So. There’s this new browser game being made that features a bunch of different anthro critters called Furvilla, and the developers had the good sense to include horses and give us the bases to paint our own custom versions.

I’ve been studying horse color genetics and putting together a massive tutorial on it. I could color different horse colorations for months on end.

THESE HERE are dun horses. Dun is a gene that causes the hair on the body of the horse to lighten, leaving the face and legs dark, and is known for giving the horse a dark dorsal stripe (not pictured here), as well as stripes on the horse’s elbows and knees, and occasionally shoulders as well.

Pictured at the top is my personal favorite and one of the most rare, a silver dun, also called grullo or silver grullo. Basically dun on a black horse. Bottom left is a red dun, a chestnut or sorrel horse with the dun gene. Bottom right is a buckskin dun, sometimes called a dunskin. That’s a horse that has both the dun gene and one copy of the cream gene, which causes both buckskin and palomino horses. Dun and cream combine on a bay horse to create a dunskin, or on a chestnut horse to make a palomino dun (not pictured here).

Before I go off lecturing (anymore), I’ll just leave links to more info on Furvilla.

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