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Dating Teba headcanons?


-Mod Pinks

Dating (Teba)

  • Beneath all the seriousness, Teba is sweating bullets on his first date
  • Wants to make sure everything is more than good enough for his s/o
  • Had to ask around for advice for locations/ideas for his first date
    • Poor birb never really put much thought into that.
  • Settles  for a picnic up on a cliff
    • It becomes a popular location for his later dates
    • gets to show his archery skill and the breeze is fantastic
  • Actually fairly smooth during dates despite nerves
    • Does his best to make sure his s/o is enjoying everything
  • Likes to hear them speak about flying, archery, Rito Village, a bit about themselves and as the date progresses, they start sharing funny stories.
  • Takes them flying (gliding for non-Rito) back through a more scenic route that is lit up by the moon.
    • Completely coincidental, he had no idea it was pretty, he just wanted to talk to them more.

My normal ramble-y walls of text are boring so I put it in grumpy-mod-dog form.

I honestly would care less, but I’m occasionally bothered by the fact that people will judge my art having furries instead me as an artist so here’s ~opinion time~

In summary:

  1. All furries share the common interest of anthropomorphics
  2. Most of us don’t want to fuck your dog.

Today is the 15th anniversary of The Sonic Stadium, one of the premiere news and fan websites centered around Sonic The Hedgehog. I’ve been there for ten years and eventually became a grumpy old mod, so I felt I had to do a little something and spread some cheer. So shout-out to all mah Sonic peepz, and Happy Birthday TSS!


Here are some other sizes for wallpaper’s sake: