grr teeth


You’ve seen me doing Dante derps, Vergil derps and Markiplier derps, now tis time for Nero derps, hehehe. And boy, does he have a nice set of pearly whites, there >w<
First batch comes from missions 1 & 2.
Second batch comes from missions 3-10.
Last batch comes from missions 11 to the end.

A/N: It was an accident. I swear. My hands were on my keyboard and they just…slipped.

“Felicity Smoak?”

The woman who slides out from underneath the belly of the x-wing has blond hair tied up in a high ponytail and a streak of grease across her cheek. The standard issue grey jumpsuit looks about as interesting on her as it does on anyone else, but Oliver notices that the belt slung low around her hips holsters a blaster rifle. There aren’t too many mechanics who go to work armed.

Add that to the bright pink lips and the intricately designed earrings that tell of a homeworld different from Coruscant, possibly even from somewhere in the Outer Rim, and that in and of itself is intriguing. There aren’t many from that far away who end up on one of the Core Worlds, much less as a mechanic.

“Hi,” Oliver says with a smile, “I’m Oliver Queen.”

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