gonna go drop off my car and then start ME3.

umm, this was super fun!  like, there were definitely moments where i missed femshep’s warmth, but dudeshep really does have a charm of his own.  the problem is that i see how much care went into his presentation (even in ME3)…and it makes me angry that femshep wasn’t given an equal part of that.

on to the next.


knowing where i want this Shepard to go - how alone he really is, and what it means to see Kaidan again -  i expected Horizon this time to be different from my FemShep playthroughs.  i EXPECTED that. 

so, it’s not a surprise that is different.  what surprises me is how not antagonistic the scene plays out with DudeShep.  i might be projecting.  Grumploo is definitely hurt by the exchange, gutted actually, but in a different way.

Kaidan says he would have followed Shep anywhere, through anything…and until that moment I don’t think Shep realizes that he’d have followed Alenko anywhere, too.  So, when he walks away…well, different is so good.  even when it’s hard.