The signs as things people told me that changed my life
  • Aries:"Failure does not shape you; the way you respond to failure shapes you."
  • Taurus:"It's not about what you look at; It's about what you see."
  • Gemini:"Your actions aren't you."
  • Cancer:"Confessing something you did wrong will cost something, but concealing it might cost everything."
  • Leo:"Words are fucking tsunamis but people splash them around like they're fucking puddles."
  • Virgo:"But without the dark, we'd never see the stars."
  • Libra:"Don't go searching for the perfect one, be the perfect one."
  • Scorpio:"Holding grudges is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
  • Sagittarius:"I was so focused on putting you back together that I didn't notice that you were ripping me apart and now my hands are cut and bloody but I'm not sure if it's from holding your broken fragments or mine."
  • Capricorn:"We all are going through hell, just at different levels and different devils."
  • Aquarius:"Stop drowning for people who wouldn't even get in the damn water for you."
  • Pisces:"Sometimes you just have to go through a lot of hell to get to heaven."
Listen the FUCK up.

We all understand that, yes, Bro was an asshole. Go ahead and hate him if you want! But understand that BRO ASK BLOGS AND COSPLAYERS ARE NOT BRO. I was cosplaying Vriska and someone at comic con had said bad things about me just because of who I was cosplaying. DO NOT. PUT. DOWN. BRO. COSPLAYERS. FUCK. Just because you have a grudge against a character, doesn’t mean you should hate the cosplayer.

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I love love love your blog! Also could you do a gif reaction where they are mad at you and you are doing aegyo to attempt to cheer them up?

Ahhh thank you thank you!! <33

Jin: *gives in and starts giggling at how cute you are*

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Suga: *gives in with some small grudge left behind but ends up smiling like an idiot* “You should be happy you’re really cute…”

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J-Hope: *can’t stay mad at you for long* “Ahhh, you’re too cute, I forgive you Jagi!!”

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Rap Monster: “Aish, you’re not going to get me to give in, jagi.” *gives in anyway because he loves you to death*

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Jimin: “Gaaaah, you’re so cute.” *screaming internally about how cute you are and how much he loves you*

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V: “Hey, no, you can’t do that to me.  No no noo!!!” *starts to play along and finds you super adorable*

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Jungkook: *gets partially frustrated* “I’m still mad at you…” *gives in and will probably start laughing at you*

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I always felt that was an underrated scene between them. I mean, its just a little thing but its indicative of a generally amiable relationship that stood out to me even very early on because it seemed surprisingly nice of her to do, given her general behavior. ‘cause Pearl can be kind of standoffish at times but if she really actively disliked him she wouldn’t really care about trying to comfort him, let alone remember he has a specific saying that would apply here.

and its all the more significant after “We Need to Talk”, considering how they used to interact. She likely still have some issues with him, old grudges, but she doesn’t hate him. Not anymore anyway.


Out of all the pjo characters, I ship Hades and Maria Di Angelo the hardest. Like, seriously, Hades stayed with her all those years and help raise the Angelo Babies and was literally going to have her stay in his palace and held a grudge of her death for 80+ years, also kept their children safe and wanted them to be great one day, to make sure her death wasn’t for nothing and won’t feel like he failed as a father to her children, cause he knows that’s all she wanted; even though she was dead, he still wanted her to be happy.

Now thats what I call true love right there.

You have a habit to walk slowly
holding grudges and resentments,
ill tempered and greedy,
how do you expect to reach your destination?

With a closed mind and so many attachments,
how can you expect to attain union?

—  Rumi

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Shino actually sounds pretty sweet-hearted in a way. Konoha hiden showed a bit more of his inner thoughts, and he seems kind of insecure and sincere to me. Are there any headcanons or obscure information about Shino that you'd be willling to tell? I'm sorry if this question or topic has been brought up before - I just trust you more with characterizations and such then some others. I'd love your opinion.

Aww love, I’m honoured that you’d ask. 

Tbh, for me, Shino has always felt like someone who’s introverted and guarded because he’s vulnerable at heart. My headcanon for his characterisation is that he feels like appearances are important (notice how often he scolds Kiba for unseemly behaviour), and people’s opinions genuinely bother him (remember his reaction to Naruto not recognising him?) to the point where he keeps worrying/holding a grudge over it. 

He seems to act a little more uncaring and stoic than he really is to sort of guard his inner feelings of vulnerability. That could be why he covers up with clothing a lot too- it’s a manifestation of his inner feelings that want to protect himself from being exposed to others.

