[EXORUN] Sehun vs. EXO-L

when he ranked no.6: 

oohsehun: 나는풀업그레이드했는데.. 진짜잘한다EXOL

Even after i did a full upgrade…. EXOL are really good at this

when he ranked no.2: 

oohsehun: EXOL진짜못한다😇

EXOL are really bad at this 😇

when he ranked no. 6:

oohsehun: EXOL뭐야 맨날이것만하는거에요? 왜그러는거에요? 

What are you EXOL, is this the only thing you do every single day? Why are you like this?


Kyungsoo feelin’ it

[Daum] More of Kyungsoo’s 4D Antics

source : daum 

[Daum] Prettiest Person In The World + Prettiest Person in SM + AlmoKyung (Unpredictable Kyungsoo) = Do Kyungsoo = Love

p.s : the nickname “prettiest person in the world” and “prettiest person in SM” happened in the k-fandom before AlmoKyung. It was MAMA era thing


Which one is Do Kyungsoo, which one is Pororo. I don’t know.

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