Week 24.

A mix of calm and storm. Serene and autumnal family time but then also an avalanche of last minute flustering for school/pre-school. But! The prospect of freedom for more labour hours for projects is very welcome.

3kg of great cucumbers, 3kg of impressive but mostly oversized (for my purposes) courgettes and 1.8kg tomatoes (still with loads of splitting, I need to get a proper cherry variety next year). I am also still getting a few radishes (400g), peppers (400g), green and runner beans (200g), and salad mix (200g). However, all the plants are looking a bit worn now, and I’ve planted the salad mix in the wicking boxes too close together so they are a nightmare to sort through - lots of stuck on brown bits, and with heavy weed pressure. £7 in from the salad stall, and the foot traffic along the road has picked up now that it’s more or less term time again.

I’ve been dabbling with next year’s planting schedule as well, and I am eliminating brassica family crops (turnip, radish, kale etc), and filling the gap with more consistency and with spring/green onions. The brassicas just seem to give me a hard time on this site, from both the chalky alkaline soil and from moth invasions. I am, however, inching ever closer to an idiot proof planting schedule. Well, at least resistant to “this” idiot.


Woooo I’ve been given a greenhouse. One of the other plot holders had one in his garden at home and wanted rid of it. We actually carried it through the village- that was something I never thought I’d do. We are going to finish it off on Sunday ready for me to plant in on Monday/Tuesday next week. I’ve taken up two of my 4ft square beds to make room for it. Can’t wait to grow some tomatoes. Planted the first row of broad beans and dug over some more beds. It’s been a really productive week down at the plot, we have managed to give it a good sort out all ready to go.


My plot June 2018. Moves jobs which means I’m now based back home and can finally concentrate on my allotment again. So much to do but I like the challenge. I’ve got broad beans, dwarf green and purple beans, potatoes, peas, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilli, strawberries, gooseberries, rhubarb, black currants, courgette, gherkin all on the go! Next year will be the year my allotment is once again nearly perfect!

Week 26.

Late season strawberries! Left to their solitude due to the darker and rainier days this week, the Flamenco strawberry row surprised us with about a kilogramme of strawberries over the weekend. A modest harvest for the 100 odd plants in the row, but they were only planted this year so I’m pretty proud of them for settling in so well.

A really good tomato week, coming in at 3.5kg (2/3rds of which were splitting free, so the best ones yet), 2kg of cucumbers, 800g of sweet peppers and again of radishes, and 200g of beans and again of a few tiny courgettes. I think the courgettes are pretty much done for the year now, and I think will definitely need a second succession next year. £5 in from the salad shop. Most of my winter prep tools have been delivered now, so I’ll be getting to pruning, weeding and tarping.. eventually. Just like the plot, I can definitely feel myself turning in for the year now. The end of my growing season is marked by Halloween, which is fast approaching. Nearly there!