So basically what I’ve learned over the last two conventions is that Jensen is a protective little jelly bean that blushes whenever he thinks about Misha naked.

And Misha reluctantly pictures Jensen as a suave, cool, collected mariner who knows too much about everything and is basically his hero.


Adorable Puppy Has a Permanent Grumpy Face

Grumpy Cat may have found her counterpart in this adorable (and equally as grouchy) pup named Earl. Quickly becoming known as the Internet’s “most morose mutt,” this puggle has a seemingly permanent scowl on his face—no matter how many times you pet him!
Despite the grumpy expression, Earl’s human Derek Bloom says that the pooch is very friendly towards other humans and dogs. The cranky look is just due to his overbite and wrinkles, so don’t let Earl fool you. He enjoys snacks, sunbathing, and chasing balls around the park just like any other dog.

Photos by ©Earl The Grumpy Puppy

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This Eastern Screech owl looks like it is clearly done this week. This funny photo of the owl was taken at Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia. Okefenokee is like no other place on earth, where natural beauty and wilderness prevail. It preserves the Okefenokee Swamp, providing vital habitats for birds, reptiles and other wildlife. Photo by Graham McGeorge (

I love when people are like “just have the baby and put it up for adoption!” like it’s nbd because a) bitch I wish it was nbd because I’ve tried to have more than one kid but lol I failed because my body won’t do it and b) have you ever actually talked to someone who had a kid? Because I fucking pee when I sneeze now and my metabolism is entirely jacked. It’s not like ‘oh just forward your mail for a few months’ or some fucking non-event, giving birth changes everything you are, physically. That shit is just fucking science.



gus looks so disappointed.