grumpy face cat


Kuroshitsuji Pokémon AU ft. Rich boy Ciel Phantomhive

There is literally no part of DA:I that doesn’t get better after the Big Reveal at the end, though. Just consider:

  • The Dread Wolf has read all of Hard in Hightown
  • The Dread Wolf rather enjoys those frilly little cakes in the Orlesian markets and hates tea to the point of Grumpy Cat Face in ten stages
  • The Dread Wolf Should Spend Less Time On The Internet In The Fade And Enjoy The Fresh Air And Sunlight, Friends Say
  • The Dread Wolf set fire to his own coat tails and then pretended nothing had happened until Vivienne called him out on it
  • The Dread Wolf was introduced as an ‘elven manservant’ at the Winter Palace and gave no fucks, he’s just here for the drinks
  • The Dread Wolf’s aesthetics have been described as ‘unwashed apostate hobo’ by reliable authorities (and ‘frumpy grandpa sweater chic’ by me, just now)
  • The Dread Wolf is definitely an ass man. 

i want a scenario where the reapers need to get information out of someone without having them realize anything fishy is going on so they end up falling back on the old “fake prostitute” plan, but grell downright refuses to play a sex worker and ronald is really uncomfortable with doing it, so william ends up being the one trying to sexily interrogate the guy. it goes about as well as william’s other undercover missions.