“Hold Me Close” One Shot

Author: the-winchester-pie

Summary: Dean and the reader return from a hunt, hurt, and have to look after each other.

Warnings: A few mentions of blood.

Word Count: 1,708

Fic/Link to Fic: XXX

The hunt had been a gruesome, messy bloodbath. Sure you’d seen some dark things in your time, but it had been a while since something with such an extreme count of casualties had occurred. The ride home was a silent one. Nothing but the sound of tires crunching along the road and the occasional honk or whir of a passing car accompanied you as you followed the cars headlights down the dark road. Dean’s speechless silhouette in the driver’s seat beside you was worrisome. It was rare, him not talking to you after the hunt, the two of you would usually go over it all.

Okay but it’s important to know that John rickrolls Sherlock all the time. Like, ALL THE TIME, and Sherlock falls for it every time. 

Links to scientific journal articles, stories about particularly fascinatingly gruesome murders outside of London, YouTube videos of feral bee swarms…all rickrolls.

And every time Sherlock opens one, John laughs, laughs at the painfully affronted look on Sherlock’s face as he slams his laptop shut and glares murderously.

“Really, John?” he snaps, exasperated. “It’s so childish. Just painfully, cringingly immature.”

“Every time,” John sighs with a fond, teasing note in his voice. “Even with that big brain of yours, I can’t believe how you fall for it every time. It’s just so…it’s adorable, is what it is.”

“I am many things,” Sherlock snarls. “But I am not now, or ever, what anyone could call adorable.”  

“You are to me, love,” John murmurs fondly, his eyes returning to his bad historical novel, as Sherlock gets up and goes into the kitchen to make tea or set something on fire to cover his self conscious embarrassment.

But in the privacy of the kitchen Sherlock smiles to himself just the tiniest bit as he sets the kettle or lights the acetylene torch, because of COURSE he knows they’re rickrolls, even if he couldn’t see the clues in the structural context of the links themselves he knows that look John gets, that unmistakable look, that tension in his brow when he’s trying to get yet another one over on Sherlock, and it’s so ridiculous but it makes him so happy, so amused, so fond to be able to pull Sherlock’s leg, to make appear him just that little bit more fallible and human, and God knows if such a small thing puts a smile on John’s face, then Sherlock is more than willing to play along. 

So he does. Every single time.

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imgonnaeatyou-literaly asked:

Hello, how are you? Im totally in love with you oneshots! You really talented! Can i ask for a one shot where the reader is really pretty and attract boys where she goes and when she goes to interview a suspect, he's an ex-boyfriend and he just flirts in a dirty way with her and Reid is totally jealous and pissed off?

thank you sooo much, hope you like it!

There was a shyness to her, hesitation in her body movements and a softness in her voice. She had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness, but everyone around her could see it. 

The team was currently working on a case, envelopped by the gruesome details of the newest crime commited. 

“Amber Hale, 19. Found outside a local night club, stabbed to death. Her sister, Lauren Hale, 23. Found outside her house, same cause of death. And most recently, Dana Hale, 46. Again, same cause of death but found in her workplace. The mother. The victims seem to be missing their ring fingers, left hand.” JJ announced from the front of the room.

“The removal of their ring fingers shows us that the stresser is something related to marriage. Perhaps a divorce, the loss of a spouse, even the separation of one’s parents growing up.” Reid spoke.

”It’s obviously something to do with the Hale family. How’s the husband doing?” (Y/N) asked.

”Mortified. We think he might be the next potential victim.” JJ informed.

”JJ and Morgan go to the club Amber was found in, see if anyone saw or heard anything. Reid and (Y/N) go to the mother’s workplace, talk about any conflicts with workers or angry customers. Rossi and I will talk to the husband.” Hotch ordered and everyone went their own way.

Upon arriving at Hale Enterprises, Reid and (Y/N) made their way to the receptionist and procceeded to interview some workers. A name caught (Y/N)’s attention and a deep frown covered her face.

”I’m sorry, did you say Richard Mills?” she repeated and the woman being questioned nodded.

”Richard worked here for a year and a half but after showing aggressive behaviour to Dana and the rest of us, she let him go.” (Y/N) nodded and thanked her, pulling Reid with her.

”Do you know the guy?” he asked, trying to keep up with her quick pace. She let out a mocking laugh.

“He’s my ex boyfriend.” she answered and Reid’s eyes widened. He had a bad feeling about the guy already. They made their way to his place, (Y/N) scowling the whole way to the place she had been at so many times before. What bothered her the most is that Richard fit the profile and she would never stop feeling disgusted if she knew she had dated a killer.

Knocking on his door, Reid stayed behind her as he observed the clear signs of rage she was showing, hoping the guy wasn’t as bad as he seemed to be. He opened the door and a mischevious grin lit up his face.

”Look who it is. Took you a while to come back to me, but ya did.” he mocked, eyeing Reid up and down before doing the same with (Y/N).

