The Quiet Woman - Part Five


When Hazel opened the door, her smile fell. Chris was standing there with his cocksure grin in dark jeans and a nice shirt. He was incredibly handsome, but he made her feel overdressed in her slinky, garnet-hued cocktail dress. She hugged herself as she looked him up and down again.

I’ll go change, she signed.

Chris was looking at her like the sun rose in her cleavage and set in her smile. “What?”

She waved one at him in an up and down motion and then did the same at herself before turning around and walking away. She stepped out of her heels as she crossed the living room and reached behind her for the zipper to her dress as she hurried down the hall.

She shimmied the dress off as fast as she could and tossed it on the bed. Her hand reached for her dresser drawer when she saw Chris standing in her doorway, undoing the buttons on his shirt.

Chris realized in that instant that screaming didn’t have to have a noise. By the look on Hazel’s face, he knew he had misinterpreted her taking off her shoes and undoing her dress. His faced turned red and he hurried back out to the living room.

He looked up from where his head was cradled in his hands when he heard her come into the room. He was so taken by how she looked in a strapless white top over skinny black trousers that he almost missed her sharply signed W.T.F?

“Sorry. I saw you undoing your dress and thought you were inviting me back to your room.”

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