Davos, Edd and Tormund & BRIENNE OF FUCKING TARTH (also I’m the Valonqar of Jonareys)

Ever since Jon and Sansa reunited the intense breathing, the constant eye fucking that they do with each other and all of that innappropiate tension, three men and Brienne, have literally been the only few people in the show to see the tension, like when Dadvos said “jon isn’t a stark” and sansa replies “no, but I am”

She literally and very subtly proposed to Jon, and Davos and Edd shoot a look at each other

Like our Boi GRRM, Jon has a major thing for redheads, partly because Catelyn never gave him love, so in a way Jon tries to find a redhead that he can get validation as well as support, and Jon does the same for Sansa, he understands how she felt after everything she went through (Joffery & Ramsey and in the books there’s like 2 other dudes who want Sansa’s claim to winterfell) so she’s been abused, raped and defiled, she feels at her strongest when Jon is with her, he also sees her need for recognition, remember Jon would have died at the BoTB or as I like to say bastardbowl, if Sansa hadn’t gone to Moat Cailin to get the KoTV, Jon would have been food for Ramsay’s dogs, it was her who won the battle. All being said and done, Jon does feel indebted to Sansa, she was in the prime leadership spot, but Northern Lords crowned Jon, he doesn’t want the Crown, but he doesn’t want Sansa to be fucked over by the power the Northern Crown gives her, he loves her and wants to protect her.

Also just wanted to point out that Jon didn’t tell Danny much, she knows about Robb and Rickon, then later finds out that Arya and Bran are alive, which only happened because the raven was sent to Dragonstone and seen as Danny controls the area, she’s obviously gonna know what’s on the scroll. Then there’s the whole Jon dying thing that was abruptly stopped by Jon when Dadvos said “he gave his own lif-” then later Danny sees that he was stabbed. Also Jon knew Maester Aemon Targaryen, why didnt Jon say anything? He doesn’t trust her, she’s impulsive and she’s bathed in her own words “fire and blood”, Jon gave away as much as SHE needed to know.

And when Jon left WF, she didn’t stop looking in Jon’s direction the entire fucken time, and the Littlefingers like (hmm, when brothers and sister develop certain feelings towards each other) and then from there, he begins taunting Sansa, by saying “ive heard the silver headed gorgeous devil is beautiful and jon is young and unmarried, then Sansa is like "what?! You think Jon wants to marry her” Littlefinger was purposefully trying to get a reaction out of her, which he got, from both Sansa and Jon and you Jonareys bros have got to admit, there was so much Jealousy coming from Sansa I could smell it from Winterfell to fucking Dorne.

There’s also a scene that was deleted or not shot (I can’t remember which one) but Jon talks to Ghost before leaving WF, it supposedly says that Jon told Ghost to watch over Sansa, now I know Ghost protects people that Jon cares for as evident when Sam was protecting Gilly from Bros of The Nights Watch beat the shit out of Sam and then Ghost comes in and scares the fuck out of them, but Jon didn’t tell Ghost to watch over Sam, yet he told Ghost to watch over Sansa… coincidence…. I think not.

Jon and Sansa Sibling Upbring was literally non existent, they never really had much to say Jon was busy brooding or dodging Catelyn, where Sansa wanted to become a proper Lady, she even says something along the lines of “Jon is jealous of Joffery, but he’s sad because he’s a bastard” she even asks him to forgive her when they Reunite at Castle Black, who else got shivers when that Hug happened?

Also the background theme music and Clothes worn by Jon and Sansa match like fucking when couples got matching Onesies, like bro when Jon went to Dragonstone he was all clad in black with subtle hints of grey and blue, whereas Sansa and Jon are matching clothes since S7 Ep1. Did anyone else get freaked out about Danny’s background themes, the music was Dark and ominous as fuck, also look at how she dressed, she wore scales on her dress when arriving at Dragonstone, but as Jon is there, you can actually see that her outfits are going from less scaley to normal westerosi types of clothes to please Jon, to make herself seem more normal and less dragonlike.

Also when Danny loses her Dornish and Ironborn allies, she wants to use Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal, Davos then says “you’ll want to discuss this between yourselves”, then Danny says “you will stay” and then proceeds to ask Jon what she should do and Jon gives her that speech, but what I found weird was the look Jon gave her after he said all this, it’s like he knows that Danny will listen to him and Tyrion gives sort of weird one, Tyrion by the end of the season has no traction at all with Danny, she’s stopped listening and going on Crazy rants, Tyrion understands the consequences of Danny listening to Jon, you guys have got to understand this isn’t the first time Jon has played someone, remember the whole Jon/Wilding Arc? It was to show that Jon isn’t who you think he is.

