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Not to also be a shitstain, but im not a huge comic reader, and I am behind: what is the deal with Nat saying "Welcome to the Red room." Like i know spencer wrote that and he fucking fucks everything up, but I want clarification. Why is this such a to do? (really not trying to brush this off, i genuinely don't know.)

I’m not reading that comic. I just saw a few panels.

My understanding: Nat is making an army out of kids and referring to it as the red room. According to Nazi Shitstain, it makes sense for Nat to do this because she was exploited as a child soldier.

This totally erases Nat’s entire character. At least the Nat that I know – I’ve only read the Noto and Samnee Black Widows bc Im not that big of a comic reader either tbh.

Nat’s entire deal in the Samnee run (her most recent before Nazi Shitstain got his grubby mits on her) was making amends for her past and also helping the CHILDREN who were part of the newest incarnation of the red room.

HhhhhhHHHHH friends I’m v tired and am not at all well-versed in the comics anud am totally not the person to field this question. Pls feel free to chime in.

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Investigate Moss Eaten Box and Rotting Desk

{[LOOT]: [Moss Eaten Box] and [Rotting Desk]

You stop pondering the daily toil of long dead spirits and begin stealing all their stuff.

The small box on the desk is empty, but there is a large space inside free of dust, implying that there was something inside it earlier and it has been taken recently.
Seems like you and Cal are not the only looters to pass through here.

In the first drawer of the desk you find two dull coins stuck to the wooden boards. They have some sort of brown paste sticking them in place, but you pry them free with your grubby little mits.

{You got [2] purple coins.}

{You need 952 more coins.}

The second drawer just has lint and fuzz in it, plus more of the dried brown liquid. There are some small bones in the corner of the bottom drawer, you are guessing something small was living in here until recently. Was being the key word.

[STATUS] (New!)

What Should We Do Now?

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68 - zebra or leopard print? 85 - last movie you saw in theatres? And 104 - would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts?

Leopard print bc I’m That Bitch™ (but i dont wear animal print tbh except i have a cow print skirt which i love from Goodwill)

the last movie I saw in theatres was Wonder Woman with the real life wonder woman @mydistantmom

I would LITERALLY wear cowboy boots with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING if I could only get my grubby little mits on on a pair

Conversations at work


       ‘Alright, Little Miss Green Fingers?’ Alby asked, you could hear him walking towards you.
      You were kneeling on the floor, a bunch of plant seeds lined up in front of you, just behind the little holes that you’d dug for them. Dirt was littering your hair, you’d forgotten the soil on your hands when you’d scraped the hair out of your face, but that was a consequence of being a Gardner.
      You put a seed carefully into the hole closest to your knee before looking up at him, and you noticed that he was smiling at you.
      ‘Not too bad, Admiral Alby,’ you said, smirking up at him. ‘You supervising things again?’
     ‘Of course I am,’ he said, ruffling your hair as he moved towards the next people to check up on. ‘Though,’ he called over his shoulder, ‘I think you need to work a little harder, I don’t think there’s enough soil everywhere.’ You glanced over at him, only to see him rubbing soil off his hands.


      ‘You ready?’ Ben asked you, smirking as he pulled at his leather amour.
      You rolled your eyes, swatting him lightly around the back of the head. ‘Na, not at all,’ you said, pulling at your own armour to make sure it was on securely.
      ‘Be careful,’ you heard Gally say, and you turned around to see him walking towards you, concern evident on his face.
      ‘I’ll leave you two to it,’ said Ben, patting you on the back as he walked towards the Doors.
      ‘Alright, Gal?’ you asked, stretching out your calves.
      ‘I’m fine, just worried about you,’ he said, causing you to roll your eyes.
      You’d been a Runner almost since you joined the Glade a few months ago, and still Gally seemed to worry every time.
      ‘I’ll be fine,’ you said, kissing him on the cheek before joining Ben by the Doors. ‘Ready?’ you asked him, and he nodded before the two of you went off. You couldn’t help but glance over your shoulder though. You could see Gally looking at you, slight worry on his face.


     ‘And… done,’ you muttered to yourself, putting the last stick in place on the model that you were making. You’d been left in charge of sorting out the next build, mainly because you preferred little making tasks to the bigger ones, it was more satisfying to you.
     You stepped back, admiring your work, but stepped on someone’s foot. You heard Minho groan, and jumped away from him, covering your mouth as you gasped.
      ‘You alright, Min?’ you asked, eyes wide as he began to rub his foot. You could just make out Thomas chuckling behind him in the doorway.
     ‘Yeah,’ said Minho, smirking as he pulled you into a light hug.
     You rolled your eyes as the two boys began to look at your model, Minho walking around with you still in a side hug.
     ‘This the new build then?’ Minho asked, you nodded, a smile slipping onto your face as your cheeks reddened. ‘Looks awesome.’


      ‘(Y/n)?’ you heard Minho say, causing you to look up from sorting out the wadding that the Box had brought up with the latest Greenie. Worry was etched on his face, causing your heart to sink slightly.
      ‘What’s wrong?’ you asked, moving away from the stuff quickly. You hadn’t even moved two steps though when you saw Alby half-carrying Newt. ‘What the heck happened?’ you asked, holding the door open so the trio could walk in.
     ‘Dunno, he won’t say,’ Minho said, slight annoyance coming through behind his words.
     You looked at Newt. His eyes were red, as though he’d been crying, and downcast as if trying to avoid everyone’s gaze.
     ‘I’m not gonna ask,’ you said softly when Alby had helped Newt onto a bed and escorted Minho out after some telling from you. You pushed his hair off of his face, the touch making him look up at you finally. ‘But please, I’m here for you. Just- just please remember that,’ you said, before bandaging up his ankle as best you could.


     ‘What you cooking?’ Thomas asked, leaning on the shelf in front of the kitchen where you were mixing cookie dough.
     ‘Oh, just a little something that Fry refuses to even attempt,’ you said, rolling your eyes before looking back at the dough.
      ‘Intriguing,’ he said, leaning further over to try and put his hand in the bowl.
      You slapped his hand away, glaring up at him so that he put his hands up in surrender.
      ‘I don’t want your grubby mits going anywhere near this stuff until it’s baked and everyone else can have some too,’ you said, smirking at him. You thought about it for a second though. ‘Actually, even then it’s debatable.’
      He pouted at you before sitting at one of the tables. ‘Frypan’d let me try it,’ he whined, trying to look sad at you.
      You rolled your eyes at him. ‘Yeah right, Greenie,’ you said, chuckling as he looked a little insulted by the comment, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth though. 

Picture credit goes to the people who made them – I only found them on Google.