uncle cary vs. polite society

poldark | 2x06


tbh I really dislike those posts that are like how to make a binder!!! all you need is a sports bra/camisole/some piece of clothing that has a very low compression level!!!! and then in the comments everyone is all like yes!!!! all trans men should see this!!!!!!!! because yes, I understand that some people can do that and that’s great, but I distinctly remember little 8th grade me with above average size breasts and nothing but a crappy Amazon binder seeing one of those posts and thinking holy shit I didn’t know it was that easy! and then feeling so bad when my chest wasn’t flattened in the slightest and feeling lesser than all of the other people who had the ability to do that, and that’s not an okay message to convey to young (and old) people who already have such a hard time existing in this society.

this is rly dumb but its something i thought about today, so heres a story i wanna tell you all about my childhood with pokemon, and how this 1 story made me make one of the dumbest mistakes ever, but it was at least done for a really sweet reason

so if you dont already know (idk How you Dont, its been told 343948 times but), in the original Pokemon Red/Blue (and in Fire Red/Leaf Green, which im stating bc thats the games this happened to me in), theres a whole little story arc with a Marowak mother, who was killed and taken away from her child. her ghost then proceeded to haunt, and terrify lots of people in Lavender Town, and you have to go up to her and, eventually, settle her spirit

when i was a kid (i was like 8 when i did this), this story shook me in my heart a Lot because i just felt so, so fucking bad for this Marowak and this Cubone. im sure a lot of kids did, but i guess i took it to the ultra Mega Extreme, because at one point, i stumble upon a Marowak, and im absolutely floored

now, ive never run into one before. i KNEW you could get one from a Cubone, but not only had i never caught a Cubone before, id never run into Marowak. immediately, my mind goes to that sad as shit scene, and i want nothing more than to be friends with this female, wild Marowak, because i wanted to give her a happy and healthy life, but ive got a bit of a problem: my starter is way too strong, and anything else in my party is too weak to fight her (sadly, i was a lazy kid who pretty much did the whole ‘make your starter OP, dont care too much about the other things in your party’ strat. didnt work too often).

so im sitting there, terrified that ill never, ever see this Marowak again, and what do i do? i take the Master Ball that i was given earlier–yes, my only Master Ball, and i use it. on a Marowak

im so happy with her. ive finally got the Happy Mama Marowak and to be honest, i miss that Marowak. i leveled her to 100, ‘took care’ of her as best as i could, but unfortunately, i realized all too late how silly my decision was, because i now had to catch EACH legendary bird, and Mewtwo, without a Master Ball.

needless to say, little 8 year old me had a very, very frustrating time, but no matter what, i always loved Marowak Mama, and God knows the original deserved to live the luxury life in a Master Ball after what happened to her