“Hey Richard, I’m gonna need you to come with me down to the station.” (Y/N) wasted no time as she turned him around and cuffed him, not bothering to be gentle.

“Are we finally doing that roleplay?” his words made both (Y/N) and Reid sick to their stomachs but she managed to laugh.

”Right now you’re the #1 suspect on three murders, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.” she threatened and sat him at the back of the car, shooting Reid an apologetic glance.

She insisted on being the one questioning him, despite everyone’s protests. The guy could make her lose her calm and quickly, but they knew she was the only one he would speak to. After giving her some guidelines, Reid ran his hand up and down her back, reassuring her that it would be okay. She made her way in, ignoring Richard’s sneers, sitting across from him and resting her hands on the table.

”Where were you on the 7th? At midnight, exactly.” she questioned quietly.

“Home. Watching some games.” he shrugged, a cocky smirk plastered on his face, the one she hated the most.

”Do you have an alibi?” he was already getting on her nerves and she had only asked one question. He shook his head.

“Why do I think I killed those women?”

“You are an agressive person, Richard. When you don’t get what you want, you get mad. And it’s not pretty. I know that, remember? In fact, I could have been the one dead right now. So what happened at work? Did you feel useless, underappreciated? Impotent? Did people not respect you? Did they not see how great you were?” she pushed all his buttons and anger boiled deep in his system, as hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction.

”Or did you have any other reason to kill Dana? Because from what I’ve heard, you made moves on her two daughters. You know, the other ones who got killed as well. Did you make a move on Dana, too?” she laughed coldly.

Fires of fury and hatred were smoldering in the small room as the tension built up. (Y/N) has been there before, she knows the feeling, and knowing it makes it less scary.

”Just tell me, why did you cut their ring fingers off? So you could finally put a ring on it?” she spat the last words and he smacked his fist against the table. After a few moments, he seemed to calm down and his sick smirk returned.

”You know, this whole is kinda turning me on.” he said and everyone’s faces twisted with disgust. The guy was crazy. “In fact, if your little colleagues weren’t watching us right now I’d be all over that nice little body of yours.”

(Y/N) kept her gaze off him, she couldn’t bare to look his way, because if they made eye contact she thought she might vomit. Memories of everything he did to her came flushing back.

”I know you didn’t kill them, you’re not man enough for that. But just because I can’t arrest you for murder, doesn’t mean I can’t for rape.” she stood up without looking at him before hearing him speak.

”It ain’t rape when you like it, baby.” (Y/N) was about to slap him across the face before Reid bolted into the room and pulled her away from everything. He didn’t stop pulling her with him until they reached a storage room and right after closing it, he pulled her to his chest whilst she sobbed.

The desolation Reid felt was all consuming, he couldn’t believe such a monster could hurt someone he cared about so deeply. She felt emotionally bankrupt. The was nothing left to feel, nothing left to say, nothing left but the void that enveloped her mind in swirling blackness. The one thing she never wanted to think about ever again was barging in her mind.

“He can’t hurt you. I won’t let him hurt you.” Reid reassured her but she shook her head. Her hands open and closed, rhythmically clenching as if there could be some violent solution to his pain if only she could find it.

”He already has.” her voice sounded more pained than anything. Every breath feels like a nail bomb exploding in her ribcage, if it wasn’t for Reid she’d curl right up against a wall and not move for a lifetime, but his presence was the one thing that could fix her right now.

”He won’t, ever again. Or anyone for that matter.” he promised and held her closer against him. His words were able to take what is broken inside of her and make it willing to walk the hard road of recovery, not just to wellness, but to thriving and embracing each new day. He would help her get through it. He would protect her.

Reid will be there to wrap (Y/N) in his arms when the bad memories threaten to pull her under again, every time, for always. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Lynn Ann is a hybristophiliac? I doubt it,but in case you don't know what a hybristophiliac is it's a person who is attracted to a criminal/criminals.

Someone who has hybristophilia, is attracted to someone who commits gruesome, cruel and heinous crimes. The more gruesome the crime, the higher the body count, the stronger the attraction. It is not based on what the killer looks like at all. Someone with hybristophilia find guys like John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck and Joe Metheny attractive, because of the crimes.

No, I don’t think Lynn Ann has hybristophilia. I think she is just insane. Eric is the only killer she ever talks about, and I am 99.9% sure her interest in Eric is because of his looks and nothing more. She is a pathological liar as well. She is not 30 years old. There is no way. She is not a model. There is no fucking way. She is not an actress either. She is just a hot mess of crazy.

oh yeah new followers this is a great time for you all to learn: we’re terrified of tornadoes!!!! which is due to personal experience with a really fucking bad one that ripped up… basically everyone we know’s life back in our home city.

we panic a lot over them

a LOT lot

don’t tell us to calm down or take it easy because there’s an extremely high chance you don’t know what it’s like, what we’ve seen. tl;dr the worst things, the worst, it’s actually the worst and going into details is gruesome

so if you wanna tell us something, bid us safety