grumpy magnus

I love Ragnor Fell so much though??

  • His description of a rainforest is ‘wetter than a boar’s armpit and twice as smelly’
  • He pretends to be going through a tunnel so he can hang up the phone when Magnus starts talking about Alec
  • He is the speaker of the most relatable line in the history of relatable lines: ‘I do not want to do this, and I will not enjoy it.’
  • He bets James Herondale to shoot out all the lights on a chandelier in a bar just for the sake of getting a Shadowhunter to make a fool of himself
  • He once threatened to have a llama urinate on all of Magnus’ possessions
  • Makes jokes about being green: ‘I am positively green with envy’, ‘I will go double green and be sick’
  • Genuinely does not realise that he is a very grumpy person
  • Gets nervous when Magnus compliments him because he knows Magnus is about to ask him for a favour
  • Holds a grudge for 58 years because Magnus forgot his birthday one time

Why does Ragnor not get more attention?? Did everyone else read a different book than me?? I love him so fucking much and it actually hurts a little. I want to talk about him forever and ever and just appreciate him and asdfghjhgfdesqawrfghgfd. I love him. I love him.

I love him.

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Who's who for the lost light being overly exhausted? Who's grumpy and mean? Who thinks everything is hilarious and is laughing on the floor? Who's clingy and snuggly? Who seems fine but suddenly just hits the floor? Thanks Queen Bee!

Autobots (MTMTE)

  • Who’s grumpy and mean: Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Ratchet, Drift, Rewind, Perceptor, Cyclonus, Ravage, Rung (surprise) 

  • Who thinks everything is hilarious: Swerve, Tailgate, Brainstorm, First Aid, Whirl

  • Who’s clingy and snuggly: Rodimus… 

  • Who seems fine but suddenly hits the floor: Nautica, Skids, Nightbeat, Ambulon
Malec Concept

Magnus and Alec looking for information so go on a mission together so go undercover disguised as mundanes so Magnus is wearing the most mundane clothing possible with no make up/barely any and when they meet up Alec gives Magnus a loop sided smirk/smile and says Magnus looks cute and gives him a kiss on the cheek when Magnus is grumpy about not wearing on any make up and Magnus insists that he gets to wear at least one ring and necklace.

Home At Last

Pairing: Malec
Words: 2,567
Song while writing: First Time He Kissed A Boy - Kadie Elder
A/N: Idea that popped into my head - Alec’s been gone on a mission for a while and comes home to his wonderful man and his two babes. Malec!family - sorry if it sucks and sorry for the sucky title, Im no good at titles, hope you like it! :D

Alec’s shoulders ached as he, Clary, Jace and Izzy came back to the Institute after a month and a few weeks of being in Europe for a mission. They never got far distance missions for so long before, it had felt weird and uncomfortable. Signs of demons had been popping up all over London, growing more and more with each passing day and eventually the London Institute had called for backup. And of course the Lightwoods were always known for being the best. They never turned down a fight.

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Magnus Bane And The Salem Witch (Part One)

Summery:   Magnus rescued a very rare, very pregnant witch from near death. 

 Jace is determined not to fall in love again after Clary cheated on him in Idris, but who can resist the little Salem witch especially when the clave has demanded that a Shadowhunter must raise the Witch’s child and Alec….. well he really just wants some attention From his favourite Warlock.

Word Count: 392

Warnings: vampire feeding, grumpy Alec

“Magnus?” Alec yelled over the thumping music of Pandemonium, Magnus glanced at Alec who was stood behind him with his arms crossed impatiently. Magnus had spent half the night ignoring Alec and trying to focus on a small nagging feeling, he could have been mistaken but it felt like another immortal, like they wanted his attention and it was getting hard to focus on Alec.

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Sometimes when TJ is grumpy, Magnus will take him to war museums in Midgard to cheer him up, and TJ is always super excited when looking through the exhibits, especially the ones on the American Civil War(of course he does, he's Thomas "Let's take that hill!" Jefferson Junior) Magnus is always willing to help him be the happy, bubbly TJ he loves.