Season 7 is SUBTEXT

Then there’s Neds Promise to Sansa “when you come of age, I’ll find you someone who is worth of you, brave and strong but kind” ahem ahem sounds like Jon… ding ding ding ding we have a winner JON FUCKING BROODING IN A CORNER SOMEWHERE SNOW

It’s okay Jonareys shippers, I have come to destroy your fleets and cast you aside, but unlike Danny, I won’t set you on fire with a dragon, I’ll let Arya behead you bitches, cus if you guys can’t see how everything Jon is doing is for the North and who’s in the North? Who did the KiTN leave the North too? I mean my man turns into a fucking bear and pins Littlefinger against a wall, like I got sister’s who got boyfriends and you don’t see or hear of anyone choke slamming a potential suitor into a brick fuckin wall??? Also just to sink your ship even further

  • Jon - “i’d uh bend the knee but” (everything before the word but is horseshit)
  • Jon’s cold arrival on Dragonstone, she literally takes his boat and Longclaw and says “yeah but nah but yeah, I’m not here to argue grammar” (which is a major ass call back to Season 2 when Danny wants ships)
  • Jon is the motherfucking Heir to the IT, which weakens Danny’s claim to it (She might be the mother of dragons, but law is law, yes she’s allowed to go to war for that throne, but westeros has Legitmacy laws, and succession laws, either fucking way, he’s got the better claim but so does Gendry)
  • Sansa is the key to the North and Jon knows it, he knows when he’s back in the North, the northern lords will be pissed af at him, but if he marries Sansa he gets to keep the North (remember Jon doesn’t want the 7K, he wants the North to be secure and free)
  • Danny is literally 2 fucking Tsar Bombas (really powerful nukes) and when she realises that Jon was playing the game, she is gonna use them (season 2, house of the undying, the visions she has) Kings Landing is literally what Danny wants and I’m more than willing to bet she’s gonna turn Drogon and Rhaegal loose on Kings Landing, what do you guys think she’s willing to do to the North?
  • She burnt Poor Dickon and Cunt Randyll, which is Sam’s dad and bro, like I know he was a dick, but your dad and your brother is family, and Sam has strong family values, do you really think Jon will be pleased to hear this? I think the fuck not
  • Also I get a weird feeling Jon is gonna bond with Rhaegal which for Danny *insert “where are my dragons” meme here* (She loves her “kids” and like any mom during a custody battle, it’s going to turn Sour)
  • Also Sansa is a big threat, she not a “stupid little girl” anymore, she’s been forming Alliances, she knows Houses from KL and all the way to the wall, Danny might have nukes (dragons) but what she gonna do burn everyone? (“I’m not here to be Queen of the ashes” but bitch if you carry on the way your are, there’s gonna be no one left, what she gonna rule over? “A graveyard”, when Jon said this something didn’t sit right with me
  • Did anyone notice that when Jon went beyond the wall him and Jorah Mormont had a convo about his kids and Longclaw, the stark theme music started playing and guess who the fak turns up into the Frame???? SANSA MOTHERFUDGING, LEMON CAKE STARK.

My point being it’s not gonna work for long between Jon And Danny, it’s a song of ice and fire, not ice and fire and fire, also you motherfuckers are okay when Jon is slipping Longclaw into Danny’s pussy, who is his aunt ( like who the fuck fucks their aunt?) But you guys can’t stomach Jonsa? Got a problem leave it in the comments, I’ll fucken slay you with facts fight me turd, also I kind of trailed off here

Also if you guys think Danny’s pregnancy is gonna go full term, you guys are clearly fucken dumb, the magic in the world if ice and fire is coming to an end, all the giants are dead, the children of the forrest all but forgotten, and the direwolves will outlive them all but there time will come to an end, Danny has two Dragons which are magic, Daenarys is fucken fireproof (She isn’t fireproof in the books) that to me sound like magic, I’m not gonna say that Danny is gonna die cus S8 isn’t out yet, but if you guys think that there gonna be another Targ baby (born of pure Targaryen lineage) your sadly mistaken, I really do think Danny is barren, Daario Naharis wasn’t firing blanks at her, she just can’t get preggers. JON WAS JUST TESTING TO SEE HOW DANNY KNEW SHE WAS BARREN AND THEN THE BOATBANG WAS LEGIT JUST A FUCKING WAY OF ENSURING THAT SHE WILL GO NORTH AND FIGHT THE DEAD BECAUSE JON KNOWS THAT SHE LOVES HIM

*sips wine, lights cigarette, watches the entire Jonareys fandom burn, like Lady Olenna but I’m male so more of a Tywin I guess*

Fanon Robb Stark: Love obsessed cinnamon roll who needs a hug! Can’t keep his dick in his pants and lost the North. Doesn’t deserve to be king and lost the war because he got married. Boring good guy obsessed with honor and love. The only people who remember him are his fans or people ready to say he was a bad king.

