step over any boundaries.

He finds the affection cute and it helps him through not only bad days but it’s usually the highlight of his day.

Swapfell! Papyrus

He’s an affection-starved skele, please continue with your affections.

He’d love an affectionate S/O, being affection-starved makes him extremely affectionate.

He’d love to kiss and cuddle the stars out of you but he’d also really like you do / feel the same.

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could u do a general reading of my kintype? i might be skykin, starkin, galaxykin, or divinekin (or several of them). please tell me if u need more info!! - Noel

asking if you were skykin, i got reversed five of wands, which is… in the question marks range for me when it comes to yes/no questions, but i’m leaning in the direction of no. asking again yielded reversed fool, which i would consider a no.

asking if you were starkin, i got reversed five of swords, which is… out of left field and definitely confusing in this case, since it’s a card related to lingering resentment over some sort of battle/argument. asking again, i got knight of swords, which is a definite yes, though with warnings of being too ambitious

asking if you were galaxykin, i got temperance, which is related to finding middle ground. i lean towards no with this, but i recommend doing some introspection related to it

asking if you were divinekin, i got… reversed knight of swords. once more, it’s warning of being too ambitious, which leads to losing focus. in this case, i would lean towards a no

overall, this has been a strange reading, and nobody can completely confirm/deny your own kintypes except yourself, but i hope it helps regardless!

This popped up in my head some days ago. Why didn’t anyone draw that before ? Both Gaston and Loungealot are muscular, tall, macho, not that bright but good fighters and loved by their people (and themselves), and they both want to marry Belle and Flame respectively who gives on the contrary 0 shit about them and are in love with another.
I just LOVED drawing this, sketching inking and coloring which is rare, I had fun !

-Mod Ben

I love and hate how the smallest things in real life become great fanfic AUs.
Like for the past 2 weeks, the university’s free wifi won’t connect to my phone. I’m complaining to someone, and I’m like, “I’ll just go to IT and yell until they fix it.”
And bam.
It hits me.
I mean, wouldn’t this make the most hilarious, amazing, cutest, dorkiest AU?
Yes, my shipper trash brain insists. Yes, of course it would.
Because Bilbo is beyond technologically inept, and he struts into the IT department, staring at his device and yelling abuses at it.
And there’s Thorin, all socially awkward and cursing the (already minuscule) amount of human interaction his new job requires. Just give him a hunk of metal and a room alone, and he’ll be good for hours.
But then in walks Bilbo, who is immediately alluring (especially with in spite of the steam of almost-foul language he’s currently expelling) and Thorin’s reduced to grunts and scowls as he slips on his glasses to take a look.
The problem is ridiculously simple - Bilbo just wants to connect to the wifi (a name which confuses Bilbo considerably), but Thorin finds himself proclaiming there’s a virus, and if Bilbo takes it anywhere else they’ll charge him a fortune, but it’s free here, so…
Thorin panics for a second when Bilbo begins asking questions, but Thorin just throws around some random, nonsensical computer software jargon, and Bilbo’s nose scrunches up in confusion, and oh Mahal, Thorin’s got it bad.