grub plushies

Terezigrub makes her R3GUL4R P4TROL of the apartment to look for anything out of place.



It appears to be a new wigglefriend under a comfortable-looking blankie! Terezi’s SH4RP 1NV3ST1G4T1V3 M1ND tells her right away that this must be Aradiagrub’s dancestor. She squeaks excitedly to alert all of her friends.

Damaragrub wriggles out from under her blanket a bit. She seems friendly, even if Terezigrub can’t quite decipher what her squeaks are saying.

Soon enough all of the wigglers have gathered around to greet their new friend! Damaragrub seems to enjoy the attention and the affection. She certainly thinks she will stick around here.

[I’ve finished my new Damaragrub! This is the first of a series of posts
introducing her; the links will be added to this post when they’re made: post 1
, post 2 (terezi), post 3 (kanaya), post 4 (latula), post 5 (aradia), post 6 (finale).]

I am starting a mass production of grubs~ this one is karkat and I am going to make all the others, each with their color and I different face. Each grub will be sold around $30. We will be selling them as the geeky squeaker (thegeekysqueaker) on etsy. They are not up yet but we will get them up eventually. Any further questions you may ask in my ask box and I will answer as soon as possible and publicly. They are about 14 inches long

Homestuck Grub plushie commissions! ....sort of!

Sense I have learned that we aren’t technically allowed to sell Homestuck related hand made items like this (even though plenty of people do anyway) i’m going to be doing these a bit differently!

Instead of you giving me money in exchange for a grub, you’ll be buying me Homestuck merch from welovefine in exchange for a grub!

Basically, you’ll let me know which grub you want, I’ll send you a link to an item/items that cost what I feel the grub you chose is worth, you’ll buy that item/items (having it shipped to my house of course) and once I either have the item, or you forward me the order confirmation email I will get right to work on your grub and will mail it out to you the moment it’s finished! (and send you progress updates if you’d like)

Certain grubs will be worth more expensive items then others depending on how difficult they are to make, cause some are definitely harder to make then others. Some I straight up dislike making.

Below is a list of which grubs i’m willing to make and how much I feel they’re worth (Prices not including the shipping):

The easier/cheapest grubs will be worth item(s) costing around $35

The mid difficulty grubs will be worth item(s) costing around $45

The most difficult and most expensive grubs will be worth item(s) costing around $55

Any troll names that are not on here i’m not willing to do at this current moment in time so please don’t ask for them.

I am willing to make grubs for fan trolls if you’d like as well though you’ll have to send me a good reference picture and i’ll let you know if I feel I can do it, and if so how much I feel it would be worth.

If you have any questions or wish to commission one feel free to private message me! Or e-mail me at


Whew! Damaragrub is completely exhausted after all of the fun she’s had with her new friends. Time to curl up for a nap!


Aradiagrub squeaks hello to her wigglesister! She indicates that she’s been out and about through the timeline all day, dealing with c00l things like archae0l0gy, tasty f00d, and din0saurs.

Damaragrub offers Aradiagrub a sm00ch, but thinks they’ll have to catch up later. It’s naptime!

Aradiagrub nods and yawns. All of that timetravel she’s done is pretty exhausting and she could use a nap too.

In that case, Damaragrub is happy to snuggle up with her dancestor and share her blankie!

[post 1 (intro), post 2 (terezi), post 3 (kanaya), post 4 (latula), post 5 (aradia), post 6 (finale).]

4-H4! Terezigrub knew her K33N NOS3 smelled some T4STY 1MPORT3D CONF3CT1ONS under Damaragrub’s time blankie.

Terezigrub has to have some. Fortunately she has just the thing to barter with in her sylladex.

Despite a bit of a language barrier, the wrigglers quickly come to terms on a C4NDY TR4D3.


[post 1 (intro), post 2 (terezi), post 3 (kanaya), post 4 (latula), post 5 (aradia), post 6 (finale).]

Kanayagrub wiggles over to investigate Damaragrub’s time blankie. She thinks it looks quite nice, and feels like it’s soft and warm. She can’t help but be a bit jealous!

Also, due to her interest in sewing, she inspects the craftsmanship a bit more carefully. She approves of the handiwork. Somehow she has a strange feeling that it might be her own, from the future.

Grubly Shoutpole

Oh dear, it looks like Damaragrub misinterpreted Kanayagrub’s interest in the blanket as meaning that she wanted to curl up underneath it. And when your friends have time powers and psionics there’s not usually much of a chance to object to these sorts of things.

After Some Consideration However Kanayagrub Decides She Is Completely Okay With This Turn Of Events.

[post 1 (intro), post 2 (terezi), post 3 (kanaya), post 4 (latula), post 5 (aradia), post 6 (finale).]

Huh, a mysterious package has arrived. i wonder what it is!

Damaragrub indicates it was something she ordered and wiggles over to claim it.

It’s the pet p0ny she’s been waiting for!

She’s g0ing t0 l0ve and care f0r and sp0il this ad0rable h0rnse.

But first, she’s sure Maplehoof needs some food after a long trip! Damaragrub has done her research and determined that carrots are a good food for ponies, so she has one ready to offer.


Latulagrub is sup3r h3ll4 3xc1t3d to have a new alpha troll grub friend around! She offers some high-fives, and then asks Damaragrub to join her for some r4d v1d3o g4m3z.

Damaragrub is intrigued, and decides to follow along. Latulagrub indicates that she’s been doing a lot of Animal Crossing lately, and wants Damara to make a town so they can play together!

The grubs skitter out to the living room to play!

Latulagrub suggests Damara set up her new town on the old 3DS.

They curl up together and get going! Damaragrub hopes that her town starts out with some fl00fy sheep villagers @0u0@.

[post 1 (intro), post 2 (terezi), post 3 (kanaya), post 4 (latula), post 5 (aradia), post 6 (finale).]

Kanayagrub has been hard at work on that M1ND BL4NK13 her Pyrope friends requested from her recently! Here Terezigrub inspects her work as she finishes up on the all-important mind symbol.

With the symbol done, all that’s left is the trim around the edge. This part requires lots of pins, which Terezigrub would no doubt appreciate due to their pointiness. Kanaya is fortunately adept at not poking herself in either the grublegs or the exoskeleton.

With everything pinned in place, the blankie gets run through the sewing machine. Kanayagrub makes a note to get a more appropriately wiggler-sized footpedal someday…

Another reason I haven’t posted much lately is that last month I got a copy of br34th of th3 w1ggl3r… er, th3 w1ld. I’ve been playing a ton lately, and as you can see Latulagrub agrees with me about how fun it is!

In the interest of c4non1c4l outf1t 4ccur4cy, Latula has foregone wearing her r4d l1nk h4t while playing this one. She’ll have to think about another form of grubly cosplay to try instead.

On the other hand, Damaragrub has no such qualms, and was happy don the link hat herself. She thinks it’s still perfectly canonical anyway, if you take into account time p0wers… and maybe also amiib0 p0wers.

Kanayagrub is finally ready to drop off the completed M1ND BL4NK13 she’s been working on with her clients! 

Terezi and Latula inspect the results. They G1GGL3 1N 3XC1T3M3NT upon seeing the quality stitchwork and feeling the softness of the resulting product. The wigglers can’t wait to get to crawl underneath!

But first, they need to properly thank their friend for all of her hard work! Many hugs and grubsmooches are in order. Terezigrub really needs to work on having her kisses be less toothy, though…

And then it’s time to get 4ll h3ll4 snuggl3d up!!!!

Flying to the east coast to visit family and friends for a couple weeks! Damaragrub is coming along for her first trip to the US. She has all of her grubpassports in order and is dutifully guarding my papers as well.

Terezigrub helps out with the PR3PWORK for dinner. She’s especially excited about what we’re making today - chicken jalfrezi. Her extensive research tells her that “jal” is derived from a Bengali word for “spicy food”, and she’s quite sure that “frezi” means “for Terezi”.

And soon enough it’s mealtime! Terezi sniffs deeply and enjoys the wonderful curry aromas. Time to dig in!

She can’t help but start by nibbling on the FR3SHLY B4K3D N44N.

It doesn’t take long for a hungry grub to polish off the meal. D3L1C1OUS!

She only has one small suggestion for next time. She isn’t going to grow up to be a fire-breathing dragon without some help, you know!

I made a quick trip to the grocery store today, and as always Terezigrub is there to 1NV3ST1G4T3 my haul. Here she is climbing atop a collection of SH4RP TH1NGS to observe the fresh collection of FR4GR4NT H3RBS. 

WH4T’S TH1S? >:!

Terezigrub doesn’t really know what R3D CURRY P4ST3 is, but she has a feeling it would be completely illegal not to use it right away.

Terezigrub is deciding to look into this 3XC1T1NG N3W COUNTRY that the wigglers and I will be moving to in a few months! She certainly approves of the flag. It smells to her like STR4WB3RRY COMPOT3 with a hint of PUR3 M4PL3 SYRUP.

… you know, all of this research can really make a grub hungry. And she knows just what she wants for a snack!

As a licensed medical practitioner, Doctor Honeytongue has the responsibility of giving the wigglers their regular checkups.

Oh dear! During her examination, the good doctor discovers Terezigrub has a bit of a leg injury. He recommends immediate grub surgery.

Fortunately, the operation is a simple one that Honeytongue has performed many times before.

Soon enough, Terezi is all stitched up and ready to go!

Her friends are glad to see that Terezi’s made it through the ordeal in good spirits! Of course, getting a D3L1C1OUS 1C3 CR34M TR34T at the end is enough to cheer any wiggler up.

Tonight for dinner was stir-fry. Terezigrub insisted on hers being 3XTR4 SP1CY so that she could learn to breathe fire like a R34L DR4GON >:D

Pictured: A hungry grub about to strike her prey.

So incredibly D3L1C1OUS and spicy. And now that she’s done, time to try out that fire-breathing!

R4WR!!!! >:0~~~~~

Kanayagrub Remains Fortunately Not Incinerated

However She Does Have A Suggestion For Her Friend


Here is Kanayagrub exploring her new surroundings! At long last I’ve completed her (I’m pretty sure it was… three years ago when I made my first two grubs and started on Kanaya and then got worn out? And just never got back to it until now). She’s still following the same basic pattern as the first two grubs I made, but with some minor tweaks to improve how I did things like the hair. 

Also it didn’t take long for Kanaya to find some friends! Aradia and Terezi offer her some hugs, and are excited to have a new buddy who’s good with chainsaws.