I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but I’m now happy to announce I finally opened up an Etsy Store!

At the moment I only have button / badges up for sale but I’ll put up the bookmarks soon and eventually also prints, hopefully even charms as well.

My main goal is to finish the whole smash roster for buttons / badges, the bottom pic has all the ones I have done thus far. Hopefully the full roster will be complete in the first half of this year.

Stock is quite limited for some designs in particular, what I have currently is leftover stock from cons. I don’t own a badge machine myself but hopefully I can get enough from this to buy one for myself!


Today the Department of Tiny Treasures is delighting in the awesomely small and detailed paintings and drawings created by Goshen, Indiana-based miniaturist Brooke Rothshank.

With a diverse range of subject matter including all sorts of animals, objects, foods, portraits, and pop culture characters, Rothshank shares one work of miniature art every day via her Instagram account.

She also sells her itty-bitty artwork via the Rothshank Artworks Etsy shop where you’ll also find ceramics made by her husband, ceramic artist Justin Rothshank.

[via deMilked]


He’s a nonagenarian who gets to appear in some of Hollywood’s most bankable movies. He gets (in many ways undue!) credit for helping create the modern Marvel universe, one of the single most important pop cultural mythologies of our time. He gets to say weirdo things like “Excelsior!” and people still take him mostly seriously.

 Wouldn’t you be over the moon if you were in his shoes?