grumpy cat book

kymbawee  asked:

I can't wait for the next Grumpy Cat book!! How is it going so far? :D I loved the first one so much. Do you have a set date you want to have the books up for sale? Or just seeing how it goes? Keep up the great work!! 💖❤💛💚💙💜

Hello! Hope you don’t mind me posting this as public! Just letting people who are interested know some progress and stuff~  Thank you for showing interest in the sequel book <3 I’m still working on it! Sketches are done and I’m currently inking them. ( Here’s a sneak peek xD)

I’m rushing this book and some new merch for my next event (hope I’ll get a booth), so hopefully I can get all the YOI merch done in time and open preorders at one go. Probably in mid/end October.

* Also, I might consider compiling the yurio cat comic strips and make it into a small picture fanbook… ( would anyone be interested in getting?)