Canon Robb Stark: The entire realm was literally pissed scared of Robb Stark. He was the young Lord turned King who was destroying, straight up destroying Tywin Lannister. Tywin Lannister! The man who got a song named after him for being a fucking nightmare and Robb Stark was embarrassing him at every turn. He captured the King Slayer, one of the deadliest swordsmen in the series, destroyed the west, saved the Riverlands, and basically became a legend overnight. Robb Stark with his mother’s help was leading and winning a war on his own skill. Seriously, he wasn’t called “The Young Wolf” as a cute play on words since he was a Stark. They called him that cause they thought he could turn into a fucking Wolf! He was also a Warg, the only one besides Bran who even understood what the Wolf dreams meant. It took being betrayed by his best friend, 3 sworn house armies, and Tywin organizationing the Red Wedding, which is the equivalency to burning a church in our time, to defeat him and still to this day GRRM, the creator of ASOIAF/GOT says that he had to kill off Robb or he would’ve been unstoppable.

I think this fandom seriously forgets how motherfucking badass this character was and how it took literally the worst mother fucking luck a king in the north can motherfucking have to fucking defeat him. Seriously the motherfucker was fighting in a war with fucking four other KINGS! Fucking Four motherfuckers Kings! Who’s to say who could’ve done better?! Fuck of Robb was still alive fucking the Lannisters would be taking it in the ass right now! Daenerys?! Do you really think how that meeting would’ve been the same if he was there

Dany: The last King in the North was Torrhen Stark.

Robb: Aye he was, until your ancestor Aegon The conqueror burned thousands alive in the fields of fire…Do you wish to repeat history if I do not kneel?

Dany: Under a Targaryen the realm has always had peace.

Robb: Has it? The Faith Militant Uprising, The Dance of Dragons, Blackfyre Rebellion, War of the Ninepenny Kings, and of course Robert’s Rebellion, the war your father and brother started by killing my grandfather, uncle, and kidnapping my aunt.

Dany: Don’t judge a daughter for her family’s sins

Robb: But yet you want their power…How does that work? Wanting the Targaryen’s legacy but not their sins?


Robb: I came for Dragonglass, but I see I must find it elsewhere.

Dany: I haven’t given you permission to leave yet.

Robb: Can you fight more than one war at once, Daenerys? I’ve done it before and it’s not easy. You’re fighting the Lions, don’t make the Wolves a threat too. If you truly want to prove you are not your father, let us have have the dragonglass. In exchange, I’ll aid you in securing the Irone Throne.

Dany: You would withhold the North from me?

Robb: And the Vale and Trident.

Dany: Under what grounds?

Robb: under the grounds that it is my family’s land and they named me their king. If you are a Queen because your family held the crown, then remember so was mine. If you truly mean to make the realm better then understand my people know no king but the king In The North. They will fight the dragons till their last breath. Then what will you have? Ashes. If you burn King’s landing, the Trident, and the North, then invade it with your army of rapists, you’ll only be known as the Mad Queen of the Ashes.

Dany:….So What do you purpose?

Robb: Cersei will never surrender, not even if the dead, dragons, and wolves are at her door. Her arrogance made her start a war, even when I tried to sue for peace. She ignored it.

Tyrion: You see no point in even trying?

Robb: What do you think your sister will do with the choice of kneel or die?

Tyrion:…She’ll fight till the bitter end and take as many lives with her.

Robb: Right. You may not believe my stories of dead men, but you at least believe in a form of peace. We can form an alliance. You made one with The Greyjoys, you can make one with me.

Dany: How did you-

Robb: The Ironborn would never work with you unless they would gain something. Let me rule over the North, Trident, and Vale. The rest of the realm will be yours. We will avenge our families that have suffered under the Lannisters and work together to stop the dead.

Dany: I still do not believe in stories of dead men, Robb Stark.

Robb: Aye, and I hadn’t believed in the return of dragons. The dead will come, yet the Lions are here now. One war at a time…Queen Daenerys.

Dany:…Very well…King Robb.

