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I wonder how many raised eyebrows Batman gained from his allies when Robin showed up. Some of his fellow leaguers must have guessed he was somewhere in his early twenties, while Robin was 9 (cause Dick probably told them). Bruce likely didn't outright state the nature of their relationship, leaving room for interpretation. I'm sure some rumors have gone around that Batman was a teenage father.

Lmao I love this. I entertained myself for a while with the belief that Bruce was the youngest of the JLA and that while, everyone thought he was 40+ cause of how he acted he was just a babyfaced late 20s who had the attitude of a grumpt middle aged man. Idk why but that’s always been hilarious to me.

But yes, and even more amusing is all these robins and batgirls keep appearing, all grown up and ready to follow Batman’s footsteps. Obviously by the time Tim and Cass come along the JLA know who B is and that all these kiddos are adopted. But imagine Hal gets drunk and starts sobbing to himself one night because Batman has like 7 children, the oldest of which is 20, and when did he have time for this to have all these kids in between his training to become the night? He calls Barry up at 3am, still crying, asking what kind of woman would birth all these children for Batman. That’s too many kids, is she okay??? Barry, man, we gotta save her. Barry hangs up but he spends the rest of the night staring at his ceiling wondering himself how Batman has so many older kids.