growth disorder

Did you know you're the Architect of Your Own Brain

Neuroplasticity means that your brain is mouldable and changeable. So if you’ve experienced awful things in your lifetime, you’ve got unhealthy habits picked up from trauma, or you feel miserable because your brain is telling you how useless you are…. it can change. Your brain works the way it does because of experiences you have had. So if as a child your parents were cruel to you, your brain may be cruel to you too! But it can change! That is why I’m a therapist. Because change is possible not only externally but internally. There is always hope x

even if it hurts.

Grow a beautiful garden,
water it and feed it and give it sunlight.

stick your hands inside yourself,
like a child sticks their hands into the dirt,
and rip out the painful parts,
even if it freaking hurts,
your pain for beauty,
weave the painful threads into life and
you’ll grow up,

I’ve lived entire decades
Without really knowing how to love myself
My worth has always been defined
By how many people approved of me
Or how often this or that beautiful girl
Told me that she adored me
Told me that she would die for me
Or whether or not her hands shook
Every time she touched me
But what is it that I’m even trying to love?
I’m a shapeshifter, a chameleon
Blending into the background
Hoping that assimilation equals adoration
And I’ve become so many people
That I’ve forgotten who I was when I started
So what’s left in the end?
Who am I when I’m not molding myself
Into a reflection of whomever is holding my hand?
What remains when everyone else is gone?
And how can that scared little girl
Possibly stand on her own
After suffering the abuse that I’ve put upon her?
The voices in my head tell her terrible things
About how ugly or unwanted or unlovable she is
So how can she possibly survive once unchained
From that pillar of self-hatred to which I’ve leashed her?
The only way to find out the answer to that
Is to force open those locks
And guide her back into the sunlight
Like a flower, she will remember how to grow
And with any luck, so will I
—  “Sunflower Girl” by Jessy Hudson
Tahj Rian Bruce

Dec 21, 2000-Sept 21, 2012

Resident of Dublin

Tahj Rian Bruce passed away on Friday after a sudden illness. He touched many lives with his gentle spirit and endearing personality. 
Tahj was born in Oakland, California. He graduated from 5th grade at Murray Elementary in Dublin in June 2012 and was attending Wells Middle School, also in Dublin. Tahj loved trains, Pixar movies, swimming and playing video games. He was a “little person” but never let his short stature keep him from enjoying life.

Tahj is survived by his loving parents, Terry and Walter Bruce, of Dublin, and devoted siblings, Rich, Rob, Heather, Heidi, Monty, and Mikayla, and sister-in-laws Malia and Katie. His loving spirit will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Listen guys, I barely knew this kid, but he was an amazing person. From what I know, he had a very bad growth disorder. His organs were growing faster than his body. Eventually, his heart gave out. Although I only knew him for about a month, he was the sweets boy I have ever met. Whenever we’d cross each other in the hallway, he’d always give me a high five. I miss him a lot. I thought I’d just post it all on Tumblr.

I know this will make some of you cry, but this is in the actual yearbook. I heard it’s the last conversation he ever had…

“Mom… Mom… Mom…”

“What, Tahj?”

“What will tomorrow be?”

“What will tomorrow be, Tahj?”




“No, you know what tomorrow is.”


“Tomorrow is eternity, Tahj.”

“What doing tomorrow?”

“We’ll be looking forward to the day we get to see you again.”


“Yes, Tahj.”

“I love you, Mama.”

“I love you too, Tahj.”

I’m never, ever going to forget Tahj. No one who ever knew him will. 

Always Remember.


So some of you guys asked me the size difference between Nathan (age 6) and Kaedyn (age 4) …..  They are 16 months and 3 weeks (about) apart.  Nathan is in the grey shirt/red pants and Kaedyn is in the red shirt/grey pants…..I had them both step on our scale today … Nathan was 27lbs and Kaedyn is 43.8lbs.    Nathan has a growth disorder and has to take daily injections of human growth hormone.  He’s not even ON the growth charts.  He is in size 3T clothes (mostly for length), but it’s hard to find pants with a waist small enough that won’t slide off of him.  

So that’s the size difference between them….