Seriously, if you sent any triggering or otherwise unnecessarily upsetting mail to grrrlfever right now, you can unfollow me, because I will not stand for abusive behaviour.

Like, I’m not even talking about your ordinary calling out or argumenting, I’m talking about hate.mail which I won’t be held responsible for, it’s not acceptable.

Also I’m really sad that I missed the opportunity to follow Sarah’s new blog because she’s literally the most amazing babe on tumblr and she gets so much crap she doesn’t deserve.

I hope you see this and feel slightly better, grrl.

Recruiting all writers/artists/creators!

Dear Tumblr,

If just read the really cool zine GrrrlFever, and I was just thinking. That I’ve always wanted to be part of a literary magazine, but literary magazines never want any part of me, because they’re all polished, and stuff. 

So, I thought what about Tumblr? Tumblr users (as proclaimed by Tumblr itself) are “the worlds creators”. We have writers, history buffs, fashionistas, foodies, craftsmasters, health gurus, DIY experts, web hackers/programmers/designers, physical medium artists and digital medium artists. We have fans, dreamers, inventors, activists, hipsters,and just straight up cool individuals. 

How cool would it be if there was a lit-zine, just for Tumblr users? All author credit would be given as a URL, name optional. The whole thing would be put together and distributed online … through Tumblr, of course. A publication by Tumblr for Tumblr.

I really really want to do this. And when I say “lit-zine” I don’t mean pure lit-mag … I want art (fanart incuded), and graphics, short stories, articles, poems, pictures, how-tos, tutorials . .  .the whole Tumblr-spiel. If you can, please give this a signal boost so I can reach more people to see if they’re interested. If not, just reply to this post, whether or not you’re interested. I would need a lot of help, so before I go anywhere, please let me know- would anyone be interested in submitting/participating/helping?