I can see him totally like pointing all excitedly at the exhibits and be like “Magnus look!! I was at this battle!” and he just gets this huge surge of pride (and so does Magnus because a beaming TJ is the best TJ)

Ice Breaker


It’s my wife’s birthday!!! Happy birthday @snarkysurana!! You probably guessed but I saved this specifically for today, I was so happy when you said I could write it XD Ily!!! <3

An awkward silence filled the room, thick, heavy and uncomfortable. Raphael sat in the armchair near the fireplace, trying to ignore the presence of the Shadowhunters, knowing they were doing exactly the same with him. It had been the usual fight; it’s your fault this happened to Simon, you don’t look after him properly, we’re better than you because we have stupid tattoos and get to wield stupid pointy glowsticks while you can’t even go out in the daylight. Paraphrasing, of course.

Every few minutes, Magnus sighed loudly, as if to remind them all that they were in his home and being very discourteous guests. He seemed constantly on the verge of speaking, but never did, possibly remembering that last time he had spoken he started off another argument.

Raphael couldn’t help glancing over at Simon. He sat on the armchair beside Clary, knees drawn up to his chest and his chin resting on top of them. The firelight was reflected in the lenses of his glasses which he apparently wore out of habit, because Raphael knew he didn’t need them anymore. Vampire vision was even stronger than that of mundanes with perfect sight.

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Scribble-Doodle: Magic Candles

Malec mush, based on CC’s short story “What to Buy a Shadowhunter Who Has Everything” - my favorite short story of hers!

Actually, it was Elyaas’ idea, the demon’s, that is. Not that Magnus would tell that to Alec. His boyfriend does not need to know everything

You see, from time to time, they suffer from nightmares, which is not that bad - when they’re together. Then, the solution is quite easy: they cuddle! But when they sleep alone, well…

Magnus turns to alcohol: fine brandy or wine so rich he can still taste the sun-warmed vineyards in it, good old, old whiskey or maybe something pink with a cute little umbrella in it. He savors it and lets it warm his stomach and turn his fears fuzzy - just a little bit, hangovers are not fun! 

But Alec, Alec’s coping mechanism is much more violent: he tries to pummel the punching bag into submission. He never succeeds, of course, and it ends with bruised knuckles and a very tired and very grumpy Alec.

So, candles! The scented kind. 

To say that Alec was rather… unsure about this idea at first would be an epic understatement, but Magnus persevered - read, he bugged Alec about it until Alec finally agreed to “try out the damn thing!” - and the next time Alec came by, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and not at all tired or grumpy, Magnus knew he was right. Ha!

These scented candles, they’re namely Magnus’ own creation, it’s real magic! If he can’t be there for Alec in person, his love and kisses and sweet memories of evenings spent in each other’s arms can. Because that’s what he weaves into their scents, all of himself. For Alexander. For him, anything.

And Alec… Alec loves them. But not as much as he loves Magnus and falling asleep in his lover’s arms.

Malec College AU Prompt

Jock!Alec and Nerd!Magnus AU where Alec needs tutoring for chemistry and goes from smooth jock to stuttering doofus in 0.2 seconds around Magnus. I need this for reasons.

Another total fluff piece that went out of control I’m beginning to see a pattern

College AU, SportsGod!Alec, HighlyEducated!Magnus, where Alec doesn’t play hard to get–at all

Author note: All chemistry based errors are the fault of my college professors

“Where you going, Lightwood?” Jace calls out from across the field.

Alec flips Jace off instead of answering him, knowing that his best friend would just make fun of him for cutting out of rugby practice early to go see a tutor. But their coach catches eyes with Alec and waves him on, yelling at Jace to shut his trap and focus on the ball. Coach thinks this tutoring session is a good idea (he’s a coach who stresses academics as much as the team) and really, Alec needs the help.

His chem class is kicking his ass. And if he doesn’t get his grade up then there’s a chance he could be cut from the rugby team. 