I also firmly believe Shino wants to prove himself to be someone who’s worth something (notice his databook wish that he wants to fight someone strong), and is concerned about behaving appropriately (”We mustn’t stand out in war.”) and acting according to the rules. He’s likely a bit of a perfectionist, and his desire to be strong may lead him to act harshly sometimes (ie snapping at Kiba, or what happened to his opponent’s arms during the chuunin exmas). 

But, he really does care about his teammates. He may not show it a lot, or say it out loud much because that would just be exposing his vulnerable side to the world, but it’s there. 

Ah, and tying into the idea that Shino wants to prove himself as someone who’s worth something, I think that’s partially why he became a teacher, too. Teachers are good role models that students look up to, admire, and aspire to be. They’re also sticklers for rules, and full of explanations. That ties into the side of Shino’s personality that’s such a we-must-behave-appropriately-perfectionist and the side of him that doesn’t like others ignoring him. 

This got really long, my days, I apologise lol, I’m having a lot of Shino feelings thanks to the hiden tbh, gah. I hope that answered your question well on what I think of Shino though! 

EL James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey Twitter Q&A Didn’t Exactly Go Very Well

It would seem that someone out there has a grudge against Fifty Shades Of Grey author EL James, after signing off what was always going to be an ill fated Twitter Q&A.

Needless to say it was closer to #AskThicke than the more on brand #Susanalbumparty.

The hashtag #AskELJames fast became targeted by those who weren’t a fan of the controversial books, with users not holding back on what they really thought of the best selling series.

Almost time. Join @E_L_James at 6pm (UK time) for a live #AskELJames chat with @TwitterBooks.

— fiftyshadesUK (@fiftyshadesUK)

June 29, 2015

Many were quick to accuse the author of misogyny
#AskELJames Is it only ok for Christian to stalk, coerce, threaten & manipulate Ana because he’s hot, or is it also ok because he’s rich?

— 50 Shades is abuse (@50shadesabuse) June 29, 2015

#AskELJames A lad once punched me on a night out. Does this mean he likes me? Should I have gotten his number?

— natgovin (@notgavin)

June 29, 2015

how do you feel knowing you’ve made your riches from convincing young impressionable girls that abuse is ‘love’? #AskELJames

— dione tennant // 30 (@alIonsytennant)

June 29, 2015

#AskELJames Is it only ok for Christian to stalk, coerce, threaten & manipulate Ana because he’s hot, or is it also ok because he’s rich?

— 50 Shades is abuse (@50shadesabuse)

June 29, 2015

#AskELJames have you considered a book which empowers women instead of encouraging the acceptance of abusive controlling male behaviour?

— Claire Moore (@cctheatreco)

June 29, 2015

While others questioned her status as a writer

What do you dislike more, Independent strong woman or the English language? #AskELJames

— Trevor Donovan (@TrevDon)

June 29, 2015

#AskELJames I’m a terrible writer too, what are some good ways for terrible writers to find millions of terrible readers?

— Gregory Herod (@whatakerfuffle)

June 29, 2015

#AskELJames I don’t think you’re a good enough writer to know this isn’t a question.

— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff)

June 29, 2015

#AskELJames does the E.L. Stand for ELiterate?

— caitlin stasey (@caitlinstasey)

June 29, 2015

Some went straight for the jugular

#AskELJames Is there a safe word which will stop you from writing anymore of this bollocks?

— TittyBiscuits. (@dawneywawney)

June 29, 2015

Are you as homophobic in real life as your books are? Asking for a friend. #AskELJames

— Jenny Trout (@Jenny_Trout)

June 29, 2015

#AskELJames I thought I had bought all the 50 shades books, but there were only three of them. Where can I obtain the other 47 please?

— Brigid Mahony (@brigidichka)

June 29, 2015

Other users simply took it upon themselves to poke fun at James

#AskELJames What’s your favourite shade out of the 50? Is there a chance that more shades will be added?

— Jack Howard (@JackHoward)

June 29, 2015

#askELJames Does this Q&A have a safeword?

— Mitch Benn (@MitchBenn)

June 29, 2015

And by the time it was over, many predicted the future of the person who suggested the Q&A in the first place

Whoever planned out the #AskELJames tag has obviously never, ever met Twitter.

— Summer Heacock (@Fizzygrrl)

June 29, 2015

“You should do a Twitter Q & A” - E.L. James’ Ex Publicist.

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais)

June 29, 2015

Oh dear.