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no one believes me when i say my dyscalculia is the reason i can’t read clocks or remember dance moves

i’ve never done the courner counting but i do the thing when i grocery shop


really?? you just know when you’ve hit your budget within a few bucks and feel like you need to stop shopping all of a sudden, even tho you have no clue how much your cart adds up to? i’ve never met anybody else who said they experience that, too. literally every time. its like when i glance at a price and put it in my cart, that number goes off into the furthest corner of my brain somewhere and even tho i cant recall it AT ALL, its still there, and it adds itself up subconsciously. and when it reaches that limit, i just get this weird intuitive feeling that i should stop and check out. and i’m ALWAYS right it freaks me out.

or like, guessing what time i’m going to arrive somewhere without looking at a (digital) clock, like i used to do in the car. i’d freak myself out guessing numbers on the money?? or just knowing them?? bc what the fuck are numbers??

brains are kind of amazing. i feel stupid when i have to admit i cant read analog clocks and i get turned around and lost so fucking easy in a car… but tbh deep down i feel like i understand it, it just doesnt process consciously. if i just intuit numbers and trust my gut, i’m usually right. 

doubt that’d work on math tests tho pffff too stressful. it’s always trivial shit i intuit. 

grrrlpowwr replied to your photo “Rich people’s homes terrify me.”

~~handsome friend~~

Says my super cute friend :p (thanks)

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what happened?

[Sorry I didn’t get to this earlier, I haven’t had internet for the past….hours, I don’t know how many].

Nothing, really. Just really big, overly fancy houses weird me out. The place I had Thanksgiving this year was at a big cattle farm with a bunch of Marine vets (aka: my family), and all the spaces in the house were so open, and all the appliances so shiny, and the counters were made of marble instead a thin sheen of dirt, and I just don’t understand the culture surrounding those types of houses and it terrifies me.

Like, how can you be comfortable in that level of affluence, especially when it’s so openly displayed?