I only say that the meeting would have gone differently because Robb was raised and trained in history and how to negotiate and how to deal with Egos. I love Jon and his amazing Ass to death, but Ned didn’t raise him to be a Lord and definitely not a king. Jon was at the Wall during the war of the five Kings and was out of touch. Even Sansa and Tyrion had to tell Jon that he doesn’t understand Cersei like they do and he doesn’t. At the Wall there is barley politics, just survival. You can argue that the war for Dawn is different, but it takes someone to know how to deal with these people and their ego. That’s why Theories of Political Jon even exist. Going beyond the Wall wasn’t just to prove the army of the dead exist to Cersei, but to Dany too. Robb would believe Jon by default because he trusts and loves his brother. Robb would also understand just from the war of the five Kings that Cersei will never bend the knee, so it would be easier to convince Daenerys to fight with him like it was for Renly.

Build an all star North: Robb as King, Jon as a knight commander of the army, and Sansa as hand of the King.

My whole Point is that some people in this fandom need to start giving King Robb Stark some credit! He was a fucking Badass and when the creator of the damn series itself says he would’ve been unstoppable you listen.

Edit: Robb was the only one of the 5 Kings in the war who didn’t name himself King. His people did! The first king in 300 years! It wasn’t just the North either like most would think.

The North and the TRIDENT declared him their King! Two fucking continents declared a teenager King because he was that fucking badass! Seriously!

Tyson’s line: “Any man who must call himself King is no king at all.”

Stannis, Renly, Balon, Joffrey, all those fucks had to defend or fight for their claim. Robb Stark was given the crown. Two separate continents gave a teenager their crown! And he fucking wrecked everyone. Stannis and Tywin even had to respect him even though they wanted him gone. Fucking Renly wanted to work with him cus while his people loved him, Robb’s fucking people worshiped him. It’s been 5 seasons, 3 books and this mother fucker is still relevant in the fans eyes! Like fuck! Fuck You if you only remember as the tragic hero, he was more than just that.

  • Jon: Saw him as his best friend and hero. In the books and show he even claimed Robb was his better. Which maybe it was hero worship or maybe it was fucking true! Jon wasn’t a one man army in the books and in the show Robb didn’t have his guards. Fucker just want into war on his fucking own. Mind you that means he found a way to capture Jaime on his own too. Jon and Robb were close as fuck and the only reason book Jon didn’t join Robb was cause he thought he would’ve been killed for desertion. Jon still cries for Robb.
  • Sansa: Literally the poor girl took strength in Robb’s memory. It was the only comforting thing she could think about half the time. Her older brother, her hero, coming to fucking murder the Lannisters. Seriously from the day her father died till the day Robb died, he was all she thought about. She looked up to him, loved him. The fucker was her hero. She looked Joffrey right in the eyes and said “My brother will storm this fucking city and kill you all.” She always said she has to be strong like Robb.
  • Arya: She was just like Sansa. She looked at Robb like a hero. You show fans don’t know, but Arya loved Robb just as much as Jon. She thought about him daily and prayed for him to kill the Lannisters.
  • Bran: The boy wanted to go to war with Robb! Funny thing is while Bran wasn’t as good with the bow and arrow like Arya, he was better at swords. Bran wanted to warg into Summer and fight side by side with his brother. Just like his sisters he wanted to be strong like Robb.
  • Rickon: Robb was like a parent to him when Ned and Cat left. He took care of the kid, played with him. As he did with Bran .
  • The North and Trident: Those people books later still talk about him being their king and damning the oath breakers. Even the Karstarks still respect him. Seriously read the fucking books.

We know no king but the King in the North who’s name is Stark. King Robb Stark. The Young Wolf! King in the North and the Trident! Fuck the Oath breakers!

“average writer publishes about 1 book a decade” factoid actualy just statistical error. average writer publishes several books per decade. Westeros Georg, who lives in a new mexico and only publishes when the stars are aligned , is an outlier adn should not have been counted

You’re totally right about Arya being “in character” during her monologue and while she approaches Sansa with the dagger. She’s playing the game of faces and winning — and she specifically warned Sansa not to ask her questions because it won’t go well. Arya handing Sansa the dagger at the end is her “breaking out of character” and signifying that the game is over. Sansa thought Arya was telling the truth, thus Sansa lost.

I hated her monologue about wearing faces and wanting to be other people until I realised that she didn’t really mean any of it. It didn’t at all sound like something Arya would say — she’s always been blunt, no-nonsense and to the point. That monologue was a lot less cringey and angsty when I realised it’s all bullshit and that Arya’s just playing the game.

- AdaSirin

Hogwarts houses as A Game of Thrones quotes
  • Gryffindor: "Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?" "That is the only time a man can be brave."
  • Hufflepuff: "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."
  • Ravenclaw: "A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge."
  • Slytherin: "My words lied. My eyes and my arm shouted out the truth, but you were not seeing."