Buried anger I've fought

The thing about posting where others see not

They know not things I have thought

Like wounds hidden that I’ve now got

The only thing to do after I cry a lot

Is abstain from all media so I’m not

Wounded from painful sightings seen on the spot

I’m so angry >8C
My job search agency wants me to do 30+ hours a week at work so has sent me for a proper Barista course to get a certificate (and therefore more hours at work)

I called my job search person to confirm that it’s been booked. She claims it had so I got on a train at 7:30am and went to the course today only to be turned away because I didn’t have the confirmation email that I was MEANT to get (without the email and proof that I’m enrolled in the course, they cannot issue my certificate when I finish. Apparently this isn’t the first time a job agency has done this either)

This isn’t the first time my job search woman hasn’t sent the emails she was meant to send and got me in trouble.
If I’d have known there was a confirmation email required I’d have asked for one…

Should have saved the $200 for the course and done it alone instead of agreeing to the agencies offer to pay it for me…


Great…now the weather is interrupting work…😠…I knew this would happen. It’s storming and it’s been night-like all day. So dark, the street lights came on at noon! Internet’s slow and it’s not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon. 😡…

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On the subject of Ace people

Recently I’ve seen more acephobic posts on my dash than ever before and it’s making me really sad and angry. Like even if I myself am not ace/aro, some of my friends are, and I believe they have a place in the LGBT+ community. (And I swear to god if one more person calls an ace person “cishet” I’m going to scream. They are not heterosexual; they are asexual, so yknow, stop being wrong.)
Maybe a few ace people have said some really controversial shit, but you know what? So have other people from other sections of the LGBT+ community. And like these sections, the actions of a few really bad people does not define the entire section.
By definition, Ace people are queer, so please stop being so hateful. Ace people deserve recognition. They deserve a safe place where they aren’t constantly harassed and denied their own identity.

End of rant.

So about a year ago I got promoted at my job do to someone else being a twit. I was the “team lead” aka babysitter for my group of callers - I certainly didn’t mind all the coaching and such, I love to help.

But flashforward to December of last year, (a month after I lost my grandfather) and I was demoted back to a regular caller with no warning, and an explanation of “we shouldn’t have promoted you we’re sorry.” It hurt. I felt like a failure, I had to work about 4hrs after getting the news, and worst of all some one else knew about this before I did. But I do love my job, so I got over it and moved on.

Now here we are in May and my team lead is getting ready to go on maternity leave in June/July and my boss is expecting me to jump back into the position temporarily, even though it was taken from me.

I’m frustrated and angry. I just want to scream!! I can’t say no, because it’ll make it worse.

If you’ll excuse me, the normally happy writer-girl is gonna go crawl in a hole and sulk. Grrrr!! Don’t worry though because tomorrow is another day and I’ll be back to myself.

Love to my Loves!

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