I got a new (old) necklace that used to be my mom’s a while ago, and it’s made of round green balls of coral with more spiky smooth bits of another coral strung between them, and it’s not very comfortable to wear but it’s so fun to fiddle with, because of the contrast in textures and shapes. I spent all of today rolling the coral between my fingers to keep it off my neck and collarbone.

I explained Novgorod’s pre-Ivan Grozniy form of government to my history teacher today, and I love explained cool things to people who are interested in them, and Novgorod is interesting and he seems to agree. In formal documents, where most cities signed with the names of their princes, Novgorod signed “Lord Novgorod the Great”, because they perceived their government as for the city, not necessarily ruling over it.

I changed my blog title, and I really like the Tolkien quote I used. It’s very… light, in several senses, and I like light things that are both buoyant and bright.