grumpy justin


Cath Appreciation Week.

Wednesday - OTP

Grumpy Justin.
  • Justin: Do you wanna get the grumpy Justin Bieber? Ok, so just ask me this question.
  • Matt White: Let me ask you something about your personal life.
  • Justin: Yeah...
  • Matt White: How is it?
  • Justin: It´s cool...
  • Matt White: Girlfriend?
  • Justin: I don't really wanna talk about that right now.
  • Matt White: Is that the grumpy Justin Bieber?
  • Justin: Keep going, keep going, keep going.
  • Matt White: You wanna keep going?
  • Justin: Yeah, just keep going. *laughs*
  • Matt White: Is this because I'm in your movie?
  • Justin: *bored* No...
  • Matt White: You know I make money for that.
  • Justin: How long till this is gonna be over?
  • *laughs*
  • Justin: That's grumpy Justin.