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PB TRR: *offers new PR guy as potential love interest, has a king, stable hand and a cute nobleman to choose from*


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Bertrand: *so much as fucking breathes in any scene*


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Grumpy Justin // Part Two

“See you later!” You smiled at the group as they left and closed the door, silence taking over the house and the smile disappearing from your face.

You turned and folded your arms as you looked over at Justin who sat quietly on the couch.

“So,” You spoke up, making Justin jump in his seat slightly. “Wanna apologise?”

Justin frowned and turned to look at you. “Why should I apologise?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe for being jealous and rude to your own friends?!” You walked towards him as he sighed and fell back.

“I’m your boyfriend, I have the right to feel that way when ‘my own friends’ are flirting with you and you seem perfectly fine with it.” He hissed at you whilst glaring at you.

“They were being harmless, I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable by it so you shouldn’t either.” Sighing, you slumped down on the seat.

“What also annoys me, is that you let it happen.” He mumbled as his stare remained on you.

“Justin, it meant nothing. You’re being stupid, and you know it. You know they meant nothing by it.“

Justin let out a sigh. “I just don’t like when people talk to you the way only I should be able to.” He mumbled, looking down at his hands.

“Justin, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I found it funny more than anything else, don’t be worrying about it.” You sent him a small smile as he looked up at you. “And don’t be rude to your friends.”

“I can’t help it, babe. I want you all to myself, they shouldn’t be talking to you like that.” He huffed, annoyed at having to have this conversations.

“If it bugs you that much, you should tell them about it. Or I can, if you want. But honestly, I only want you.” Standing up, you sat down next to him. “It’s me and you. Always.”

“They’ll just take the piss out of me for it,” He rolled his eyes before looking at you. “Good, because I only want you too.” He smirked slightly.

You knew Justin was one to get jealous easily, so you had to make sure he knew you weren’t going anywhere but also, that it wasn’t okay to treat his friends the way he did previously.

“I love you, but try and tone down the jealously. Okay?” You ran your hand through his hair.

“I’ll try babe, I promise. I love you too.” He pecked your cheek sweetly.

I lean back as Justin passes me the bottle. “I just feel like, fuck it. You know what I mean? I always have to make everyone so fucking happy, nobody ever cares about me.”. I take the bottle from his hands, chugging down some of the wine. I put the bottle away and climb onto his lap, so I sit facing him. “I do. I care about you”, I grab his face between my hands and kiss him. “I love you so much, Justin”, I mumble against his lips, tasting the wine on them. “I know”, he leans his head against my chest as I remain on his lap. “I love you too”, he says, eyes closed. I chuckle and lean my head back, “Fuck, this got really sad, really fast.”. He laughs against my chest, pulling away. “I just wish they could see me, you know? Me, the real me. Not Justin who snaps at fans or at paparazzi, not grumpy Justin who storms off stage. I fuck up all the time and that’s all they see. I just wish they could see me like you do”, he reaches out for the whine bottle. I laugh a little and meet his eyes, “Sitting on the top of a roof drinking whine straight out of the bottle?”, he puts the bottle down, and joins me laughing. “Yeah, maybe not”, he smiles.

Imagine Request - Grumpy Justin

imagine about hanging with the squad and everyone playfully hitting on u but Justin’s just like moody and stuff thanks love ur imagines btw 💞💞💞💞

“I think it’s fair that Justin got you first, but [Y/N], if you ever wanna graduate high school, come find me.” Za smirked across at you.

“Hey, and if you want something more than these two, you gotta come to me, I could give the night of your life.” Khalil butted into the conversation.

“I’ll make sure of it, guys. Thanks.” You simply laughed at their jokes. “But I don’t think I’ll need you.” You nodded your head to the left where Justin sat quietly, but you didn’t notice.

“Come on, you’re way hotter than him. We could be a power couple.” Khalil chuckled as he watched Justin roll his eyes.

“Well, Justin and I have already been named hottest couple of 2016.” You grinned as you shrugged smugly.

“But I could give you the hottest sex of 2016.” He fired back, throwing his arm over the back of the couch.

You laughed as you turned to look at Justin, seeing him look glum, your smile faded.

“What’s wrong?” You whispered to him as you leaned your head closer to him and pouted.

“Nothing.” He shrugged, looking down at his shirt.

“Something’s wrong.“ You frowned up at him, just wanting to see him smile.

Your mind worked against the clock as you tried to unravel what it was that could be bothering him. As far as you knew, you hadn’t done anything so you ruled that idea out immediately.

“It’s nothing, babe, I promise. Go back to talking to them, might as well let them hump you right here while you’re at him.” He grumbled, giving you all the signs you needed to know what was bothering him.

"Justin, seriously?” You let out a giggle. “Why are you letting them get to you? You know they’re only joking.” You pulled his chin up, making him look at you.

“I know they’re joking, that doesn’t mean I like what they’re saying. You’re mine for a reason.” He huffed, yanking his head to the side as he avoided eye contact with you.

“Okay, but why am I getting the blame?” You frowned deeply, not letting him put guilt onto you for something you didn’t do.

“I’m not blaming you.” He sighed as he slumped back even further.

“Well, it sounds like it.” You tried his patience as you felt a small piece of anger run through you at his accusations.

“I’m not, [Y/N].” He refrained from rolling his eyes. “It’s them.”

“Yeah, okay, Justin. You know what? Just stay moody for now.” You huffed as you fell back against the couch and crossed your arms.


Cath Appreciation Week.

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My last video of 2013. Thanks for being seriously the best most supportive friends that I could ever ask for! See you in 2014 :D

Grumpy Justin.
  • Justin: Do you wanna get the grumpy Justin Bieber? Ok, so just ask me this question.
  • Matt White: Let me ask you something about your personal life.
  • Justin: Yeah...
  • Matt White: How is it?
  • Justin: It´s cool...
  • Matt White: Girlfriend?
  • Justin: I don't really wanna talk about that right now.
  • Matt White: Is that the grumpy Justin Bieber?
  • Justin: Keep going, keep going, keep going.
  • Matt White: You wanna keep going?
  • Justin: Yeah, just keep going. *laughs*
  • Matt White: Is this because I'm in your movie?
  • Justin: *bored* No...
  • Matt White: You know I make money for that.
  • Justin: How long till this is gonna be over?
  • *laughs*
  • Justin: That's grumpy Justin.