grumpy!neil is now alive in my head

File this under I can't even

“Well to be honest we thought it was going that way from the very start of the first season. Neil Jordan, the creator of the show, denied it from the beginning but we were like “it’s all over your writing man.” It’s in every single line, every single scene: these two are definitely in love with each other. So to me it’s really a love story. It came as a natural progression I would say. I didn’t judge the characters, it seemed very natural actually.”

-Francois Arnaud

This quote gives me this elaborate head canon that Francois and Holliday decided to play it as incest from day one. Neil pulls them aside and is like “Guys, we’re not going there.” Francois and Holliday laugh in his face as politely as one can do such a thing and then do what they want anyway. Neil is grumpy so he takes three seasons to concede to what is ALL OVER HIS WRITING.