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Erwin has a great terrible taste in music and Levi does totally love hate it…

And I do totally not sing Backstreets Boys while being in the kitchen.

Part 2

It’s all well and good that your Master is so attuned to the Force that various random lifeforms instinctively trust him… when it’s something harmless and picturesque like bioluminescent butterflies.

But sometimes it’s venomous. Sometimes it’s carnivorous. And sometimes… sometimes it won’t. stop. talking.


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“Take Your Pet to Lunch Day” premiered slightly over a year ago!

The February 27, 2016 episode featured a holiday that appreciated pets! And Sneezy got himself a very special pet – a rare fire breathing, hypoallergenic, featherless and hairless griffin named Sniffy! Oh, and Sneezy confronting the Glooms to rescue Sniffy is always awesome!


New! Disney Classic Mugs (part 2) - Cheshire Cat, Grumpy, Pinocchio, Stitch, Pongo & Perdita

Special Features: none, besides the fact that this is the continuation of the collection! The others in this collection were Marie, Oswald, Simba, Dopey, and Alice. The mugs feature concept sketches of each character!

Availability: These mugs are for sale at Disney stores and will be online in a matter of time. They’re $14.95 or $10 each when you buy two or more.