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Something Approaching Serendipity

Only a week late for my own damn fandom event! Hooray! Here’s my RMJ4 piece, which is a modern/ER doctor AU. Honestly I could’ve written a damn novel in this AU, so I had to chop it up into vignettes to keep it a reasonable length.

Rating: T
Word Count: 5,113 words
Prompt from @olaya-chan: Mikasa, a 23-year-old woman had a car accident and was transported to the hospital in a critical state where the E.R. doc, Levi Ackerman, narrowly saved her life. What Levi didn’t expect was to save the life of the woman he broke up with 2 years ago and mother of his child, a child he never knew about that changes everything in Levi’s life. Could it be that fate gave them another chance to meet and bring back that intense love they had and still do have for each other?

The Accident

“Rise and shine!” Hange bellows as she kicks open the door to the doctors’ lounge and flips on the lights, illuminating the room with a row of harsh fluorescents. On the couch, sleeping face down in a puddle of his own drool, is Levi - who reaches down, picks up one of his shoes, and hurls it at Hange as hard and as fast as he can without looking up. Hange tries to jump out of the way but is too slow, the shoe landing squarely against her right breast.

“Fuck, Levi!” she howls, clutching at herself. “You hit me right in the boob!”

“Shit. I was aiming for your face.” Levi drags himself to a sitting position and puts on his remaining shoe, then motions for Hange to return the other one. “Gimme that back. And if you try to hit me with it, it’s going up your ass.”

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