I might not always show it, but I can hold a grudge indefinitely. If you have wronged me or my loved ones in some meaningful way then you have made a lifelong enemy of me, and however spiteful it may seem, you can be certain that I will take genuine pleasure in your every misfortune and failing.
—  Beau TaplinT h e  G r u d g e b e a r e r 
How long can your sign hold a grudge?

Aries: 24 hours
Taurus: Until they die. Maybe not even then.
Gemini: 30 seconds
Cancer: Years
Leo: Until the end of time
Virgo: Couple of months
Libra: 2 seconds unless you really fucked up
Scorpio: All of eternity
Sagittarius: Two days
Capricorn: Don’t even bother apologizing
Aquarius: A year
Pisces: 2 months maybe