He shoulders his duffel bag, crosses the quad and heads for the science building. It’s a glass and metal structure new to the downtown campus, and even as striking as it is, Alec hates the sight of it.

He’s never been particularly good at anything that has to do with advanced math, but he’s been able to hold his own–until now. He can’t get equations to balance, can’t remember what’s an acid and what’s a base, and he’s sure that one of these days he’s going to send the multi-million dollar science building up in flames when he mixes two of the wrong chemicals together. It’s all so frustrating, because rugby he gets. He can pick up pretty much any sport and do well at it–football, soccer, basketball, archery…. But put him in a lab and it’s like his eyes, brain, and hands are no longer able to communicate with each other, let alone get in sync.

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Magnus Bane and SA

I keep thinking about Magnus being guest lecturer at the Shadowhunter Academy. I mean, the last time when he should become the representative for the warlocks in the new council he said ‘no’ and let  Catarina do it. 

Now I know of course that this and being a guest lecturer isn’t the same thing, but I can’t help but think that first he was reluctant to take the job, but then this scene happened:

Alec walks into the living room where Magnus sits staring at official invite of the academy. Magnus wants to throw it away because he doesn’t want the job (he’s busy enough with his position as High Warlock), but Alec gets his hands on the invite before Magnus can do anything. 

He reads it, then smirks and walks behind a grumpy Magnus, puts his hands on the back of the couch, leans down so his mouth is next to Magnus’ ear and whispers:

‘So that would make you … Professor Bane?’

- the next day Magnus agrees to take the job  … feel free to imagine Alec winning ten bucks from Isabelle for getting Magnus to agree -
(little headcanon of mine :3)

I was sitting for my chem finals today, minding my own business and trying not to screw things up too badly for myself when I was suddenly brutally accosted by the realization that we have never seen Magnus laugh yet.

Luke and Simon banter and laugh and joke, Jocelyn and Clary laughed in the first episode, Jace and Izzy have laughed as well, Alec has managed to do a half-hearted snort on a couple of occasions (which I consider to be a lot, given his general grumpiness), but Magnus has always been impeccably composed.

I mean he has smiled /at Alec/ on a couple of occasions, but he has never laughed out loud for real and I can’t wait to see how that happens.

Maybe Alec gets so distracted /by Magnus/ in Magnus’s loft that he bumps his head against a chandelier or the spiral staircase and then utters a soft “ow” while rubbing the sore spot while looking so disgruntled that Magnus can’t help the surprised snort that escapes him as he wonders how he ended up dating this usually fully-focussed, ridiculously tall guy who is shockingly uncoordinated when his mind is otherwise occupied /with Magnus/.

Maybe, after Simon starts hanging out at the loft a lot, Magnus comes back home after dealing with very serious High Warlock business™, probably in a very somber mood,and finds that Alec dropped by when he was gone and now he is sitting on one end of the couch with Simon on the other and both have their arms crossed and look so much like pouting kids that it becomes too much for Magnus and he breaks into a full-bellied laughter right there, much to the displeasure of the two other people.

Maybe it happens the first time he meets Max and the boy immediately takes to him, not yet corrupted by things like “The Law Is The Law” and how Downworlders are inferiour to Shadowhunters and ends up being so excited by his magic that he declares he is going to be a Warlock and doesn’t want to be a Shadowhunter and it’s so heartwarming and Maryse and Robert look so appalled that Magnus just laughs softly, half amused, half touched.

Or maybe it happens at the Jade Wolf, of all places, where Luke had urgently called him for help, only to see, when he walks in, that all of his friends have gathered in the restaurant to throw him a birthday party and he gets so happy, because he’s usually the one organizing parties and everyone was so sneaky and he had no idea they were planning this, that he laughs, a genuine, delighted laugh as he looks around at this unlikely group of people including a couple of werewolves and vampires, a few warlocks and, most surprisingly, so many Shadowhunters that he would have never thought he would have gotten this close to before.

TL;DR: I got distracted during my chemistry final and probably failed because I was busy making headcanons of Magnus Bane laughing.