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Feminist / punk / DIY Zine SUBMISSIONS 

I am currently putting together a zine with a few of my friends are we are looking for submissions, we don’t have a date for finishing yet but hopefully by June / July we can have the first one printed, we are looking for art / photography / writing / quotes literally anything, here are a few specific things we are looking for pictures of etc:

  • I need feminism because posters (just send a picture of you holding it or something)
  • pictures of your stick and poke tattoos
  • pictures of shrines to musicians / writers / characters 
  • pictures of DIY jackets etc
  • anything creative you can come up with!

We don’t want to be making money off of the zine, only covering costs for printing / postage etc, there will only be a few of them printed but everyone whos submissions get put into the zine will be saved a copy, all your work with be credited, unless you want to remain anonymous. if you think you know someone who could submit something send this to them! I will keep posting updates here


1. When the man at the bus stop burns holes in your skin raise your armour darling, your words are your weapons - tell him you are not a piece of meat, and his masculinity does not make him a lion. Darling, you are not his to prey on.

2. When the men in the car speeding down the road hurl fowl profanities at you, remember that this is not a show but your life and you are not an attraction for their eyes to feast upon.

3. Darling, a few years from now when your daughter comes home with warm tears running down her cheeks please remember that her shelter has not yet been built and she will allow you to enter for now - appreciate this, use this wisely. Do not allow her to go to bed with self-hatred in her veins and self-blame in her heart. Pay no mind to her attire, draw her attention away. Teach her that her outfit is not her consent. Teach her that her voice matters. Teach her to roar. Your words will echo in her mind and years from then her daughter will hear the same echo. You are a part of a movement. You are creating an army of powerful women. Darling, put on your war paint.

4. Baby, you are not a delicate flower, you are a lioness who’s beauty is in her self-belief, in her self-worth and in your ability to survive in a world where the odds are against you.

5. You are the sun’s burning rays.

6. You are the moon’s gentle glow.

7. Put on your war paint.
—  7 Things To Remember, writing by m.k.
The Male Gaze and other annoying issues..again.

I just can’t understand what makes someone compelled to scream at a woman walking down the street. Clearly, nothing has ever happened as a result of cat calling. I’m almost positive no woman thought “Omg, he said i was sexy…. I’m gonna have sex with that random man in a car.” No. This never happened. So men, stop wasting your time. Keep your fucking thoughts to yourself because one day, I will punch you in the face. Yes. I have breasts. This does not mean you should almost break your neck staring at them. Holy shit, its kinda sad that you’re so empty, that body parts are so entracing to you. Now, I’m attracted to all kinds of people as well. But, I’m able of controlling my “urges” so I don’t look like a moron with pieces of my brain missing. The thing that bothers me is that never do they ever imagine the lives these women have. In my personal experience, I am walking to the bus at 8am to go to class. It seems obvious to me, that I don’t want to be bothered by gross men. I have other things to deal with. Is it so hard to believe that I’m a human with a life? I am NOT a pair of tits for you to jerk off to (unless I tell you to). I don’t want to question their intelligence because I am aware of the larger cause of this issue. But its also hard to sympathize with men who are eyeing me to the point where I become scared. Its a matter of being capable of being attracted to someone and not making them feel anxious because of it. Of course, I am making lots of generalizations. *Not all men are like this.* Another issue I have is the inability to connect sexual attraction and some level of respect for a person. You can be sexually attracted to someone, think about them sexually and still respect that they have feelings. It’s getting absurd to believe some girls are just ‘sluts’ and some are girlfriends. Stop this right now. That “slut” you’re talking about, maybe wants a guy to respect her and love her but no man has ever given her the chance. Also, you can be someone’s girlfriend or wife and want to be treated like a “slut”. This is possible. I can be two things at once. A respected person and a sexual person. Hard to believe huh? Well, its true. This also goes back to the whole cat calling thing. RESPECT the fact that I’m trying to live my life. I do not care about you nor your penis. Think whatever you want, but don’t ever believe its okay to scream those thoughts at me. I wish there was some way to reteach men. I want them to know this is wrong, and also understand it must change. There are men who do comprehend the issue and strive not to act this way. But then again, as I experienced this morning, there are a lot who don’t. I sat on the bus, feeling uncomfortable because this one guy wouldn’t look away. I should have told him to stop. Next time, I fucking will make sure he knows to stop.

“you can’t love anyone until you love yourself”
but I’ve stood in front of a
shaking and angry and a bitter broken version of myself
I’ve hated the sight of my own skin
but oh my god you were my sun
and my moon and all my stars
I would’ve died for you
(in fact I did)
“you can’t love anyone until you love yourself”
but I can’t breathe on my own
I’m suffocating every moment that my lips aren’t on yours
I drove myself to the very edge of sanity for you
I clawed out my lungs
I blinded myself for you
“you can’t love anyone until you love yourself”
well then I doubt I’ve ever loved
anything at all
—  06.05.2015
Zine please be real now.

my zine is so close to being made. I can see it in my mind and I want it to be real now! But every time I go to work on it, something comes up and I can’t finish it. Good news is, everything is set up. The articles, art, cover page. It just needs to be pieced together!!! So, zinester friends…my QUESTION is: would it be easy to just cut and paste everything then make copies. OR use some kind of a program to put the zine together. If so, know any free programs that are easy to use? Please help!! Message me. Thank you.

-Adriana aka Grrrls Write.

“Finally kiss the bloody idiot”, sequel

It’s finally here! 

I’ll be posting in chapters again, and I don’t know how many there will be yet, but I think around 6 or 7.

The summary remains the same expect we’re following Sherlock’s POV now, 

John and Sherlock know the Yard has a pool going for when they’re finally going to get together. It’s been running forever, and it’s worth thousands of pounds. It’s all fun and games, hahaha, until they find out Lestrade is in dire financial straits (dog needs emergency surgery, he’s putting his kid through gymnastics training, I don’t know, something), and they decide to fake a relationship to win the pool for him. Sherlock figures out the day and way that Lestrade thinks it’s going to happen, and they act it out. It’s all for a good cause, fake relationship style, until it’s not.

A brilliant prompt by @conversationswithjohnlock! thank you to @snogbox1 for her amazing job as a beta, as always <3

Go read chapter One on AO3

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