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Was it… was it fireworks? ” In the darkness behind his eyelids, Remus heard a shy laugh, and an answer that set his heart racing. “ Remus, it was an explosion. ”

Au idea:
The first time shiro and Keith meet, shiro was annoyed (read pissed off) at his fellow classmate who stole his idea/thesis on outer space flight and claimed it as their own original idea. (They legit stole shiro’s notes and everything. Latter found out and kicked out of garrison for fraud but that’s not the point of this lol)

Some unknown individual who shall not be named *cough*matt*cough* conveniently divulged information on a first(?) year cadet you has a secret business making and delivering glitter bombs, with or without messages, to your most hated rival or enemy.
So after finding the meeting place of said individual, shiro meets Keith. Keith and shiro strike a deal. This person will get a glitter bomb once or twice a day until they confess to their wrong doings for a few easy payments. The two regularly hang out during this process because holy shit! Who knew making glitter bombs would be so much fun and complicated!! It’s amazing!

Anyway afterward the two make time to see each other and hang out because Keith is a really fun person. And he learns that Keith does this because it’s harmless and a great way to get rid of frustration for people. They go to him with a message, he makes the bomb, target gets hit with said bomb and brightens clients day, victim has to go their day looking like they were shat on by a unicorn. Plus making them is therapeutic for him. As for Keith he genuinely starts to enjoy and cherish there time together. Thus starting a slow burn series of friends to lovers to defenders of the universe!

*bonus with iverson being a major target.*

*bonus2 with the reason Lance hates Keith so much is because found out he was the the one running the operation and he couldn’t take his frustrations out on him with glitter cause HE was the one making them*

Refusing to Dream - Andrew/Neil

Summary: It’s not a big bed, not at all, but when it’s just them laying there, suddenly it feels as if it were built to fit someone of Andrew’s height and someone of Neil’s.

(Or: Neil has nightmares, so Andrew and Neil fall asleep together.) | AO3

A/N: Hi, this is my first Andreil fic. I’m very happy to be here.

Andrew said he’d protect him. Andrew said he’d watch his back. Andrew said he’d be there.

Neil hadn’t thought about the boundaries, hadn’t thought about the limits to Andrew’s words before. Was there anything he wouldn’t protect him from?

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Oh, Baby - Part 4

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,160

Summary: The reader gets distracted and crashes into Baby, making Dean an instant enemy. What happens when they get stuck working together?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Is it ok if I leave early today? I’ll make sure everything is done.” You ask Mary.

“Sure, honey. I’ll be gone by then so just let Dean know.”

“Let Dean know what?” He wonders walking into the kitchen.

“I’m leaving an hour early today.”


“Dean! It’s none of your business.” Mary says.

“It’s ok.” You chuckle. “I’m getting my hair done. I have a date tonight.”

“Oh! Tell me who the guy is, Y/N.” Mary says elbowing you.

“His name is Matt. He’s a good guy. He’s a doctor and really hot too!” You playfully wink.

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anonymous asked:

wanted to ask: if you could draw/tell us what type of bird you think would our main crew represent?

Sure! I’ll definitely draw it because that sounds absolutely adorable and I love birds, but first I’ll list it.

  • Edd = European Pied Flycatcher
  • Tom = Tufted Titmouse (the cuteness contrasts with his grumpy attitude)
  • Matt =  Blue-throated Barbet (with a…ginger feather variation)
  • Tord = Kestrel


  • Patryk = Hawk
  • Paul = Falcon
Grumpy Gills (Matt Espinosa Fluff)

Summary ~ Disney and kisses can fix any bad mood.

Words ~ 336

Request ~ Yes

I was sitting on the couch watching the latest episode of my favorite show when the front door flung open. I got up and was almost at the hallway when I heard it slam. I looked around the corner to see Matt kicking off his shoes. I walked out and smiled.
“Hey sweetheart”
“Hi” He said bluntly. I held open my arms for a hug but he walked past me and straight up the stairs.
“I’m going to bed” He shouted. I turned off the TV and ran upstairs into our bedroom. I saw him sitting on the bed with his back to me taking off his shirt. I climbed onto the bed kneeling behind him. I started rubbing his shoulders as he sighed.
“Hard day?” I asked.
“You have no idea. Everything just started going wrong. It was like dominoes one thing one would go wrong and I would start fixing it, then something else, and something else. And everyone wanted something from me” He said standing up and walking to the a bathroom, closing the door. I sighed and went down to the kitchen making some hot chocolate.
I came back upstairs with the hot chocolate to see him climbing into bed.
“Hey hun” I said sitting beside him.
“God what? I have nothing else to give” He groaned.
“I don’t want anything except for you to be happy” As I spoke he started to roll over. “Here” I said handing him his drink.
“Thanks babe, sorry I was a bit of a dick. I am just so stressed and you know that makes me grumpy”
“Hey if I can quote from the great philosopher Dory she once said “Hey mister grumpy gills. When life gets us down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming, just swimming” I smiled at him as he rolled his eyes.
“Just come and cuddle with me you loser”

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