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。゚ 。+ INKTOBER DAY 13: “teeeming” +。゚ 。

“teeming - full of or swarming with, alive with, overflowing.”

My new ink pen’s giving me hell, hopefully it’ll have calmed down for tomorrow ;;

Buried anger I've fought

The thing about posting where others see not

They know not things I have thought

Like wounds hidden that I’ve now got

The only thing to do after I cry a lot

Is abstain from all media so I’m not

Wounded from painful sightings seen on the spot

Trying to find my writing groove

For so long I’ve had things to say and no time. Today, despite having 147 things that need doing, I can’t do anything. I’m on Day 1 of med changes and feeling like a zombie.

It would stand to reason that I could go crazy with the writing today, now that time is on my side (Yes it is! – sorry … I had to). But so far I’m not feeling it.

I’ll take all the good thoughts and inspiration you’ve got. How I wish I could’ve sat down with my ideas days ago.