the grumpkin #cat

Things my Teacher has Said Starter Pack Pt 3
  • "We are not having the Hunger Games, knuckleheads."
  • "What's a grumpkin?"
  • "His name is now Mr. Lied!"
  • "Do you wants ants?"
  • "Talking to him is like pulling teeth."
  • "No decimal beans!"
  • "Nana would rap you on the knuckles with a wooden spoon."
  • "Hah! That wouldn't even phase my intestines."
  • "You're not throwing percentages at me!"
  • "You just keep eating your sprankles."
  • "It takes a lot of energy to be as awesome as me."
  • "Pinafreen."
  • "I'm a three eyed crow!"
  • "I hate birds."
  • "Turtles that fail at things are cute."
  • "Never mind Mother Nature, Mister Nature is here!"
  • "Your sarcasm is lost on me."
  • "These are the eyes I'm talking about."
  • " [MUSE NAME]"
  • "I'm not looking for YOLO or swag."
  • " [MUSE NAME], you're not having thirds..."
  • "I don't even know what that is."
  • "It's a crazy grass adventure!"
  • "This is the farthest thing from brilliant."
  • "You win this round."
  • "You have been found guilty by the court of [MUSE NAME]"
  • "This question is like an EQAO soul crusher."
  • "What is Uncle Psy doing out here?"
  • "Okay, clearly he is not cutting any grass."
  • "Who flips a coin onto a couch?"
  • "[MUSE NAME], you make my head hurt sometimes."
  • "Tip, never have a nap while Back To The Future is playing."
  • "Why? Because Doc. Brown is always yelling."
  • "Always yelling! For no reason!"
  • " [MUSE NAME], I've never said huzzah in my life."