grumpy gavin

reminder that in fake ah crew but with pokemon 

  • Geoff has a smol skitty who he loves very much (she is very spoiled but also loves him back).
  • Jack’s Arcanine really loves her and will absolutely act like a lap dog. She doesn’t mind at all (especially when it’s cold - he’s like a heater).
  • Ryan’s Ninetales is super protective of him and will lay curses upon anyone who hurts him. 
  • Remember that Swablu that landed on Ray’s head? It never left and it still likes to sit on his head. He doesn’t mind at all.
  • All of Michael’s big Pokemon are protective of him - they like to curl around him and hide him away and he’s only a little bit grumpy about it.
  • Gavin likes when his Pokemon sleep on the bed with him. He feels safe.
  • Tiny Skitty gets into so much trouble but Geoff can never yell at her or scold her. She’s just too cute.
  • Gavin’s Togekiss really likes Michael. It constantly goes to him just to hang around him.
  • Ray and Michael have sibling Luxray.
  • Michael is the only one that can handle Telepathy and can easily speak to Gardevoir (and Genesect) that way.
  • Rotom likes to mess with everyone a lot but it never does with Ryan, it loves Ryan so much and tends to follow him around making little bzzt noises.
  • Jack’s Pokemon are the most powerful out of all of Fake AH Crew. Michael is in second with his own.